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Non-Series hardboiled/noir
stories set in mid 20th C
western USA locations

Die a Little [2005]
  -1954 Southern California
The Song Is You [2007]
  -1951 Los Angeles CA
  based on real life disappearance
  actress Jean Spangler

Queenpin [2007]
  -1960s Las Vegas
Bury Me Deep [2009]
  -1930s Midwest
  based on real life Winnie Ruth
  Judd aka "The Trunk Murderess"

Gilbert Adair

Evadne Mount Trilogy
Evadne Mount,
"Dowager Duchess of Crime"
best-selling classic mystery writer
1930s-1940s England

The Act of Roger Murgatroyd [2006]
A Mysterious Affair of Style [2007]
And Then There Was No One [2008]

Various inter-related protagonists
frontier Georgia, Florida,
South Carolina and Cuba
during the American
Revolution, late 18thC

Paper Woman [2006]
  - Sophie Barton, 33 year old widow
The Blacksmith's Daughter [2007]
  - Sophie's daughter Betsy Sheridan
Camp Follower [2008]
  - Helen Chiswell, mistress of Sophie's brother David

Paul Adam

Andy Chapman, a British reporter,
Elena Fiorini, prosecutor
corrupt Vatican politics
1944/45 World War II, Rome

Unholy Trinty [1999]

Harold Adams

Carl Wilcox
Sign Painter,
Occasional Detective
South Dakota - Great Depression

Murder [1981]
Paint the Town Red [1982]
The Missing Moon [1983]
The Naked Liar [1985]
The Fourth Widow [1986]
The Barbed Wire Noose [1987]
The Man Who Met the Train [1988]
The Man Who Missed the Party [1989]
The Man Who Was Taller Than God [1992]
A Perfectly Proper Murder [1993]
A Way With Widows [1994]
Ditched Blonde [1995]
Hatchet Job [1996]
The Ice Pick Artist [1997]
No Badge, No Gun [1998]
Lead, So I Can Follow [1999]

Mary Jo Adamson

Michael Merrick, reporter
for the Boston Independent
Cambridge and Hancock MA
mid 19th C

The Blazing Tree [2000]
The Elusive Voice [2001]

Rennie Airth

Inspector John Madden
England 1921 - 1944

River of Darkness [1999]
The Blood-Dimmed Tide [2003]
The Dead of Winter [2009]

Boris Akunin 1
(Pen name for Grigory Chkhartishvili)
Andrew Bromfield, Translator)

Erast Fandorin
Moscow Police Investigator
Czarist Russia Late 19th Century

Amazon Author Page

The Winter Queen [2003]
Murder on the Leviathan [2004]
Turkish Gambit [2004]
The Death of Achilles [2005]
Special Assignments (The Jack of Spades & The Decorator) [2007]
The State Counsellor [2008]
The Coronation [2009]
She Lover of Death [2009]
He Lover of Death [2010]
Diamond Chariot (forthcoming in 2011)

Boris Akunin 2
(Pen name for Grigory Chkhartishvili)
Andrew Bromfield, Translator)

Sister Pelagia,
a young nun who teaches
gymnastics and literature
19th-century Russia

Amazon Author Page

Pelagia and the White Bulldog [2006]
Pelagia and the Black Monk [2007]
Pelagia and the Red Rooster [2008]

Susan Wittig Albert 1
(aka Robin Paige
with Bill Albert)

Beatrix Potter
Writer and illustrator
Lake District England
1st decades 20th century

The Tale Of Hill Top Farm [2004]
The Tale of Holly How [2005]
The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood [2005]
The Tale of Hawthorn House [2007]
The Tale of Briar Bank [2008]
The Tale of Applebeck Orchard [2009]
The Tale of Oat Cake Crag [2010]
The Tale of Castle Cottage [2011]

Susan Wittig Albert 2
(aka Robin Paige
with Bill Albert)

Lizzy, Verna, Ophelia,
& Myra May, aka "The Dahlias":
members of a garden club
in Darling, Alabama 1930s

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree [2010]
The Darling Dahlias and the Naked Ladies [2011]
The Darling Dahilas and the Confederate Rose [2012]

The Darling Dahlias and the Texas Star [2013]

Jack Alcott

The young Edgar Allan Poe
And young Lt. Robert E. Lee
West Point, NY 1831

Grim Legion [2006]

Bruce Alexander

Sir John Fielding, Judge
18th Century (1700's)
London, England

Blind Justice [1994]
Murder in Grub Street [1995]
Watery Grave [1996]
Person or Persons Unknown [1997]
Jack, Knave and Fool [1998]
Death of a Colonial [1999]
The Color of Death [2000]
Smuggler's Moon [2001]
Experiment in Treason [2002]
The Price of Murder [2003]
Rules of Engagement [2005]

Lawrence Alexander

Teddy Roosevelt
while police commissioner of New York City mid-1890s

The Big Stick [1986]
Speak, Softly [1987]
The Strenuous Life [1992]

Emily Ashton,
young widow of
Philip, Viscount Ashton
Victorian England, Greece,
Vienna & Turkey

Amazon Author Page

And Only to Deceive [2006]
A Poisoned Season [2007]
A Fatal Waltz [2008]
Tears of Pearl [2009]
Dangerous to Know [2011]
A Crimson Warning [2011]

Death in the Floating City

Annamaria Alfieri

Mother Abbess Maria Santa Hilda
Convent of Santa Isabella de los
Santos Milagros in the Spanish
Viceroyalty of Peru, near the city
of Potosi (in modern Bolivia) 1650

City of Silver [2009]

Annamaria Alfieri

local Comandante, Luis Menenez
War of the Triple Alliance

Invisible Country [2012]

American George Porter Dillman
Former Pinkerton agent
Early 1900's, Famous Ships

Murder on the Lusitania [1999]
Murder on the Mauretania [2000]
Murder on the Minnesota [2002]
Murder on the Caronia [2003]
Murder on the Marmora [2004]
Murder on the Salsette [2005]
Murder on the Oceanic [2006]
Murder on the Celtic [2007]

Tricia Allen

David Weather
Assistant District Attorney
Dallas, Texas 1947

Texas Weather [2000]
A Well-Respected Dead Man [2003]

Aristide Ravel, freelance agent
for the Parisian police (aka police spy)
Revolutionary Paris, France

Amazon Author Page

Game of Patience [2006]
A Treasury of Regrets [2007]
The Cavalier of the Apocalypse [2009]
Palace of Justice [2010]

E. M. A. Allison
(Mary Ann and Eric Allison)

Brother Barnabas
Cistercian monk
1379 England

Through the Valley of Death [1983]

Kingsley Amis

Peter Furneaux
14-year-old schoolboy
Suburban Post WW II Britain

The Riverside Villas Murder [1973]

The Alderley Mysteries
The Earl of Burford
and Inspector Wilkins
1930s England

The Affair of the Blood Stained Egg Cosy [1975]
The Affair of the Mutilated Mink Coat [1981]
  aka The Affair of the Mutilated Mink
The Affair of the 39 Cufflinks [2003]

Beth Andrews

Newlyweds John and Lydia Savidge
from the author's romance
novel Hidden in the Heart
1818, Hertfordshire, England

The Unforgiving Eye [2008]

Val Andrews
(aka Willoughby Lane)

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
Victorian, various locations

Sherlock Holmes:
and the Charlie Chaplin Mystery
and the Eminent Thespian [1988]
and the Brighton Pavilion Mystery [1989]
and the Egyptian Hall Adventure [1993]
and the Houdini Birthright [1995]
and the Man Who Lost Himself [1996]
and the Yule-tide Mystery [1996]
and the Circus of Fear [1997]
and the Greyfriars School Mystery [1997]
and the Theatre of Death [1997]
and the Sandringham House Mystery [1998]
and the Baker Street Dozen [1999]
at the Varieties [1999]
on the Western Front [1999]
and the Tomb of Terror [2000]
The Torment of Sherlock Holmes [2000]
and the Longacre Vampire [2001]
and the Holborn Emporium [2001]
and the Secret Seven [2001]
The Ghost of Baker Street [2006]

Anna Apostolou
(aka Paul Doherty - Series continues under Doherty)

Alexander the Great
Ancient Greece, 336 B.C.

A Murder in Macedon [1997]
A Murder in Thebes [1998]

Lisa Appignanesi
(aka Elsbieta Borenztejn)

Belle Epoque Mysteries
Not a true series, but same
setting and shared characters
fin-de-siecle Paris 1899-1900

Paris Requiem [2004]
- Bostanian lawyer James Norton
Unholy Loves [2007]
- Marguerite de Landois

T. J. Armstrong

Brother Wilfridus and
defrocked monk Brother Thomas
Canterbury, 1235

Cecilia's Vision [2001]

Jade del Cameron, Great War
Survivor and drifter
part of "The Lost generation"
Africa 1919-1920s

Mark of the Lion [2006]
Stalking Ivory [2007]
The Serpent's Daughter [2008]
The Leopard's Prey [2009]
Treasure of the Golden Cheetah [2009]

Maureen Ash

Bascot de Marins
Templar Knight recovering
from long imprisonment
in the Holy Lands
England, 1st decade 13th C

The Alehouse Murders [2007]
Death of a Squire [2008]
A Plague of Poison [2009]
Murder for Christ's Mass [2009]
Shroud of Dishonour(2010)
A Deadly Penance(2011)

Mike Ashley
(Editor of Historical Anthologies)
The Mammoth Book

Of Historical Whodunnits [1993]
Of Historical Detectives [1995]
Of Classical Whodunnits [1996]
Of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures [1997]
Of Shakespearean Whodunnits [1997]
Of Shakespearean Detectives [1998]
Of Royal Whodunnits [1999]
Of More Historical Whodunnits [2001]
Of Egyptian Whodunnits [2002]
Of Ancient Roman Whodunnits [2003]
Of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits [2004]
Of Historical Whodunnits: vol. 3 [2005]
  (US Edition: Of New Historical Whodunnits)
Of Jacobean Whodunnits [2006]
Of Dickensian Whodunnits [2007]

of Historical Crime Fiction [2011]
The Female Detective [2012]
Revelations of a Lady Detective [2013]

David Ashton

Inspector James McLevy
(fiction based on the casebook
kept by a real life Victorian
detective by that name)
Edinburgh, Scotland 1880s

Shadow of the Serpent [2006]
Fall from Grace [2007]
Trick of the Light [2009]

Libi Astaire

Mr. Ezra Melamed,
wealthy widower and benefactor
of Londonís Jewish community
London, England 1810

The Disappearing Dowry [2009]
The Ruby Spy Ring (forthcoming spring 2010)

Gertrude Atherton

Pomponia, 16 year old niece
of the satirist Horace
Rome 19-20 BC
(First Roman Mystery told
from a woman's point of view)

The Golden Peacock [1936]

Ace Atkins 1

Fictionalized account of the
unsolved Charlie Wall murder
Detective Ed Dodge and
L.B. Turner, reporter
Tampa, FL 1955

White Shadow [2006]

Ace Atkins 2

Ensemble cast noir crime
novel set in real life
1955 Phenix City, Alabama
"The Wickedest City in America,"
per Look Magazine

Wicked City [2008]

Ace Atkins 3

Pinkerton agent Dashiell Hammett
working for Fatty Arbuckle's
defense team, based on the real life
rape/murder "Trial of the Century"
San Francisco 1921

Devil's Garden [2009]

Ace Atkins 4

Based on real life kidnapping of
Oklahoma oilman Charles Urschel by
George "Machine Gun", and featuring
his "Lady MacBeth" wife, early days
of the FBI, 1933 Southern US

Infamous [2010]

Ernest Hemingway, aging
author and adventurer
various times and locations
in the author's lifetime

Hemingway Deadlights [2009]
  Key West 1957
Hemingway Cutthroat [2010]
  Spanish Civil War 1937

Alex Auswaks
(Short Stories)

Sherlock Holmes
Russia, Victorian era

Sherlock Holmes in Russia [2008]

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