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Lauren Willig
Pat Wynn
James Walker

Mysteries in Time Series
Various settings and protagonists


Murder on the Titanic [1998]
  Morgan Fairchild, 1912 on the Titanic
Murder at Gettysburg [1999]
  April Wolff, 1863 Pennsylvania
Voices from the Titanic [1999]
  Morgan Fairchild, 1912 after the Titanic
Murder at Pearl Harbor [2000]
  Gwen Williams, 1941 San Francisco
  and Hawaii

October Dawn [2001]
  Johnny Pera, 1962

Persia Walker 1

David McKay, Civil rights attorney
Harlem Renaissance 1926

Harlem Redux [2002]

Persia Walker 2

Lanie Price, crime reporter
turned society columnist
Harlem Renaissance, NYC 1926

Darkness and the Devil Behind Me [2008]
Black Orchid Blues [2011]

Inspector Alastair Ransom
and Dr. Jane Francis Tewes
1893 Chicago Illinois USA

City for Ransom [2006]
Shadows in the White City [2007]
City of the Absent [2007]

Buck Ames Mysteries
Buck Ames, former movie
stuntman turned P. I.
1940's Hollywood USA

Murder at Republic [2002]
Murder at Columbia [2004]
Murder at Universal [2006]
Murder at RKO [2007]
   available as an Amazon short
Honeymoon and Murder on the Super Chief [2007]
   available as an Amazon short

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian London

Sherlock Holmes and the Wayward Wife [2007]
   available as an Amazon short

Carolyn D. Wall

Olivia Harker,
rural 1930s Kentucky

Sweeping Up Glass [2008]

Daniel Ward

Sherlock Holmes
and Dr. Watson
London England 1886

Sherlock Holmes - The Way of All Flesh [2004]

Harry Hanson
Seaham Harbor, England 1890

Harry Hanson and the Seaham Pit Disaster [2007]

James Lincoln Warren
(Short stories only, in Alfred
Hitchcock Mystery Magazine [AHMM]

Various protagonists:
Alan Treviscoe, Indagator
1770s London
Mrs. Emma Stavacre and
Apollo Brimstone, Parish Searchers
London 1760s and 1770s

The Dioscuri Deception
- Treviscoe [AHMM March 1998]
The Iphis Incident
- Treviscoe [AHMM April 2000]
Black Spartacus
- Treviscoe [AHMM May 1999]
An Ingraft of Evil
- Treviscoe [AHMM June 1999]
The Dangerous Hand
- Treviscoe [AHMM September 2000]
Actśon in Albion
- Treviscoe [AHMM October 2001]
Miching Malicho
- Treviscoe [AHMM March 2003]
The Apollo Progression
- Stavacre & Brimstone [AHMM Nov 2005]
Mother Brimstone
- Stavacre & Brimstone [AHMM Jan/Feb 2007]

Lucas Hallam, PI,
movie cowboy, and former
Pinkerton man and Texas Ranger
Hollywood CA 1920s

Wild Night [1987]
Dead-Stick [1989]
Dog Heavies [1990]
Hallam (Kindle: 2 short stories)

Sarah Waters

Margaret Prior, Ex-socialite
Prison visitor
1873-4 London, England

Affinity [2002]

Douglas Watt

John MacKenzie, Lawyer
and Davie Scougall, his scribe
Edinburgh Scotland 1686

Death of a Chief [2009]

Florence Byham Weinberg
(aka Florence Byham)

Fr. Ignaz Pfefferkorn, Jesuit
1760s Mexico (New Spain)

Sonora Wind, Ill Wind [2002]
I'll Come To Thee By Moonlight [2002]
The Storks of La Caridad [2004]
Sonora Moonlight [2008]

Louise Welsh

Christopher Marlowe
Playwright, poet, spy
London, England 1593

Tamburlaine Must Die [2004]

Jean M. West

Civil War Mysteries
Robert McEntee
Photographic operator
Various battle locations
American Civil War 1860s

Mayhem at Manassas [2009]
Peril on the Peninsula [2009]
Anguish at Antietam [2009]

Kate Westbrook

The Moneypenny Diaries
Miss Moneypenny (Jane), Mís
personal secretary from Ian
Fleming's James Bond spy novels
England 1960s

Guardian Angel [2005]
Secret Servant [2006]
Final Fling [2009]

Medieval Noir series
Crispin Guest, ex-knight
turned criminal investigator
14th century London

Amazon Author Page


Veil of Lies [2008]
Serpent in the Thorns [2009]
The Demon's Parchment [2010]
Troubled Bones [2011]

Thomas Wheeler

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
and fellow members of a
secret society known as the Arcanum,
including magician Harry Houdini
New York City in 1919

The Arcanum [2004]

Kamil Pasha, magistrate
in the new secular courts
19th C Istanbul, Turkey
during the waning days
of the Ottoman Empire

The Sultan's Seal [2006]
The Abyssinian Proof [2008]
A Winter Thief [2010]

R. J. (Reginald James) White

Inspector David Brock
Edwardian England
(any more info on these books welcomed)

The Smartest Grave [1961]
The Women of Peasenhall [1969]

Evangeline LeClair,
wealthy and eccentric socialite
and Freddie Simpson,
budding journalist
Chicago IL, 1890s

The Fall of the White City [2002]
Shrouded in Thought [2005]

Sharon Wildwood

Captain Elizabeth "Pepper" Pepperhawk
Vietnam Veteran, now head nurse
at the Army hospital
Captain Avivah Rosen, military police
Fort Bragg NC 1971

Some Welcome Home [2005]
Soldier on the Porch [2007]

Gerard Williams

Dr James Mortimer,
the Devon doctor from
The Hound of The Baskervilles
Victorian England

Dr Mortimer and the Aldgate Mystery [2000]
Dr Mortimer and the Barking Man Mystery [2001]

Stan Williams
See Wayne Barton and Stan Williams

Jim Williams

Signor Ludovico,
castrato opera singer
Venice, Italy mid-18th C

Scherzo [1999]

Penn Williamson
(aka romance writer Penelope Williamson)

Damon Rourke,
Homicide Detective
New Orleans July 1927

Mortal Sins [2000]
Wages of Sin [2003]

Lauren Willig

Pink Carnation Series
Espionage / Mystery / Romance
England, 1803/1804 / Napoleon-era
The Pink Carnation Master spy; successor to the Scarlet Pimpernel and the Purple Gentian

Amazon Author Page

The Secret History of the Pink Carnation
The Masque of the Black Tulip
The Deception of the Emerald Ring
The Seduction of the Crimson Rose
The Temptation of the Night Jasmine
The Betrayal of the Blood Lily
The Mischief of the Mistletoe
The Orchid Affair
The Garden Intrigue (JAN 2012)

The young Niccolo Machiavelli,
Politician and philosopher,
In the service of the Borgias
15th C Italy

The Swarm of Heaven [1999]

Elizabeth Wilson 1

Dinah Wentworth,
Young socialite
London, 1947

The Twilight Hour [2006]

Elizabeth Wilson 2

Detective Chief Inspector Plumer
and Detective Sergeant Murray,
Hampstead, London, 1949

War Damage [2009]

Ted Stratton
CID police officer
central London
during WWII and its aftermath

Stratton's War [2008]
  (US Title: The Innocent Spy [2009])
An Empty Death [2009]

Jack Romaine
Hapless small-time gambler
and drinker
1929 Cincinnati OH

Kaleidoscope [2008]

Don Winslow

Walter Withers, PI
Former CIA agent
Manhattan NYC, 1958

Isle of Joy [1996]

Maisie Dobbs
Former maid, WW I nurse
Launching a new career
As a private investigator
England 1929-31

Maisie Dobbs [2003]
Birds of a Feather [2004]
Pardonable Lies [2005]
Messenger of Truth [2006]
An Incomplete Revenge [2008]
Among the Mad [2009]
The Mapping of Love and Death [2010]
A Lesson in Secrets

Marcus Valerious Messalla Corvinus
Upper Class Roman Detective
Ancient Rome - Reign of Tiberius

Ovid [1995]
Germanicus [1997]
Sejanus [1998]
The Lydian Baker [1998]
Old Bones [2000]
Last Rites [2001]
White Murder [2002]
A Vote for Murder [2003]
Parthian Shot [2004]
Food for the Fishes [2005]
In at the Death [2007]
Illegally Dead [2008]

Kenneth Wishnia
(aka K.J.A. Wishnia)

Benyamin Ben-Akiva, Talmudic
scholar newly arrived from Poland
Prague 1592

The Fifth Servant [2010]

Hugh Corbaille,
a young Norman Knight
Norman England 1140

No Dark Place [1999]
The Poisoned Serpent [2000]

Graham R. Wood

Superintendent Lauriant
Various locations in
provincial France of the 1960s

Detective Lauriant Investigates [2002]
Death in Provence [2003]

Inspector Paco Ruiz
Madrid, Spain on the eve
and into the Spanish Civil War 1936

A Murder of No Consequence [1999]
The General's Dog [1999]
The Fifth Column [2002]

Rick Barron, director of
security for Centurion Studios
"Golden Age" Hollywood 1939-1940s

The Prince of Beverly Hills [2004]
Beverly Hills Dead [2008]

Ann Woodward

Lady Aoi
Lady in waiting
at the Imperial Court
Medieval Japan 11th C

The Exile Way [1996]
Of Death and Black Rivers [1998]

Deborah Woodworth

Sister Rose Callahan
Shaker Elderess
Kentucky, 1930's

Death of a Winter Shaker [1997]
A Deadly Shaker Spring [1998]
Sins of a Shaker Summer [1999]
A Simple Shaker Murder [2000]
Killing Gifts [2001]
Dancing Dead [2002]

Edward Wright

John Ray Horn,
Former western movie actor
and ex-con debt collector
post-World War II Los Angeles

Clea's Moon [2003]
The Silver Face [2004]
  Published in the US as While I Disappear
Red Sky Lament [2006]

Mary Wollstonecraft
as a young woman, acting
as governess
Ireland 1780s

Amazon Author Page

Midnight Fires [2010]

Gideon Fitzsimmons, Viscount St. Mars
Hester Kean, lady in waiting
1715, Georgian England

Amazon Author Page

The Birth of Blue Satan [2001]
The Spider's Touch [2002]
The Motive from the Deed [2007]
A Killing Frost [2011]

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