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Arturo Perez- Reverte
Jonathan Rabb

Detective-Inspector Nikolai Hoffner
and his assistant, Hans Fichte
Post WW I Berlin

Rosa: A Novel [2005]
Shadow and Light [2009]

Sheila Radley

Will Ackland and his
Servant Ned, former soldiers
Tudor England 1530

New Blood from Old Bones [1998]

S. S. Rafferty
(aka John J. Hurley)
Short Story Collection

Captain Jeremy Cork,
Gentleman adventurer
Colonial America 1750s

Cork of the Colonies [1975]

Brant Randall 1
(aka Bruce Cook)

Ichabod Lawe
various locations / roles

Blood Harvest [2008]
  Deputy Marshall / KKK
  Rural New England 1929
Tommy Gun Tango [2009]

  Studio security / involves real
  life mysterious death of Jean
  Harlow's husband Paul Bern
  LA & Hollywood 1932

Robert J. Randisi 1

Rat Pack Mysteries
Eddie Gianelli, former Brooklyn CPA
turned Vegas pit boss: each book
features an investigation for a
member of the the Hollywood Rat Pack
Las Vegas, 1960s

Everybody Kills Somebody Sometime
    (Dean Martin) [2006]
Luck Be a Lady, Don't Die
    (Frank Sinatra) [2007]
Hey There (You with the Gun in Your Hand)
    (Sammy Davis, Jr.) [2008]
You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Kills You
    (Marilyn Monroe) [2009]

Robert J. Randisi, editor

Anthology of stories
from the history of Hollywood

Hollywood And Crime [2007]

Emily Strauss,
Newspaper reporter
Chicago, IL 1890s

Dark Hearts of Chicago [2007]
  (reissued in 2008, with revisions,
  as City of Dark Hearts by James Conan)

Deanna Raybourn

Lady Julia Grey,
widow of the victim
and Nicholas Brisbane
private enquiry agent
Victorian England 1880s

Silent in the Grave [2007]
Silent in the Sanctuary [2008]
Silent On The Moor [2009]
The Dark Enquiry [2011]

Patrick Read

Algernon Swinburne, poet
London, England 1867

The Suppression of Vice [2003]

Sam Reaves
(Standalone, previous generation
prequel to contemporary series)

Homicide Detective Mike Dooley
Chicago, Ill 1969

Homicide 69 [2006]

Elizabeth Redfern

Historical thrillers in varied
settings, with different protagonists
Spheres - 1795 London
Auriel - 1609 London

The Music of the Spheres [2001]
Auriel Rising [2004]

Jon Redfern

Inspector Owen Endersby
theatre world of London 1840

Trumpets Sound No More [2007]

John the Eunuch
Lord Chamberlain to the
Byzantine Emperor Justinian
6th Century A.D.

One For Sorrow [1999]
Two For Joy [2000]
Three For A Letter [2001]
Four for a Boy [2003]
Five for Silver [2004]
Six for Gold [2005]
Seven for a Secret [2008]
Eight for Eternity [2010]

George Rees

Thomas Dekker
young playwright
London 1590s

Eye of Death [2009]

Bram Stoker, author
of Dracula
London, Manhattan, Dublin
and Edinburgh 1888

The Dracula Dossier [2008]

Jan Rehner

Juliette Benoit,
Canadian Sorbonne student
Gabrielle Aubin, French widow
St-Léger, Morvan
Occupied France WW II

On Pain of Death [2007]

Christopher Reich

Devlin Judge, lawyer
Post-World War II
Germany 1945

The Runner [2000]

The Moosepath League Series
Tobias Walton, Pickwickian Adventurer
And various friends
Portland, Maine USA 1890s

Cordelia Underwood [1998]
Mollie Peer [1999]
Daniel Plainway [2000]
Mrs. Roberto [2003]
Fiddler's Green [2004]

Arturo Perez-Reverte

Don Jaime Astarloa, fencing teacher
Madrid, 1866, politics
Adele de Otero, gifted student


The Fencing Master (Stand alone)

Chan Parker (named after jazz
great Charlie Parker's widow),
lesbian Negro numbers runner
and Henrietta Wild Cherry,
her drag queen best friend
Chicago, IL USA 1965

Dying for a Change [2007]

Constable Nick, local bobby
for a small Yorkshire village
basis for the Heartbeat series
on British TV
Aidensfield, North Yorkshire 1960s

Constable On the Hill [1979]
Constable On the Prowl [1980]
Constable Around the Village [1981]
Constable Across the Moors [1982]
Constable in the Dale [1983]
Constable By the Sea [1985]
Constable Along the Lane [1986]
Constable Through the Meadow [1988]
Constable At the Double [1988]
Constable in Disguise [1989]
Constable Among the Heather [1990]
Constable By the Stream 1991]
Constable On Call [1993]
Constable Around the Green [1993]
Constable Beneath the Trees [1994]
Constable in Control [1994]
Constable in the Shrubbery [1995]
Constable Versus Greengrass [1995]
Constable About the Parish [1996]
Constable At the Gate [1997]
Constable At the Dam [1997]
Constable Over the Stile [1998]
Constable Under the Gooseberry Bush [1998]
Constable in the Farmyard [1999]
  (aka Constable Down on the Farm)
Constable Around the Houses [2000]
Constable Along the Highway [2001]
Constable Over the Bridge [2001]
Constable Goes to Market [2002]
Constable Along the River-bank [2002]
Constable in the Wilderness [2003]
Constable Around the Park [2004]
Constable Along the Trail [2005]
Constable in the Country [2005]
Constable on the Coast [2006]
Constable On View [2007]
Constable Beats the Bounds [2009]
Constable at the Fair [2010]

Ted Riccardi
Short Story Collection

Sherlock Holmes
During the years between
his faked death and return
Various Far Eastern locations

The Oriental Casebook of Sherlock Holmes [2003]

Kel Richards 1

G. K Chesterton, writer
Egypt early 1900s

Death in Egypt [1996]
Murder in the Mummy's Tomb [2002]

Kel Richards 2

Ben Bartholomew, P.I.
Roman-occupied Palestine
1st century C. E.

The Case of the Vanishing Corpse [1990]
The Case of the Secret Assassin [1992]
The Case of the Damascus Dagger [1994]
The Case of the Dead Certainty [1995]

Kitty Pangborn, secretary
to hard-boiled
P. I. Dexter Theroux
1930s Los Angeles CA

Death Was the Other Woman [2008]
Death Was in the Picture [2009]

Jerry B. P. Riggs

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche

The Unusual Sherlock Holmes [2007]

Mike Ripley

Olussa, reluctant Roman spy
Roman Britain, AD 60

Boudica and the Lost Roman [2006]

John Chase,
Bow Street Runner
Regency London, England 1811-12

The Rose in the Wheel [2002]
Blood for Blood [2003]

Owen Archer, ex-soldier
14th C York, England

The Apothecary Rose [1993]
The Lady Chapel [1994]
The Nun's Tale [1995]
The King's Bishop [1996]
The Riddle of St. Leonard's [1997]
A Gift of Sanctuary [1998]
A Spy for the Redeemer [2002]
The Cross Legged Knight [2002]
The Guilt of Innocents [2007]
A Vigil of Spies [2008]
"The Bone Jar" - short story available online
  at the author's website

Dame Margaret Kerr
13th C Scotland

A Trust Betrayed [2000]
The Fire in the Flint [2003]
A Cruel Courtship [2004]

Professor Mikhal Lammeck,
Specializing in the history
and weaponry of assassins
Various mid 20th C settings

The Assassins Gallery [2006]
  (MA & DC post WW-II)
The Betrayal Game [2008]
  (Cuba - 1960s)

Sherlock Holmes
Retired detectve
Edwardian Britain

Sherlock Holmes and the
  Devil's Grail [1995]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Railway Maniac [1996]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Man from Hell [1997]
Sherlock Holmes and the Royal Flush [1998]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Harvest of Death [1999]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Crosby Murder [2001]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Rule of Nine [2003]
Sherlock Holmes And The
  King's Governess [2005]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  American Angels [2007]

Lord Edward Corinth,
Younger son of a duke
Verity Browne, journalist
1930s England

Sweet Poison [2001]
Bones of the Buried [2001]
Hollow Crown [2003]
Dangerous Sea [2003]
The More Deceived [2004]
A Grave Man [2005]
The Quality of Mercy [2006]
Something Wicked [2007]
No More Dying [2008]
Sweet Sorrow [2009]

John Maddox Roberts

SPQR Series
Decius Caecilius Metellus,
the Younger
Rome 1st century B.C.
(during the time of Julius Caesar)

The King's Gambit (SPQR I)[1990]
The Catiline Conspiracy (SPQR II) [1990]
The Sacrilege (SPQR III) [1992]
The Temple of the Muses (SPQR IV) [1999]
Saturnalia (SPQR V) [1999]
Nobody Loves a Centurion (SPQR VI) [2001]
The Tribune's Curse (SPQR VII) [2003]
The River God's Vengeance
  (SPQR VIII) [2004]
The Princess and the Pirates
  (SPQR IX) [2005]
A Point in Law (SPQR X) [2006]
Under Vesuvius (SPQR XI) [2008]
Oracle of the Dead (SPQR XII) [2008]
The Year of Confusion (SPQR XIII) [2010]

Sherlock Holmes, detective
Charlotte Dodson, widow
1903 Sussex England

The Affair of the Incognito Tenant [2004]

Imogen Robertson

Gabriel Crowther
Anatomist and recluse
Sussex & London
England 1780s

Instruments of Darkness [2009]
The Anatomy of Murder [2009]

Paul Robertson

Baron Harsanyi
a well-connected military attache
1870s Europe

Dark in the City of Light [2010]

Sarah Tolerance,
"Agent of Inquiry"
Regency London 1810

Point of Honour [2003]
Petty Treason [2004]

Lord Meren,
"The Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh"
Confidential Assistant
to Pharaoh Tutankhamun
Ancient Egypt 1336-1327 B.C.

Murder in the Place of Anubis [1994]
Murder at the God's Gate [1995]
Murder at the Feast of Rejoicing [1996]
Eater of Souls [1997]
Drinker of Blood [1998]
Slayer of Gods [2001]
Heretic's Dagger - short story available free
   online at author's website

Lee Roddy

Pinkerton Lady Chronicles
Laurel Bartlett,
Pinkerton agent
Various US locations
post Civil War

Days of Deception [1998]
Yesterday's Shadows [1999]
Tomorrow's Promise [2000]

Caroline Roe
(aka Medora Sale)

Isaac of Girona,
blind Jewish physician
Spain, Mid-14th Century

Remedy for Treason [1998]
Cure for a Charlatan [1999]
An Antidote for Avarice [1999]
Solace for a Sinner [2000]
A Potion for a Widow [2001]
A Draught for a Dead Man [2002]
A Poultice for a Healer [2003]
Consolation for an Exile [2004]

Roberta Rogow

Dodgson/Doyle Mysteries
Rev. Charles Dodgson
(aka Lewis Carroll)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
1880s, England

The Problem of the Missing Miss [1998]
The Problem of the Missing Hoyden [1999]
The Problem of the Spurious Spiritualist [1999]
   aka The Problem of the Spiteful Spiritualist
The Problem of the Evil Editor [2000]
The Problem of the Surly Servant [2001]

Elliott Roosevelt 1

Eleanor Roosevelt,
First Lady
White House / Washington D.C.

Murder and the First Lady [1984]
The Hyde Park Murder [1985]
Murder at Hobcaw Barony [1986]
The White House Pantry Murder [1987]
Murder at the Palace [1988]
Murder in the Rose Garden [1989]
Murder in the Oval Office [1989]
Murder in the Blue Room [1990]
A First-Class Murder [1991]
Murder in the Red Room [1991]
Murder in the West Wing [1992]
Murder in the East Room [1993]
A Royal Murder [1994]
Murder in the Executive Mansion [1995]
Murder in the Chateau [1996]
Murder at Midnight [1997]
Murder in the Map Room [1998]
Murder In Georgetown [1999]
Murder in the Lincoln Bedroom [2000]
Murder at the President's Door [2001]

Elliott Roosevelt 2

Blackjack Endicott
Troubleshooter for Franklin Roosevelt
1930s, prior to FDR's presidency

The President's Man [1991]
New Deal for Death [1993]

High Constable Jacob Hays
NYC's top policeman (real life)
and his daughter, editor at a
powerful publishing firm
New York City NY 1841

The Blackest Bird [2007]

Julian Kestrel, Dandy
England's Regency Period
1811 - 1820

Cut to the Quick [1993]
A Broken Vessel [1994]
Whom the Gods Love [1995]
The Devil in Music [1997]

Anthony Rotondi

Robert Hawkins, attorney
And Sons of Liberty member
Pre-Revolutionary Boston 1774

Wolf in the Fold [2004]

Jean Rowden

Constable 'Thorny' Deepbriar
Rural England 1950s

Bury in Haste [2007]
Deadlier Than the Sword [2008] More Deaths Than One [2009]

G. S. Rowe

Will Beaman Baseball Mysteries,
Will Beaman, member of the
National League Boston Beaneaters
baseball team's front office
Boston Massachusetts 1897

Best Bet in Beantown [2003]
Double Play in Beantown [2005]
Foul Ball in Beantown [2006]

Rosemary Rowe
(aka Rosemary Aitken)

Libertus the Pavement-maker,
Celtic Freedman
Roman Britain
2nd century A.D.

The Germanicus Mosaic [1999]
A Pattern of Blood [2000]
Murder in the Forum [2001]
The Chariots of Calyx [2002]
The Legatus Mystery [2003]
The Ghosts of Glevum [2004]
Enemies of the Empire [2005]
A Roman Ransom [2006]
A Coin for the Ferryman [2007]
Death at Pompeia's Wedding [2008]
Requiem for a Slave [2010]

Sano Ichiro,
Most Honorable Investigator
of Events, Situations, & People
Reiko, wife and fellow sleuth
17th-century Japan

Amazon Author Page

Shinju [1994]
Bundori [1996]
The Way of the Traitor [1997]
The Concubine's Tattoo [1998]
The Samurai's Wife [2000]
Black Lotus [2001]
The Pillow Book of Lady Wisteria [2002]
The Dragon King's Palace [2003]
The Perfumed Sleeve [2004]
The Assassin's Touch [2005]
Red Chrysanthemum [2006]
The Snow Empress [2007]
The Fire Kimono [2008]
The Cloud Pavilion [2009]
The Ronin's Mistress [2011]

Charlotte Bronte,
Author of Jane Eyre
England & China 1848

Amazon Author Page

The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte [2008]
Bedlam [2010]

John Lansdowne Grenville,
and Sam Scott, failed
Klondike Gold hunters,
turned Silk Train guards
Turn of the 20th C
Western Canada

The Silk Train Murder [2007]

Eleanor of Wynethorpe,
Prioress of Tyndal priory
East Anglian coast, England 1270s

Amazon Author page

Wine of Violence [2004]
Tyrant Of The Mind [2004]
Sorrow Without End [2006]
Justice for the Damned [2007]
Forsaken Soul [2008]
Chambers of Death [2009]
Valley of Dry Bones [2010]
Killing Season [2011]

Jed Rubenfeld

Dr. Stratham Younger,
Freudian analyst, and
Sigmund Freud, the
Father of psychoanalysis
various settings

The Interpretation of Murder [2006]
  NYC 1909
The Death Instinct [2010]
  NYC & Europe 1920

Matty Summerhayes,
Horse rancher
New Mexico Territory USA 1861

Listen to the Mockingbird [2007]

Lennox, a shady
private investigator
Glasgow, Scotland 1953

Lennox [2009]
The Long Glasgow Kiss [2010]

Norman Russell 1

Inspector Jackson, and
Sergeant Bottomley
of the Warwickshire Police
Warwickshire, England 1890s

The Dried Up Man [1999]
The Devereaux Inheritance [2000]
The Dark Kingdon [2000]
The Haunted Governess [2001]
The Ancaster Demons [2004]
Evil Holds the Key [2005]
The Unquiet Sleeper [2007]
The Calton Papers [2010]

Norman Russell 2

Inspector Box
Scotland Yard
Late Victorian England

The Advocate's Wife [2002]
The Hansa Protocol [2003]
Web of Discord [2004]
The Gold Masters [2006]
The Aquila Project [2007]
Depths of Deceit [2008]
The Dorset House Affair [2009]

Sarah Kaufman,
a Jewish probate officer
1923 Toledo, Ohio (O'Brien's)
1925 Dayton, Tenn (Natural)

O'Brien's Desk [2004]
The Natural Selection [2008]

Hook Runyon, one armed railroad
policeman aka a railroad bull or
yard dog, near a German POW camp
Oklahoma, end of WWII (mid 1940s)

Amazon Author Page

The Yard Dog [2009]
The Insane Train [2010]

Inspector Sam Blackstone
of Scotland Yard
London, England 1890s-1900

Rendezvous with Death [2003]
Blackstone and the Tiger [2003]
Blackstone and the Golden Egg [2004]
Blackstone and the Fire Bug [2005]
Blackstone and the Balloon of Death [2006]
Blackstone and The Heart of Darkness [2007]
Blackstone and the New World [2009]

Gilded Age Mysteries
Nell Sweeney
Irish immigrant governess
Boston, MA 1860s

Author's Amazon Page

Still Life With Murder [2003]
Murder in a Mill Town [2004]
Death on Beacon Hill [2005]
Murder on Black Friday [2005]
Murder In the North End [2006]
A Bucket of Ashes [2007]

Fictional re-telling of the
real life Great Train Robbery
& subsequent Scotland Yard
England 1963

Signal Red [2010]

William Ryan

Captain Alexei Dimitrevich Korolev
Moscow Criminal Investigation Division
1930s Stalinist Russia

The Holy Thief [2010]

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