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  Sheri Cobb South Roz Southey
John R. Sack

Conrad, former Franciscan
student and Sister Amata
Italy, 13th century

The Franciscan Conspiracy [2004]

Adam Salviani

John Raider, Private Detective
Harry Nash, his partner and friend
1920s NY

The Adventures of John Raider [2005]
John Raider and the Star of India [2009]

Mark Sanderson

Snow Hill Station trilogy
John Steadman, court reporter,
and Matt Turner, policeman
1930s London

Snow Hill [2009]

C. J. Sansom 1

Matthew Shardlake, lawyer
1530s-1540s Tudor England

Dissolution [2003]
Dark Fire [2005]
Sovereign [2005]
Revelation [2008]
Heartstone [2010]

C. J. Sansom 2

Harry Brett, ex-public schoolboy,
traumatised veteran of Dunkirk and
reluctant spy for the
British Secret Service
Madrid, Spain 1940

Winter in Madrid [2006]

Novel of the West /
Novel of the Plains Mysteries
Thomas Mullins, unwillingly
retired black cavalry officer
Turn of the 20th C
Texas, Arizona & Boston

West Texas [1990]
Kitt Peak [1993]

Phil Beaumont
and Jane Turner,
Pinkerton Agents
Various European locations

Escapade [1995]
Masquerade [1998]
Cavalcade [2005]

Walter Satterthwait 2

Lizzie Borden
Notorious figure
acquitted of her parents' murders
30 years before
Massachusetts shore 1921

Miss Lizzie [1989]

Walter Satterthwait 3

Oscar Wilde
English writer
and aesthete
American West 1882

Wilde West [1991]

Walter Satterthwait 4

Based on real life death of
Emily Davies Vanderbilt Thayer
Whitfield, socialite 2nd wife of
pulp-fiction writer Raoul Whitfield
1930s Las Vegas, New Mexico

Dead Horse [2007]

Gordianus The Finder
Private Investigator
Rome, Italy 1st century B.C.

Roman Blood [1991]
Arms of Nemesis [1992]
Catilina's Riddle [1993]
The Venus Throw [1995]
A Murder on the Appian Way [1996]
The House of the Vestals [1997]
Rubicon [1999]
Last Seen in Massilia [2000]
A Mist of Prophecies [2002]
The Judgment of Caesar [2004]
A Gladiator Dies Only Once [2005]
The Triumph of Caesar [2008]

Steven Saylor 2

O. Henry, writer
Based upon the real-life case
of the Servant Girl Annihilators
Austin, Texas, 1885

A Twist at the End: A Novel of O. Henry [2001]
   (aka Honour the Dead)

Frank Schatzing

Jacob the Fox, young thief
with fiery red hair
Based on death of real-life
architect Gerhard Morart,
Cologne, Germany 1260

Death and the Devil [2007]
   (1st English edition)

Edgar Allan Poe, Writer
Paired with various historical figures,
in different settings

Nevermore [1999]
   Davy Crockett 1830s Baltimore, MD USA
The Hum Bug [2001]
   P. T. Barnum 1840s NYC USA
The Mask of Red Death [2004]
   Kit Carson NYC 1845
The Tell-Tale Corpse [2006]
   12-yr-old Louisa May Alcott Boston 1845

Andrea Maria Schenkel 1
(website is part English / mostly German)

Historical thriller based on
unsolved real life massacre of
a farm family in the 1920s
Bavaria, Germany 1950s

The Murder Farm [2008]

Andrea Maria Schenkel 2
(website is part English / mostly German)

Historical thriller based on
real life serial killer
Weimar Germany, Munich 1930s

Ice Cold [2009]

E. M. Schorb

Edgar Allan Poe, Writer
Jonathan Goode, Detective Sergeant
Manhattan, 1840's

Paradise Square [2000]

Faye Quick, stenographer who
becomes a PI, taking over for her
boss when he goes off to WW II
New York City, NY 1943

This Dame for Hire [2005]
Too Darn Hot [2006]

A.D. Scott

Historical suspense featuring
a small-town newspaper staff
in the 1950s Scottish Highlands
more detail when available

A Small Death in the Great Glen [2010]

Kate Sedley

Roger the Chapman
Traveling peddler
England, 1471 - 1480s

Death and the Chapman [1991]
The Plymouth Cloak [1992]
The Weaver's Tale (aka The Hanged Man) [1993]
The Holy Innocents [1994]
Eve of Saint Hyacinth [1995]
The Wicked Winter [1995]
The Brothers of Glastonbury [1997]
The Weaver's Inheritance [1998]
The Saint John's Fern [1999]
The Goldsmith's Daughter [2001]
The Lammas Feast [2002]
Nine Men Dancing [2003]
The Midsummer Rose [2004]
The Burgundian's Tale [2005]
The Prodigal Son [2006]
The Three Kings of Cologne [2007]
The Green Man [2008]
The Dance of Death [2009]
Wheel of Fate [2010]

Francis Selwyn
(aka Donald Thomas)

William Clarence Verity,
Sergeant in Scotland Yard's
'Private Clothes Detail'
investigating the Victorian London underworld England 1850s

Sergeant Verity and the Imperial Diamond [1975]
Sergeant Verity and the Cracksman [1974]
  (aka Cracksman on Velvet)
Sergeant Verity Presents His Compliments [1977]
Sergeant Verity and the Blood Royal [1979]
Sergeant Verity and the Swell Mob [1980]
The Hangman's Child [2000]

Benoît Séverac
Link is to author blog in French, but with English extract

Valerius Falco, centurion
Province of Aquitania in the SW
corner of the Roman Empire 16 BC

Pax Romana: The Aquitania Mysteries [2010]

Louise Pearlie, Widow
Office of Strategic Services
Washington, DC, 1942

Amazon Author Page

Louise's War [2011]

Diane K. Shah

Paris Chandler,
Gossip columnist's Assistant
Hollywood 1947

As Crime Goes By [1991]
Dying Cheek to Cheek [1992]

Catherine Shaw

Miss Vanessa Duncan,
a young schoolmistress
Cambridge University, 1888

The Three-Body Problem [2004]
Flowers Stained With Moonlight [2005]
The Library Paradox [2006]
The Riddle of the River [2007]

Charlotte Mercer
WASP trainee turned riveter
turned undercover agent
WWII Chicago, IL 1944

The Woman in the Wing [2008]

Wellsley Fitzroy Shelton

Willie Bo Abraham,
"Colored man" who is a
part-time attorney,
part-time fix-it man
Logan Creek, South Carolina 1929

I Never Knew Home [2007]

Lynn Shepherd

Retelling of the Jane Austen novel
in which a series of murders occur
at Mansfield Park, Northamptonshire
England early 19th C

Murder at Mansfield Park [2010]

James Sherburne

Paddy Moretti,
racing reporter for NYC
Spirit of the Times newspaper
Various US locations 1890s

Death's Pale Horse [1980]
Death's Gray Angel [1981]
Death's Clenched Fist [1982]
Death's White City [1987]
Death's Bright Arrow [1989]

John Sherwood

Tony Chatham,
Features Organizer
for the BBC
London, England 1930s

A Shot in the Arm: Death at the BBC [1982]

Jody Shields

Viennese Inspector (unnamed)
Erszébet, his Hungarian wife
1910 in Vienna

The Fig Eater [2000]

Javier Sierra
Manguel, Alberto (Translator)

Father Agostino Leyre
Inquisitor from Rome and
expert on cryptography
Milan, Italy 1497

The Secret Supper [2001]

Daniel Silva

Alan Vicary
Cambridge history professor
London 1944

The Unlikely Spy [2003]

Edgar Allan Poe, writer, detective
Mid-19th century New York

On Night's Shore [2001]
Disquiet Heart [2002]
  Reissued as Doubly Dead [2004]

Alastair Sim

Inspector Allerdyce and
Sergeant McGillivray VC
Victorian Edinburgh

The Unbelievers [2009]

Dan Simmons 1

Ernest Hemingway, writer
Joe Lucas, FBI agent
1942, height of World War II
Cuban countryside

The Crook Factory [1999]

Dan Simmons 2

Wilkie Collins, writer
and Charles Dickens, writer
England 1865-70

Drood [2008]

Robert Skinner

Wesley Farrell, nightclub owner
Creole passing for white
1930s - 40s, New Orleans

Skin Deep, Blood Red [1997]
Cat-Eyed Trouble [1998]
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting [1999]
Blood to Drink [2000]
Pale Shadow [2001]
The Righteous Cut [2002]

Charlotte Richmond
a resourceful young widow
Victorian England

Murder Most Welcome [2008]
Death is the Cure [2009]

Jerry Sloniger

Slonnie, top test pilot
Gangster era Chicago IL USA 1924

Flying Capone's Booze: 1924 [2005]

Dolores Gordon-Smith 1
Dolores @ Amazon

Jack Haldean, crime writer
and former Royal Flying Corps pilot
England 1920s

A Fete Worse Than Death [2007]
Mad About The Boy? [2008]
As if by Magic [2009]
A Hundred Thousand Dragons [2010]
Off the Record [2011]
Trouble Brewing [2011]

Dolores Gordon-Smith 2

Anthony Brooke, Secret Agent
WW I Spy Thriller


Frankie's Letter [2010] ebook

Martin Cruz Smith

Jonathan Blair
Mining engineer
Mining town of Wigan
Lancashire, England 1872

Rose [1996]

Alexander von Reisden, Austrian Baron
Perdita Halley, A Music Student
Switzerland and Paris
early 1900s

The Vanished Child [1992]
The Knowledge of Water [1996]
A Citizen of the Country [2000]

Tom Rob Smith

Leo Stepanovich Demidov,
war hero & a rising star in
the MGB, the State Security force
Stalinist Soviet Union 1950s

Child 44 [2008]
The Secret Speech [2009]

John Smolens

Historical literary thriller
involving assassination of President
William McKinley by anarchist Leon
Czolgosz at the 1901 Buffalo NY
Pan-American Exposition

The Anarchist [2009]

Sherry L. Snelgrove

George Clements, American G.I.
and Alexandra, illegitimate daughter
of Joseph Stalin
Europe, various locations WW II

Another Man's Treasure [2007]

Linda Sole
(Aka Anne Herries, Emma Quincey,
Lynn Granville and Juliana Linden)

Actress Sara Beaufort,her
friend Larch Meadows, former
Scotland Yard Det. Ben Marshall
England, France and NYC 1920s

Miscarriage of Justice [2007]
Justice Is Served [2007]
A Different Kind of Justice [2008]

Jose Carlos Somoza
Transl. by Sonia Soto

Heracles Pontor
"Decipherer of Enigmas"
Academy of Plato
Ancient Greece 400 B.C.

The Athenian Murders [2002]

Mickey Rawlings, Baseball Player
America, various locations

Murder at Fenway Park [1994]
Murder at Ebbets Field [1995]
Murder at Wrigley Field [1996]
Hunting a Detroit Tiger [1997]
The Cincinnati Red Stalkings [1998]
Hanging Curve [1999]
The Tomb That Ruth Built [2002]

Marshall Webb, writer
1892 New York

Island of Tears [2001]
The Gilded Cage [2002]
Burning Bridges [2004]
Streets of Fire [2008]

Chloe, subpriestess
sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia
Attica, near Athens
Classical Era Greece

Murder Near The Sanctuary [2008]
  orig. publ. as Murder Most Classical
  under pseud Christiana Elfwood

Murder At The City Dionysia [2008]

Keith M. Souter 1
(Aka Keith Moray)

Sandal Castle Series
Same setting, different
protagonists and eras
Sandal Castle, Wakefield
Medieval England

The Pardoner's Crime [2008]
  1322 Sir Richard Lee
The Fool’s Folly [2009]
  1485 Sir Giles Beeston

Bow Street Runner John Pickett
Regency England

In Milady's Chamber [2006]
A Dead Bore [2008]

Roz Southey

Charles Patterson,
impoverished musician
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England 1730s

Broken Harmony [2007]
Chords and Discords [2008]
Secret Lament [2009]
Sword and Song [2010]

Laurence Bartram
and friend Charles
London, 1920, post-WWI

Amazon Author Page

The Return of Captain John Emmett [2011]

Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Woodend
England (various locales) 1960s

The Salton Killings [1998]
Murder at Swann's Lake [1999]
Death of a Cave Dweller [2000]
The Dark Lady [2000]
The Golden Mile to Murder [2000]
Dead On Cue [2001]
Death of an Innocent [2002]
The Red Herring [2002]
The Enemy Within [2003]
A Death Left Hanging [2003]
The Witch Maker [2004]
The Butcher Beyond [2004]
Dying in the Dark [2005]
Stone Killer [2005]
A Long Time Dead [2006]
Sins of the Fathers [2006]
Dangerous Games [2007]
Death Watch [2007]
A Dying Fall [2008]
Fatal Quest: Woodend's First Case [2008]

Bernard St. James

Chief Inspector Blanc
of the Paris police force
early 19th C

April Thirtieth [1978]
The Seven Dreamers [1982]

Nick Stafford

Philomena Bligh
bereaved fiancée
London 1919, in the chaotic
aftermath of the Great War

Armistice [2009]

Ann Stamos
(aka Takis and Judy Iakovou)

Ellis Island Superintendent
Joseph Hannegan
Ellis Island and mainland
New York City 1901

Bitter Tide [2009]

Virginia Stang

Tales of Old Baltimore
Lt. Mark Bennett and
Officer Cavanaugh of the
Western Watch House
1830s Baltimore MD USA

Murder in the Red Brick City [2002]
The Baroness and Her Wandering Pearls [2004]
The Resurrection Men [2005]

"Roman Noir"
Arcturus, Praetorium
personal physician to
the governor of Roman Britain
Londinium 1st C AD

Amazon Author Page

Nox Dormienda (A Long Night for Sleeping) [2008]
Maledictus (The Curse-Maker)

Convivium - short story

Miranda Corbie,
33-year-old private investigator,
Spanish Civil War nurse and
former escort
San Francisco 1940

Amazon Author Page

City of Dragons [2010]
City of Secrets [2011]
Memory Book: A Miranda Corbie Story [kindle short]

Melvin R. Starr

Hugh de Singleton, fourth
son of a minor knight, trained
as a clerk, then surgeon in Paris
Oxford, England 14th C

The Unquiet Bones [2008]
A Corpse at St Andrew's Chapel [2009]

Young Harry Houdini,
struggling magician
Dash Hardeen, his brother,
booking agent, and fellow magician
1897-98 New York City

The Dime Museum Murders [1999]
The Floating Lady Murder [2000]
The Houdini Specter [2001]

Sherlock Holmes
and Harry Houdini
London Englan 1910

The Adventure of the Ectoplasmic Man [1985]

Noir series chronicling the
Cold War from inside an unnamed
country behind the Iron Curtain
Various detectives, with characters
from one book appearing in others

Bridge of Sighs [2003]
  Det. Emil Brod - 1948
The Confession [2004]
  Insp. Ferenc Kolyeszar - 1956
36 Yalta Boulevard [2005]
  UK Title: The Vienna Assignment
  Inspector Brano Sev - 1966-67
Liberation Movements [2006]
  Secret Policeman Gavra Noukas and
  Homicide Detective Katja Drdova - 1968-75
Victory Square [2007]
  Det. Emil Brod - 1940s

Henry Gresham, gentleman spy
Elizabethan-Jacobean England

The Desperate Remedy [2001]
   (1605, at the time of the Gunpowder Plot
The Conscience of the King [2003]
   (1612, Shakespearean theatre world)
The Galleons' Grave [2005]
   (1588, during the Armada)
The Rebel Heart [2006]
   (1598, Rise of Essex)

Beau Brummell, Arbiter of Fashion
England's Regency period

Death on a Silver Tray [2000]
The Tainted Snuff Box [2001]
The Bloodied Cravat [2002]
Murder In The Pleasure Gardens [2003]

C. J. Stevermer

Nicholas Coffin, alchemist
Renaissance Italy
under the Borgias 15th C

The Alchemist: Death of a Borgia [1980]
The Duke and the Veil [1981]

Serena Stier

Florence Tod, suffragette
and her cousin,
Isabella Stewart Gardner
New York City 1890

Deadly Illumination [2001]

Jessica Stirling

Cameron Adams
Maverick lawyer
Georgian Glasgow, Scotland

Lantern for the Dark [2003]

Alan Stockwell

Sherlock Holmes pastiche
Victorian England

The Singular Adventures of Mr Sherlock Holmes [2003]

Alex Stoffel

Cavalry Lt. Col. Jake Cutter,
assigned to Army Intelligence
Anna Weysmith,
Secret Service Agent
Black Hills, South Dakota 1880s

Justice at Devil's Tower [2007]

S. L. Stoner

John Sagacity "Sage" Adair
labor union secret operative
Portland Oregon and
Pacific Northwest
first decade 20th C

Timber Beasts [2009]
Land Sharks (forthcoming)
Dry Rot (forthcoming)

John Straley

Slip Wilson, former logger
and "red" union organizer
Ellie Hobbes,
Alaska and Seattle 1935

The Big Both Ways [2008]

Marianne Wilski Strong
(Short Stories only)

Kleides the Sophist
philosopher & investigator
for Pericles, Archon of Athens
Ancient Greece 495-420 B.C.

The Lyre’s Song
   Pub in AHMM, Jul / Aug 2002
Death in an Olive Grove
   Pub in AHMM, Apr 2003
Death at Olympia
   Pub in AHMM, Jul / Aug 2003
Death at the Festival
   Pub in AHMM, Mar 2004
Death at the Theatre
   Pub in AHMM, Jan / Feb 2005
Death at the Port
   Pub in AHMM, Jul / Aug 2005
Death at Delphi
   Pub in AHMM, Jun 2006

Frank C. Strunk

Berkley Jordon
Deputy Sheriff and
Buxton, Kentucky 1933-4

Jordon's Wager [1991]
Jordon's Showdown [1991]

Jean Stubbs

Inspector Linscott
Edwardian San Francisco

Dear Laura [1973]
The Painted Face [1974]
The Golden Crucible [1976]

Diane A. S. Stuckart
(aka Alexa Smart and Anna Gerard)

Leonardo Da Vinci
Artist and inventor
Milan 1480s

The Queen's Gambit [2008]
Portrait of a Lady [2009]
A Bolt from the Blue [2010]

Jeremy Sturrock
(Pseudonym for Ben Healey.
Also published under US
pseudonym J. G. Jeffries

Jeremy Sturrock,
Bow Street Runner
Georgian & Regency England

The Village of Rogues [1972]
  (The Thieftaker in the US)
A Wicked Way to Die [1973]
The Wilful Lady [1975]
A Conspiracy of Poisons [1977]
Suicide Most Foul [1981]
Captain Bolton's Corpse [1982]
The Pangersbourne Murders [1983]

Mary E. Summers

James Christie Hunter,
schoolmaster, and his friend
Police Inspector Owen Rattray
Victorian-era Edinburgh, Scotland

Mr. Hunter and The Templars [2006]

The Tinseltown Trilogy
Different protagonists, various
20th C dates, Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Sinners [2007]
  Former farmgirl Karin Panotchitch 1939
The Joan Crawford Murders [2008]
  Joan Crawford 1953

Abigail Lawrence,
widowed tavernkeeper
British-occupied New Jersey
American Revolution 1777

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Murder [2004]
Death of a Camp Follower (forthcoming)

Arthur Swinson

Sergeant Cork, early CID
officer at Scotland Yard
Victorian London
Collections of short stories
adapted from 1963 TV show

Sergeant's Cork Casebook [1965]
Sergeant Cork's Second Casebook [1966]

Julian Symons 1

Paul Vandervent, admirer
of a young girl suspected in
family members' murders
Blackheath, London 1890s

The Blackheath Poisonings [1978]

Julian Symons 2

Fictional retelling of
"The Pimlico Mystery" with
Adelaide Bartlett accused of
poisoning her husband London 1886

Sweet Adelaide [1980]

Julian Symons 3

The Detling family
gathered together at a
Christmas party
Victorian England

The Detling Murders [1983]

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