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Joanne Dobson
Sarah D'Almeida
(Aka Sarah Hoyt)

Musketeer Mysteries
D'Artagnan and the famous
Three Musketeers: Athos,
Porthos, and Aramis
France 17th century

Death of a Musketeer [2006]
The Musketeer's Seamstress [2007]
The Musketeer's Apprentice [2007]
A Death in Gascony [2008]
Dying By the Sword [2008]

Didier Daeninckx
(site is in French)

René Griffon,
Private Detective
France 1920

A Very Profitable War [1995]

Stephane Daimlen-Vols et al.

Sister-in-law to King Louis XIV
(aka The Sun King)
France 1676

Hour of the Wolves [2002]
(based upon The Poisons Affair)

Sandra Dallas

Nora Bondurant, heiress
Natchez, Mississippi, 1933

New Mercies [2006]

Hilda Johansson
A young Swedish emigree servant
South Bend, Indiana, 1900-1904

Death in Lacquer Red [1999]
The Red, White, and Blue Murders [2000]
Green Grow the Victims [2001]
Silence is Golden [2002]
Crimson Snow [2005]
Indigo Christmas [2008]
Murder in Burnt Orange [2011]

Diane Davidson

Sir Thams Cheyney
Based on a real life murder
from Holinshed's chronicle
dramatized as Arden of Faversham
Kent, England mid 16th Century

Feversham [1969]

Various Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
(Veiled Detective involves the
young Holmes' start in London
Victorian England)

Sherlock Holmes and the
  Hentzau Affair [1991]
The Tangled Skein [1995]
The Scroll of the Dead [1998]
The Shadow of the Rat [1999]
The Veiled Detective [2004] 
Omnibus - The Shadow of the Rat & The Tangled Skien [2010]
The Games Afoot (2008)
The Death and Life (2009)

David Stuart Davies 2 (editor)

Anthology of Sherlock Holmes
pastiches by various authors

Sherlock Holmes: The Game's Afoot [1991]

John Hawke, aka Johnny One Eye
Private investigator,
invalided out of the army after
a shooting accident
London during the Blitz 1940s

Forests of the Night [2005]
Comes the Dark [2006]
Without Conscience [2008]
Requiem for a Dummy [2009]
The Darkness of Death [2010]

Martin Davies

Mrs. Hudson
Housekeeper for Sherlock Holmes
Victorian England

Mrs. Hudson And The Case
  Of The Spirits' Curse [2004]
Mrs. Hudson and the Malabar Rose [2005]

J. Madison Davis 1

Colonel Max-Baldur von Prokofsk,
German combat hero
Byelorussia, 1944

The Murder of Frau Schutz [1989]

J. Madison Davis 2

Alfred Hitchcock, filmmaker
Chess Slattery, retired LAPD officer
Los Angeles, California 1957
(while filming Vertigo)

The Vertigo Murders: Alfred Hitchcock Mystery [2000]

Marcus Didius Falco
Private Investigator
Ancient Rome, Italy
1st Century A.D.


The Silver Pigs [1989]
Shadows in Bronze [1990]
Venus in Copper [1991]
The Iron Hand of Mars [1992]
Poseidon's Gold [1993]
Last Act in Palmyra [1994]
Time to Depart [1995]
A Dying Light in Corduba [1996]
Three Hands in the Fountain [1997]
Two for the Lions [1998]
One Virgin Too Many [1999]
Ode to a Banker [2000]
A Body in the Bathhouse [2001]
The Jupiter Myth [2002]
The Accusers [2003]
Scandal Takes A Holiday [2004]
See Delphi and Die [2005]
Saturnalia [2007]
Alexandria [2009]
Nemesis [2010]
Falco: The Official Companion [2010]
See Delphi and Die [2011]

Lindsey Davis

Caenis, mistress to
the Emperor Vespasian
Rome, 1st century A.D.

The Course of Honor [1998]

Dianne Day 1

Fremont Jones
San Francisco
early 1900s


The Strange Files of Fremont Jones [1995]
Fire and Fog [1996]
The Bohemian Murders [1997]
Emperor Norton's Ghost [1998]
Death Train to Boston [1999]
Beacon Street Mourning [2000]

Dianne Day 2

Nurse Clara Barton
US Civil War 1863

Cut to the Heart [2002]

Michelle de Kretser

Sam Obeysekere, public prosecutor
and admirer of Christie, Holmes, et al
Sri Lanka in the years before its
independence in 1948 while still
the British Indian colony of Ceylon

The Hamilton Case [2004]

Lillian De La Torre
(All short story collections)

Dr. Samuel Johnson
lexicographer and author
James Boswell, his friend
and biographer
18th Century England

Dr Sam Johnson, Detector [1946]
The Detections of Dr Sam Johnson [1960]
The Return of Dr Sam Johnson, Detector [1984]
The Exploits of Dr Sam Johnson, Detector [1987]

O'Neil De Noux
(Short story collection)

Lucien Caye, private-eye
New Orleans 1940s


New Orleans Confidential [2005]
Friscoville - Lucien Caye story
   available free online

Guilty of Dust and Sin - Lucien Caye story
   available as an Amazon short
Maria's Hand - Det. Jacques Dugas story
   available as an Amazon short

Juan de Recacoechea

Ensemble cast
tragic overnight
train journey in 1952
from Bolivia to Chile

Andean Express [2009]

Pablo de Santis 1

Sigmund Salvatorio
apprentice detective
1889 Paris France

The Paris Enigma [2008]

Pablo de Santis 2

Dalessius, calligrapher
and archivist working for Voltaire.
France, 18th C

Voltaire's Calligrapher [2010]

Miss Dido Kent
Spinster member of the gentry
England 1805


Bellfield Hall [2010]
(UK Title: Moment of Silence [2008] )
A Gentleman of Fortune [2009]
Bellfield Hall [2010]
A Woman of Consequence [2011]

A Place of Confinement (2013)

William DeAndrea 1

Lobo Black, Lawman
and Quinn Booker, Novelist
Wyoming USA 1890s

Written in Fire [1995]
The Fatal Elixir [1997]

William DeAndrea 2

NYC Police Commissioner
Theodore Roosevelt
and Captain Ozias Herkimer
New York City, NY 1890s

The Lunatic Fringe: A Novel Wherein Theodore Roosevelt Meets the Pink Angel [1980]

Jim DeFelice

Jake Gibbs, Patriot Spy
Revolutionary America 1770s

The Iron Chain [1995]
The Silver Bullet [1995]
The Golden Flask [1996]

Arnaud Delalande

Pietro Viravolta,
aka The Black Orchid
a dashing young adventurer
Venice, Italy 1756

The Dante Trap [2007]

Fiona MacGillivray
owner of the Savoy Dance Hall.
Dawson, Yukon Territory,
Canada, during the
Klondike Gold Rush 1898

Gold Digger [2009]
Gold Fever [2010]
Gold Mountain (2012)

Sandy Dengler

Gar, Shaman
of the Neanderthal
Real People tribe
Pleistocene France
Approximately 35,000 B.C.

Hyenas [1998]

Brother Timon
Cambridge, England 1605.

The King James Conspiracy [2009]

Geoffrey Chaucer, Poet
England, late 14th C

Murder on the Canterbury Pilgrimage [1998]
The Legend of Good Women [2003]
Lord Byron and the Chasseur Ghost - Non-series
   historical mystery available free online

Forrest DeVoe Jr.
(aka Max Phillips)

Jack Mallory and
Laura Morse, espionage agents
Various settings 1960s

Into the Volcano [2006]
Eye of the Archangel [2007]

Gary Dexter
(Short Stories)

Social satire / pastiche
Henry St Liver, Victorian
detective, and Olive Salter, his
biographer and assistant,
Victorian London

The Oxford Despoiler [2009]

Michael Dibdin 1

Sherlock Holmes
Dr. Watson
London, England 1888

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story [1978]

Michael Dibdin 2

Robert Browning, Poet
Elizabeth Barrett, Poet
Robert Booth, Expatriate

A Rich Full Death [1986]

David Dickinson

Lord Francis Powerscourt
Irish peer with a shadowy
history of espionage
1890s-early 1900s Victorian
& Edwardian England

Goodnight Sweet Prince [2002]
Death and the Jubilee [2002]
Death of an Old Master [2004]
Death of a Chancellor [2005]
Death Called to the Bar [2006]
Death on the Nevskii Prospekt [2007]
Death on the Holy Mountain [2008]
Death of a Pilgrim [2009]
Death of a Wine Merchant [2010]
Death in a Scarlet Coat (2011)
Death at the Jesus Hospital (2012)

William Diehl

Zeke Bannon, policeman
1940s Los Angeles

Eureka [2002]

Ethan Gage, ex-patriot
American in France,
former assistant to Ben Franklin
traveling with Napoleon Bonaparte
France, Egypt, US, Mediterranean
late 1790s-early 1800s

Napoleon's Pyramids [2007]
The Rosetta Key [2008]
The Dakota Cipher [2009]
The Barbary Pirates [2010]
The Emerald Storm(2012)

June Dixon & Donald Monat

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian London

The Merchant of Death [2008]

New York in Wartime Mysteries
(It's a Helluva War)
Michael McKenna, Homicide detective
Louise Hunter, Nurse
1941, New York

Joanne Dobson @ Amazon

Face of the Enemy [2012]

Hugh Corbett
Spy for King Edward I
England,(1272 - 1307)

P.C. Doherty @ Amazon

Satan in St. Mary's [1986]
The Crown in Darkness [1988]
Spy in Chancery [1988]
The Angel of Death [1989]
The Prince of Darkness [1992]
Murder Wears a Cowl [1992]
The Assassin in the Greenwood [1993]
The Song of a Dark Angel [1994]
Satan's Fire [1995]
The Devil's Hunt [1996]
The Demon Archer [1999]
The Treason of Ghosts [2000]
Corpse Candle [2001]
The Magician's Death [2004]
The Waxman Murders [2006]
Nightshade [2008]
The Mysterium [2009]

Matthew Jankyn, Soldier
England, 1461 - 1483

The Whyte Hart [1988]
The Serpent Among the Lilies [1990]
Dove Amongst the Hawks [1990]

The Canterbury Tale Mysteries
Nicholas Chirke, Lawyer
14th Century England

An Ancient Evil [1993]
A Tapestry of Murders [1994]
A Tournament of Murders [1995]
Ghostly Murders [1997]
The Hangman's Hymn [2002]
A Haunt of Murder [2003]

Egyptian Mystery Series
Amerotke, Chief Judge of Egypt
Egypt in 1479 B.C.E.

Mask of Ra [1998]
The Horus Killings [1999]
Anubis Slayings [2000]
The Slayers of Seth [2001]
The Assassins of Isis [2004]
The Poisoner of Ptah [2007]
The Spies of Sobeck [2008]

P.C. Doherty 5
(See Anna Apostolou for the beginning of the series)

Alexander the Great Series
Alexander the Great
Telamon, friend and physician
334 B.C. Greece

The House of Death [2000]
The Godless Man [2002]
The Gates of Hell [2003]

P.C. Doherty 6
(See Paul Harding for the beginning of the series)

The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan
Brother Athelstan, Friar
Sir John Cranston, Coroner
14th century London, England

The Devil's Domain [1998]
The Field of Blood [1999]
The House of Shadows [2003]
Bloodstone (2012)

The Straw Men (2013)

Claudia, agente in rebus politicis`
(i.e. spy) for Helena, mother of
the Emperor Constantine
Roman Empire 313-314 C.E.

Murder Imperial [2003]
The Song of the Gladiator [2004]
The Queen of the Night [2006]
Murder's Immortal Mask [2008]

Mahu, former Chief of Police
and Keeper of the Secrets of the Heart Planned trilogy set during the
reign of Akenhaten
14th century BC Egypt

An Evil Spirit Out of the West [2004]
The Season of the Hyaena [2005]
The Year of the Cobra [2006]

Mathilde of Westminster
physician and former lady-in-waiting
to Edward II's consort Isabella
London England, 1308-1322

The Cup of Ghosts [2005]
The Poison Maiden [2007]
The Darkening Glass [2009]

The Templars series
Borderline straight historical
fiction / historical mysteries
Various characters and locations
Europe and Holy Land 11th C-12th C

The Templar [2007]
The Templar Magician [2009]

Miscellaneous standalones
mostly based upon real life
historical mysteries

The Death of a King [1985]
   (Death of Edward II)
The Fate of the Princes [1990]
   (Princes in the Tower/Richard III)
The Masked Man [1991]
   (The Man in the Iron Mask)
The Plague Lord [2002]
   (Marco Polo)
Domina [2002]
   (Ex-gladiator Parmenon, Roman Empire)
The Death of the Red King [2006]
   (Anselm and the death of William Rufus)

Freedman Centurion
Marco Claudianus Secundus
Rome & Judea 1st C AD

The Centurion [2007]

David Donachie

The Privateersman Mysteries
Harry Ludlow, Royal Navy officer
turned privateer
Mediterranean during the
Napoleonic Wars Late 18th C

The Devil's Own Luck [1991]
The Dying Trade [1992]
A Hanging Matter [1994]
An Element of Chance [1994]
The Scent of Betrayal [1996]
A Game of Bones [1997]

Philosopher and teacher
Ancient Greece 332-330 B.C.

Aristotle Detective (short stories) [1978]
Aristotle and the Fatal Javelin [1980]
  short story published in Mystery Guild Anthology Aristotle and Poetic Justice [2002]
The Secrets of Life [2003]
Aristotle and the Ring of Bronze [2003]   publ. in Italy, not yet avail. in English
Poison in Athens [2004]
Mysteries in Eleusis [2005]

Irene Adler Series
Irene Adler Victorian diva
Sherlock Holmes, detective
Victorian England

Good Night, Mr. Holmes [1990]
Good Morning, Irene [1990]
   (re-issued as The Adventuress)
Irene at Large [1992]
   (re-issued as Soul of Steel)
Irene's Last Waltz [1994]
   (re-issued as Another Scandal in Bohemia)
Chapel Noir [2001]
Castle Rouge [2002]
Femme Fatale [2003]
Spider Dance [2004]

Carole Nelson Douglas 2 (editor)
White House Pet Detectives (anthology) [2002]

Gaius Petreius Ruso,
Roman Army Medical Officer
Tilla, a slave girl
Roman Britain, late 1st C AD

Amazon Author Page

Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing
  Girls [2006]
  (US Edition: Medicus: A Novel of
  the Roman Empire)

Ruso and the Demented Doctor [2008]
  (US Edition: Terra Incognita)

Ruso and the Root of All Evils [2010]
  (US Edition: Persona Non Grata [2009])

Ruso and the River of Darkness [2011]
(US: Edition: Caveat Emptor

David Downing

Historical thrillers
John Russell, ex-patriate
British journalist
Berlin, Germany 1939-1941

Zoo Station [2007]
Silesian Station [2008]
Stettin Station [2009]
Potsdam Station (2011)
Lehrter Station (2012)
Masaryk Station (2013)

Sybil Downing

Liz O’Brien, reporter
for the Denver Post
Colorado 1922

The Binding Oath [2005]

Peter Doyle

Billy Glasheen
small time hustler
Post WWII 1945-1950s
Sydney, Australia

Get Rich Quick [1996]
Amaze Your Friends [1998]
The Devil's Jump [2001]

Nick Drake

Rai Rahotep,
the youngest chief detective
in the Thebes division
Egypt 14th C BC

Nefertiti: The Book of the Dead [2006]
Tutankhamun [2008]
Egypt: The Book of Chaos (2011)

Wiki Coffin, half Maori,
half Salem Yankee seaman
Various locations on shipboard and land 1830s

A Watery Grave: A Mystery [2004]
Shark Island [2005]
Run Afoul [2006]
Deadly Shoals [2007]

Peter Duchin
& John Morgan Wilson

Philip Damon, Bandleader
1963 San Francisco

Blue Moon [2002]
Good Morning, Heartache [2003]

Nicholas Segalla,
Immortal investigator of various
real-life historical mysteries
Based loosely on the legendary
Count of St. Germain

A Time for the Death of a King [1995]
    -1567 Lord Darnley's murder
The Prince Lost to Time [1996]
    -1815 Death of the Dauphin
The Time of Murder at Mayerling [1996]
    -1899 Death of Hapsburg Prince Rudolph
In the Time of the Poisoned Queen [1998]
    -1558 Poisoning of "Bloody" Mary Tudor

Daisy Gumm Majesty,
medium to the rich and famous
Pasadena California 1920s

Strong Spirits [2003]
Fine Spirits [2003]
High Spirits [2008]
Hungry Spirits [2010]
Genteel Spirits (2011)

Mercedes Louise "Mercy" Allcutt,
Boston Brahmin and assistant to
ex-cop PI Ernest Templeton
LA & Hollywood California 1926

Lost Among the Angels [2006]
Angel's Flight [2009]
Fallen Angels [forthcoming in May 2011]

Robert Lee Duncan II

Nora Wolfe Walker, attorney
and Irish-American police officer
Sergeant Michael Francis Casey
Chicago IL 1917

The Dreadful Murder of Ian O'Neil [2009]

The Hon. Daisy Dalrymple,
Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher
of Scotland Yard
1920's Britain and USA

Death at Wentwater Court [1994]
The Winter Garden Mystery [1995]
Requiem for a Mezzo [1996]
Murder on the Flying Scotsman [1997]
Damsel in Distress [1997]
Dead in the Water [1998]
Styx and Stones [1999]
Rattle His Bones [2000]
To Davy Jones Below [2001]
The Case of the Murdered Muckraker [2002]
Mistletoe and Murder [2002]
Die Laughing [2003]
A Mourning Wedding [2004]
Fall of a Philanderer [2005]
Gunpowder Plot [2006]
The Bloody Tower [2007]
Black Ship [2008]
Sheer Folly [2009]
Anthem for Doomed Youth (forthcoming Jun 2010)
Gone West (2012)

Eleanor Trewynn
Charity shop owner
1960s Cornwall

Manna from Hades [2009]
A Colourful Death [2010]
Valley of the Shadow (2012)

John Dunning

Jack Dulaney, novelist
East Coast,USA, 1942
During World War II

Two O'Clock, Eastern Wartime [2001]

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