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M L Malcolm

Trini Bates
widowed Hispanic dowser
Depression era
Ludlodi, Colorado 1932

Cast the First Stone [2009]

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Widower Dr. Clyde Deacon
former personal physician to
assassinated Pres. McKinley
returned to private practice in
small town Fairfield NY 1902

The Angel of the Glade [2009]
The Miser of Cherry Hill [2011]

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Anna MacLean
(aka Jeanne Mackin)

Louisa May Alcott,
Writer and amateur sleuth
Late 19th Century USA

Louisa and the Missing Heiress [2004]
Louisa and the Country Bachelor [2005]
Louisa and the Crystal Gazer [2006]

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Shona MacLean

Alexander Seaton,
School master and
disgraced minister
Scotland & Ireland 1620s

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The Redemption of Alexander Seaton [2006]
A Game of Sorrows [2010]


Gary Madden

Melody Rush
Amateur detective, Sees
Supernatural / Ghosts
Pittsburgh, PA 1952

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Time of Death [2011]
Mary Anne Madden

Cass Costello,
newspaper reporter
Iowa City, Iowa 1972

A Campus Death [2008]


Pierre Magnan

Seraphin Monge, sole survivor
of his family's 1896 massacre
Upper Provence 1920

The Murdered House [1999]
Beyond the Grave [2002]

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Eddie Maguire

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
Victorian England

Strange Affair At Glastonbury [1999]
Sherlock Holmes and the Tandridge Hall
  Murder: And Other Stories [2001]
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret
  Mission [2005]
Sherlock Holmes and the Three Poisoned Pawns Maguire w/ Manuel E. Garcia and Roger Jaynes [June 2008]

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Mary Maher

Tom Martin, ex-seminarian
reporter for the Chicago Tribune
Chicago IL, USA 1889
Based on a real life murder

The Devil's Card [1992]

Erica Mailman

Nora Simms, prostitute
i.e. Woman of ill fame
San Francisco CA during
the Gold Rush (mid 19th C)

Woman of Ill Fame [2007]

Karen Maitland 1

Camelot, a peddler dealing in
fake holy relics, & 9 strangers he
acquires as companions in his travels
Kent, Oxfordshire, and Norfolk 1348

Company of Liars [2008]

Karen Maitland 2

Multiple narrators caught in the
conflict between a cult-dominated
village and Flemish newly arrived to
set up a beguinage (city of women)
Ulewic, North Norfolk coast 1321

The Owl Killers [2009]

Tucker Malarkey

Gemma Bastian, daughter of a
renowned British archeologist;
draws on actual events around
finding lost gospels at Nag Hammadi
Cairo Egypt, after World War II

Resurrection [2006]

Leo Hoffman, Hungarian national, wealthy businessman, a gift for languages, spy.
World War I, II
Historical Suspense

Heart of Lies (2010)
Heart of Deception (2011)

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Amelia Watson
the second wife of
Dr. John H. Watson
(of Sherlock Holmes fame)
late Victorian England

The Adventures of the Second
  Mrs. Watson (short stories) [2000]
Murder in the Bath [2004]
The Exploits of the Second
  Mrs. Watson (short stories) [2008]
The Singularity Society of London [2007]
   available as an Amazon short

Paul Malmont

Walter (The Shadow) Gibson
and Lester (Doc Savage) Dent
the pulp era's greatest
writers and rivals
America 1937

The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril [2006]

Maxwell Houghton, amateur sleuth
son of a wealthy Boston banker
1869 various locales

Shadow Wind [2001]
Long River [2003]

Peter Manso

Co-author with Ellen Hawkes - see listing under Hawkes

Hannah March
(aka Tim Wilson)

Robert Fairfax,
Itinerant tutor
Britain 1750s-1760s

The Complaint of the Dove [1999]
The Devil's Highway [1999]
A Distinction of Blood [2000]
Death Be My Theme [2000]
A Necessary Evil [2001]

Leslie Margolin

Retelling of the real life
Thompson-Bywaters murder case
London 1922

Adulteress [2006]

Jay Margrave

a contract killer
England 1399

The Gawain Quest: A Medieval Mystery [2007]

General Ulysses S. Grant
Julia Grant, his wife
Georgetown, Ohio
Post Civil War, 1865

The Ambush of My Name [2001]
A Good Soldier [2003]

Chris Marr

George Erskine, invalided
out of the Boer War
on trial for murder of his wife
Hampshire, England 1903

The Lady of the Manor [2008]

William Marshall

City Detective Virgil Tillman
and his partner,
patrolman Ned Muldoon
of the Strong Arm Squad
New York City 1880s

New York Detective [1989]
Faces in the Crowd [1991]

The Domesday Mysteries
Ralph Delchard, Soldier
Gervase Bret, Lawyer
11th C England

The Wolves of Savernake [1993]
The Ravens of Blackwater [1994]
The Dragons of Archenfield [1995]
The Lions of the North [1996]
The Serpents of Harpledown [1996]
The Stallions of Woodstock [1997]
The Hawks of Delamere [1998]
The Wildcats of Exeter [1998]
The Foxes of Warwick [1999]
The Owls of Glouscester [2000]
The Elephants of Norwich [2000]

Elizabethan Theater Mysteries
Nicholas Bracewell, Actor
England, 1558 - 1603

The Queen's Head [1988]
The Merry Devils [1989]
The Trip to Jerusalem [1990]
The Nine Giants [1991]
The Mad Courtesan [1992]
The Silent Woman [1994]
The Roaring Boy [1995]
The Laughing Hangman [1996]
The Fair Maid of Bohemia [1997]
The Wanton Angel [1999]
The Devil's Apprentice [2001]
The Bawdy Basket [2002]
The Vagabond Clown [2003]
The Counterfeit Crank [2004]
The Malevolent Comedy [2005]
The Princess of Denmark [2006]

Restoration England Mysteries
Christopher Redmayne, Architect
Jonathan Bale, Puritan Constable
Restoration London, England 1688-1670

The King's Evil [1999]
The Amorous Nightingale [2000]
The Repentant Rake [2001]
The Frost Fair [2003]
The Parliament House [2006]
The Painted Lady [2007]

Inspector Robert Colbeck
1850s London, England

The Railway Detective [2004]
The Excursion Train [2005]
The Railway Viaduct [2006]
The Iron Horse [2007]
Murder on the Brighton Express [2008]
The Silver Locomotive Mystery [2009]
Railway to the Grave [2010]
Blood on the Line (Rail[2011]

Edward Marston 5
(Short Stories)

Anthology, mostly historical
covering 2000 years

Murder, Ancient and Modern [2005]

Andrew Martin

Jim Stringer, railway porter
and amateur sleuth, later
official railway detective
Various locations in England

The Necropolis Railway [2002]
The Blackpool Highflyer [2004]
The Lost Luggage Porter [2006]
Murder at Deviation Junction [2007]
Death on a Branch Line [2008]
The Last Train to Scarborough [2009]

Murder A-Go-Go Mysteries
Bebe Bennett,
groovy secretary
to a record company executive
1964 New York City

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder [2005]
Twist and Shout Murder [2006]
Secret Agent Girl [2007]

Paige Turner,
Budding mystery writer
1950s USA

Murderers Prefer Blondes [2003]
Murder Is a Girl's Best Friend [2004]
How to Marry a Murderer [2005]
Murder on a Hot Tin Roof [2006]
Dial Me for Murder [2008]

Ensemble cast
espionage thriller
mixing real life and
fictional characters
WW II Paris, 1940

The Alibi Club [2006]

Theodore Mathieson

Various detectives
and settings

The Great Detectives [1960]
  Collection of short stories with
  various historical figures: Leonardo
  da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Omar
  Khayyam, Hernando Cortez, Don Miguel
  de Cervantes, Daniel Defoe, Captain Cook,
  Dan'l Boone, Stanley and Livingstone,
  and Florence Nightingale as detective

Devil and Ben Franklin [1961]
  1734, Philadelphia

Greg Matthews

Keith Moody, Screenwriter
Hollywood 1940s

Far from Heaven [1997]
Come to Dust [1998]

Robin Maxwell

"The Princes in the Tower" mystery
As viewed by Nell Caxton, daughter
of printer William Caxton and
friend to the princes' sister
London 1480s

To the Tower Born [2005]

James P Maywar

Blue Water Trilogy
Patrolman Tobias Sharpe, Detective
John Gressley, police dept employee
Sylvia Pointe, Sharpe's wife Mary
and newspaper reporter Bill Boyd
Port Huron, Michigan 1913-1926

A Blue Water Death [2006]
Fallen Oaks [2007]
A Summer of Rage [2008]

Isaac Woodward, magistrate
and his assistant, Matthew Corbett
Colonial US var locations 1699-1703

Speaks the Nightbird [2002]
Paperback edition [2003] is in 2 volumes:
  Volume I: Judgment of the Witch
  Volume II: Evil Unveiled
The Queen of Bedlam [2007]
Mister Slaughter [2010]

John Darnell,
Professional Investigator
England and Europe

The Case of Cabin 13 [1998]
The Case of Compartment 7 [2000]
The Case of the 2nd Seance [2000]
The Case of the Ripper's Revenge [2001]
The Case of the Uninvited Guest [2002]
To Die, or Not to Die [2003]

Nellie Bly, America's first
female investigative reporter,
Victorian New York, London and Paris

The Alchemy of Murder [2009]
The Illusion of Murder [2010]

Dorie Lennox,
female private investigator
Kansas City
World War II swing era

One O'Clock Jump [2001]
Sweet and Lowdown [2002]

Vincent McConnor

Francois Eugene Vidocq,
former criminal, founder and
chief of the Surete, friend of
Balzac, Dumas, and Hugo
Paris, France 1823

I Am Vidocq [1985]

James McCreet

Detective George Williamson
and master criminal Noah Dyson
Early Victorian London

The Incendiary's Trail [2009]
The Vice Society [2010]

Catriona McCuaig

Nesta Davies,
Hollyhill, England 1533

Snares and Nets [2009]

Colleen McCullough

Police Lieutenant
Carmine Delmonico
fictional ivy league Chubb Univ.
Holloman, Conn 1960s

On, Off: A Novel [2006]
Too Many Murders [2009]

Hector Lassiter, crime novelist
Hemingway's friend and the last man
standing of the Lost Generation
Idaho 1965

Print the Legend [2010]

Hal McDonald

Edward Montague and his
roommate, Jean-Claude Legard
of Paris. as young students
at Guy’s Hospital in London 1825

The Anatomists [2008]
  (original title: A Simple Case of Revenge)

Susan McDuffie

Muirteach, eldest son of
the head of the Oronnsay Priory
1373 Scotland

Mass for the Dead [2006]
The Faerie Hills [2011]

James McGee
(Pseudonym for Glen Moy)

Matthew Hawkwood,
Bow Street Runner
1811 London

Ratcatcher [2006]
Resurrectionist [2007]
Rapscallion [2008]
Rebellion [2010]

Iona McGregor

Detective James McLevy,
Christabel MacKenzie, student
and Eleanor Stewart, her tutor
and lesbian lover
Edinburgh, Scotland 1860

Death Wore a Diadem [1989]

Major Alec Marshall VC,
newly returned from the Boer Wars
London, England 1902

The Architect of Murder [2008]

Pat McIntosh

Gil Cunningham,lawyer
& Maistre Pierre, master mason
Late 15th C Glasgow, Scotland

The Harper's Quine [2004]
Nicholas Feast [2005]
The Merchant's Mark [2006]
St. Mungo's Robin [2006]
The Rough Collier [2008]
The Stolen Voice [2009]
A Pig of Cold Poison [2010]

Shirley McKay

Hew Cullan, a young lawyer
recently returned from Paris
university city of
St. Andrews 1579-1580s

Hue and Cry [2009]
Fate and Fortune [2010]

Ann McMillan

Civil War Mysteries
Narcissa Powers, white widow
Judah Daniel,
free black herbalist
Virginia, American Civil War

Dead March [1998]
Angel Trumpet [1999]
Civil Blood [2001]
Chickahominy Fever [2003]

Frances McNamara

Emily Cabot, one of the
first female graduate students
at the University of Chicago
Chicago IL 1890s

Death at the Fair [2008]
Death at Hull House [2009]
Death at Pullman [2011]

Dandy Gilver, upper class
wife, mother, and amateur detective
Perthshire Scotland, post WWI 1920s

After the Armistice Ball [2005]
The Burry Man's Day [2006]
Bury Her Deep [2007]
The Winter Ground [2008]
The Proper Treatment of Bloodstains [2009]

Amy Patricia Meade

Marjorie McClelland,
Successful young writer
1930s post-prohibition
Ridgebury, CT

Million Dollar Baby [2006]
Ghost of a Chance [2007]
Shadow Waltz [2008]
Black Moonlight [2010]

Mardi Oakley Medawar

Kiowa Indian and healer
1860s Oklahoma

Death at Rainy Mountain [1996]
Witch of the Palo Duro [1997]
Murder at Medicine Lodge [1999]
The Ft. Larned Incident [2000]

Multi-era interrelated story anthologies

The Tainted Relic [2005]
Sword of Shame [2006]
House of Shadows [2007]
The Lost Prophecies [2008]
King Arthur's Bones [2009]
The Sacred Stone [2010]
Hill of Bones [2011]

The First Murder [2012]

Mary Frith, a young gentlewoman
with a nose for trouble
England, 1790s

The Blackstone Key [2008]
The Counterfeit Guest [2009]
The Mistaken Wife [2010]

D.E. Meredith

Hatton and Roumande Mystery
A Professor and his morgue Asst
Forensic detectives
Mid 1800, Victorian England

Amazon Author Page

Devoured [2010]

Bill Mesce, Jr.

Major Harry Voss
US Army lawyer
1943 England and Scotland

The Advocate [2001]
Officer of the Court [2002]
The Defender [2003]

Annette Meyers 1
(aka Maan Meyers)

Olivia Brown, Actress
New York's Greenwich Village
Roaring '20s

Free Love [1999]
Murder Me Now [2001]

Holmes Pastiches
Sherlock Holmes &
Dr. Watson
Victorian London and Paris

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution [1974]
The West End Horror [1976]
The Canary Trainer [1995]

Annette Meyers 2
(aka Maan Meyers)


Nathan Ebanholz,
Jewish immigrant
New York City NY 1936

Repentances [2004]

Maan Meyers
(aka Annette Meyers & Martin Meyers)

The Dutchman Mysteries
Tonneman Family
New Amsterdam, New York
1664 - 1899

The Dutchman [1992]
The Kingsbridge Plot [1993]
The High Constable [1994]
The Dutchman's Dilemma [1995]
The House on Mulberry Street [1996]
The Lucifer Contract [1997]
The Organ Grinder [2008]

Merlin Richards, Architect
Phoenix, Arizona
Oak Park, Illinois 1930s

Murder in Perspective [1997]
Saint's Rest [1999]

Tefcros Michaelides

Michael Igerinos,
Paris 1900 and Athens 1929

Pythagorean Crimes [2006]
  1st English edition [2008]

Charlotte Willett, widow
Richard Longfellow,
scientist and gentleman farmer
Colonial America 1763-1766
Bracebridge, New England

A Wicked Way to Burn [1998]
Too Soon for Flowers [1999]
No Rest for the Dove [2000]
A Mischief in the Snow [2001]

Sherlock Holmes and
Allan Quatermain from H.
H. Rider Haggard's novel She
Tibet and Ethiopia
Late Victorian

Sherlock Holmes in The Great Detective
  on the Roof of the World [2005]
  (originally published in 1987
  limited edition as Sherlock Holmes
  on the Roof of the World)

  Tibet 1890s
The Great Detective at the Crucible
  of Life (Prequel) Ethiopia 1872 [2005]

Larry Millett

Sherlock Holmes and Watson
With Shadwell Rafferty,
an Irish American saloonkeeper
American Midwest 1894-1900

Sherlock Holmes and the Red Demon [1996]
Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace
  Murders [1998]
Sherlock Holmes and the Rune Stone [1999]
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret
  Alliance [2001]
The Disappearance of Sherlock
  Holmes [2002]
The Magic Bullet [2011]

Mark Mills

Standalone historical mystey
thrillers with various settings
and protagonists

Amagansett [2004]
  Tom Hollis, Police Chief,
  Amagansett, Long Island 1947

The Savage Garden [2007]
  Cambridge student Adam
  Strickland, Tuscany 1958

The Information Officer [2009]
  British Information officer
  Max Chadwick, Malta 1942

Allie Fortune
"The P. I. Princess"
The only female investigator
in New York City in 1947

Miss Fortune [2008]
Miss Match [2009]

Miss Grace Wickham
Herbal medicine practitioner
Upstate NY, Adirondacks 1870s

Once Upon A Time To Die For [2007]
Lies and Logs To Die For [2008]

Kirk Mitchell
(Aka Joel Norst)

Colonel Simon Wolfe,
one-armed Union surgeon
during the American Civil War
Shenandoah Valley, VA USA 1864

Shadow on the Valley [1993]

Brent Monahan

John Le Brun, sheriff &
American Civil War veteran End of the 19th/early 20th C various locales

The Jekyl Island Club [2000]
The Sceptered Isle Club [2002]
The Manhattan Island Clubs [2003]

Donald Monat & June Dixon

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian London

The Merchant of Death [2008]

Michael J. Mondl

Timothy Jarrett, Private Eye
1951 USA

Deep Wounds [2005]

Seneca Falls Historical Series
Glynis Tryon, Librarian
Seneca Falls, New York

Seneca Falls Inheritance [1992]
North Star Conspiracy [1993]
Blackwater Spirits [1995]
Through A Gold Eagle [1996]
The Stalking Horse [1998]
Must the Maiden Die [1999]

Cain series
Bronwyn Lyr, Treasury Agent
Kathryn Lyr, Nurse
American Civil War

Sisters of Cain [2000]
Brothers of Cain [2001]
Children of Cain [2002]

Steve Monroe

Noirish thrillers with
different protagonists
set in different decades
of 20th C Chicago, Illinois

'57, Chicago [2001]
'46, Chicago [2002]

Miriam Ann Moore

Marti Hirsch, writer and
amateur detective hooked into
the music scenes during the
Disco Era NYC & Las Vegas 1978-82

Last Dance [1997]
Stayin' Alive [1998]
I Will Survive [1999]

Viviane Moore
UK Author

Chevalier Galeran de Lesnevan
Breton Knight and investigator
France 1145-6

Blue Blood [2000]
A Black Romance [2000]
The Darkest Red [2001]
The White Path [2002]
Jaune Sable [2003]

Richard Moquist

Sadie Greenstreet,
housewife and advice columnist
and her husband Horace,
a Pinkerton Agent
Mississippi riverboats 1870s

Eye of the Agency [1997]

Anastasia Ashby de la Zouche
Baroness Penge, Countess of Clapham,
former mistress to King Charles II
And her former personal maid, Alpiew
England, Restoration Period

Unnatural Fire [2000]
The Rival Queens [2002]
The Ambitious Stepmother [2002]
Fortune's Slave [2004]

Philippa Morgan
(aka Philip Gooden)

Geoffrey Chaucer.
Poet and diplomat
Various European locations 1370s

Chaucer and the House of Fame [2004]
Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women [2005]
Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic [2006]

Gilbert Morris

Lady Serafina Trent
aristocratic young widow
and mother
Victorian England

The Mermaid in the Basement [2007]
A Conspiracy of Ravens [2008]
Sonnet to a Dead Contessa [2009]

Porfiry Petrovich,
the detective from
Crime and Punishment
Russia, late 1860s-1870s

The Gentle Axe [2007]
A Vengeful Longing [2008]
A Razor Wrapped in Silk [2010]

J. P. Morrissey

John Vanbrugh,
a young American architect
Blenheim Palace, England 1905

A Weekend at Blenheim [2002]

Ian Morson 1

William Falconer,
Regent Master at Oxford University
13th C Oxford, England

Amazon Author Page

Falconer's Crusade [1994]
Falconer's Judgement [1995]
Falconer and the Face of God [1996]
A Psalm for Falconer [1995]
Falconer and the Great Beast [1998]
Falconer and the Ritual of Death [2008]
Falconer's Trial [2009]
Falconer and the Death of Kings [2011]

Ian Morson 2

Nick Zuliani, Venetian
entrepreneur and explorer
Mongol Empire in 1262.

Amazon Author Page

City of the Dead [2008]
A Deadly Injustice [2011]


Eduardo de Valfierno
Art thief
1911, Paris, France

Amazon Author Page

Stealing Mona Lisa [2011]

Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins,
Black WWII veteran and
Sometime private investigator
Southern California 1948-1967

Devil in a Blue Dress [1990]
Red Death [1991]
White Butterfly [1992]
Black Betty [1994]
A Little Yellow Dog [1996]
Gone Fishin' [1997]
Bad Boy Brawly Brown [2002]
Six Easy Pieces (Short Stories) [2003]
Little Scarlet [2004]
Cinnamon Kiss [2005]
Blonde Faith [2007]

Paris Minton,
Second-hand bookstore owner
& Fearless Jones, his best friend
and a black WW II veteran
Los Angeles, California 1950s

Fearless Jones [2001]
Fear Itself [2003]
Fear of the Dark [2006]

Inspector Carding and
Sergeant George Binns
seaside town of Fairbourne
England 1955

Script for Murder [2009]

Robert J. Mrazek

Non-series historical
Various settings and

Unholy Fire: A Novel of the Civil War [2004]
- Civil War Washington, D.C, Lt. John McKittredge
The Deadly Embrace: A Novel of World War II [2006]
- London during the Blitz, Women's Army Corps Lt. Elizabeth Marantz and Maj. Sam Taggart

Eddie Muller

Billy Nichols
Boxing columnist
Post WW II San Francisco

The Distance [2002]
Shadow Boxer [2003]

Barbara Murray

Bea MacDonald, housemaid
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada 1902

Gifts and Bones [2006]

Colin Murray

Tony Gerard
Amateur P.I
1950s London

Amazon Author Page

No Hearts, No Roses [2011]

Amy Myers 1
(aka Harriet Hudson)

Auguste Didier, Master Chef
London, England
Victorian Period

Murder in Pug's Parlour [1986]
Murder in the Limelight [1986]
Murder at Plum's [1989]
Murder at the Masque [1991]
Murder Makes an Entree [1992]
Murder Under the Kissing Bough [1992]
Murder in the Smokehouse [1994]
Murder at the Music Hall [1995]
Murder in the Motor Stable [1996]
Murder with Majesty [1999]
Murder in the Queen's Boudoir [2000]

Amy Myers 2
(aka Harriet Hudson)

Tom Wasp, chimney sweep
Ned, his former climbing
boy apprentice
Victorian London's East End

Tom Wasp and the Murdered Stunner [2007]
Tom Wasp and the Newgate Knocker [2010]

Amy Myers 3
(aka Harriet Hudson)
(Short Stories)

Historical detective stories
from ancient Greece to Victorian England

Murder! 'Orrible Murder! [2006]
Who Killed Orpheus? - a Mighty Aphrodite short story available online.

New York in Wartime Mysteries
(It's a Helluva War)
Michael McKenna, Homicide detective
Louise Hunter, Nurse
1941, New York

Face of the Enemy [2012]

Tito Amato,
Castrato opera singer
Venice, Italy 1730s-1740s

Interrupted Aria [2004]
Painted Veil [2005]
Cruel Music [2006]
The Iron Tongue of Midnight [2008]
Her Deadly Mischief [2009]
"A Baroque Phantom" - short story available for free at Fables online through a link on the author's website.

Amanda Brown
The Congo in late 1950s

The Witch Doctor's Wife [2010]
The Headhunter's Daughter [2011]

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