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  James Ellroy
Howard Engel
Sam Eastland

Inspector Pekkala, onetime
Chief Inspector, favorite and
"Emerald Eye" of Tsar Nicholas II
mysteriously released from the
Gulag to investigate for Stalin
Soviet Russia 1929

The Eye of the Red Tsar [2010]

Marjorie Eccles

Standalone historical mysteries
each involving multiple periods
and characters

The Shape of Sand [2005]
Shadows and Lies [2006]

Umberto Eco

William of Bakersville, monk
A wealthy abbey
Italy, 1327

The Name of the Rose [1980]

A. E. Eddenden

Inspector Albert V. Tretheway
and Constable Jake Small
Traffic Department
Fort York, Canada 1939-1940s

A Good Year for Murder [1988]
Murder on the Thirteenth [1992]
Murder at the Movies [2002]

Arabella Edge

Jeronimus Cornelisz, Apothecary
Historical thriller based on real events
1628-9 Off the coast of Australia

The Company [2001]

William I Edmunds

Gaius Julius Comminus,
Roman Centurion
Palestine, reign of Tiberius
early 1st C AD

All Roads Lead to Zion [2008]

Martin Edwards

Fictional retelling of
the Dr Crippen case
US, London, Canada
and on shipboard 1910

Dancing For The Hangman [2008]

Michael B. Edwards

Bias, Priest of the Poseidon Temple
Greece in 650 B.C.

Murder at the Panionic Games [2002]

Thomas Eidson

Sister Ria Lugo, daughter
of accused murderer
Don Maximiato Lugo
the patrón of La Cienega
19th-century Los Angeles

Souls of Angels [2007]

Christiana Elfwood
(Series continues under Christiana Sourvinou-Inwood)

Chloe, subpriestess
sanctuary of Artemis Brauronia
Attica, near Athens
Classical Era Greece

Murder Most Classical [2007]

Lance Elliot

Dr Lance Elliott
Thornton Heath England 1975

Murder Plot [2008]
Dying to Know [2009]

Kate Ellis

Lady Katheryn Bulkeley,
former abbess
Liverpool England 1539

The Devil's Priest [2006]

James Ellroy 1

L.A. Quartet
Various settings, and
Various LA police protagonists
mid 20th C Los Angeles CA

The Black Dahlia [1987]
  Hollywood 1947
  based on a true crime

The Big Nowhere [1988]
  1949-50 LA
L.A. Confidential [1990]
  1949-50 LA
White Jazz [1992]
  1958 LA

Ben Elton

Douglas Konig, former
London police detective
and conscientious objector
Flanders and England WWI 1917

The First Casualty [2006]

Face Down Series
Susanna, Lady Appleton
expert herbalist
Mid-16th century
Elizabethan England

Face Down in the Marrow-Bone Pie [1997]
Face Down upon an Herbal [1998]
Face Down Among the Winchester
  Geese [1999]
Face Down Beneath the Eleanor
  Cross [2000]
Face Down Under the Wych Elm [2000]
Face Down Before Rebel Hooves [2001]
Face Down Across the Western Sea [2002]
Murders and Other Confusions
  (short stories) [2004]
Face Down Below the Banqueting
  House [2005]
Face Down Beside St. Anne's Well [2006]
Face Down O'er the Border [2007]
The Curse of the Figure Flinger: - An Elizabethan short story featuring minor characters from the Face Down books
The Reiving of Bonville Keep: - Back story referred to in Face Down Across the Western Sea

Diana Spaulding,
Newspaper reporter
NYC and Denver 1880s

Deadlier Than the Pen [2004]
Fatal as a Fallen Woman [2005]
No Mortal Reasons [2007]
Lethal Legend [2008]
The Tell-Tale Twinkle: - a Diana Spaulding short story
The Kenduskeag Killer: Short story featuring Dr. Ben Northcote; set in Bangor, Maine between the events in Deadlier Than the Pen and Fatal as a Fallen Woman

Non-Fictional, CTT Associational

The Writer's Guide to Everyday
  Life in Renaissance England
  [2005 revision]
How to Write Killer Historical Mysteries [2008]

Clayton Emory 1
Short stories only, with the listed items available online through links on the author's website.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian
medieval mysteries
England, around 1197,
during the reign of King Richard

Flyting, Fighting
Dowsing the Demon
Floating Bread and Quicksilver

Clayton Emory 2
Short stories only, with the listed items available online through links on the author's website.

Colonial American Mysteries
Joseph Fisher, wanderer
and amateur detective
around 1705 in the New England colonies

Vanished As She Sang
Inwardly Ravening Wolves
If Serpents Envious

Howard Engel 1

Arthur Conan Doyle, author
& Dr. Joseph Bell
(his real-life mentor and
model for Sherlock Holmes)
Edinburgh, Scotland 1879

Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell [2003]

Howard Engel 2

Mike Ward,
Canadian journalist
Paris of the ex-patriates 1925

Murder in Montparnasse [1999]

Dara England

Drucilla Winterbourne,
Lady of Society,
Victorian England
1st in a series of historical mystery
novellas featuring Victorian heroines

Accomplished in Murder [2011 - kindle /novella.]

Tom Epperson

Noir thriller
Danny Layton, amnesiac gangster
1930s Los Angeles CA

The Kind One [2009]

The Detroit Series
Various detectives
20th C Detroit, Michigan USA

Whiskey River [1990]
   Reporter Constantine Minor - 1925
Motown [1991]
   Ex-cop Rick Amery - 1966
King of the Corner [1992]
   Ex-MLB pitcher Doc Miller - 1990
Edsel [1995]
   Connie Minor [from Whiskey River] - 1950s
Stress [1996]
   Black rookie cop Charlie Battle - 1973
Jitterbug [1998]
   Lt Maximilian Zagreb - WW II
Thunder City [1999]
   Investor Harlan Crownover 1900-1910

Sherlock Holmes pastiches
1890s, England

Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula [1978]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Holmes [1979]

The Abbot and the Acolyte
Abbot Rutilius,
auditor for the Pope
and his Acolyte, William
South of France 1281

Death and Taxes [2007]

Elizabeth Eyre
(aka Jill Staines & Margaret Storey)

Signor Sigismondo
Soldier of Fortune
Benno, Servant
Italy - Renaissance

Death of the Duchess [1991]
Curtains for the Cardinal [1992]
Poison for the Prince [1993]
Bravo for the Bride [1994]
Axe for an Abbott [1995]
Dirge for the Doge [1998]

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