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Toby Peters, Private Investigator
Hollywood, 1940s

Bullet for a Star [1977]
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road [1977]
You Bet Your Life [1978]
The Howard Hughes Affair [1979]
Never Cross a Vampire [1980]
High Midnight [1981]
Catch a Falling Clown [1981]
He Done Her Wrong [1983]
The Fala Factor [1984]
Down for the Count [1985]
The Man Who Shot Lewis Vance [1986]
Smart Moves [1986]
Think Fast, Mr. Peters [1987]
Buried Caesars [1989]
Poor Butterfly [1990]
The Melting Clock [1991]
The Devil Met A Lady [1993]
Tomorrow is Another Day [1995]
Dancing in the Dark [1996]
A Fatal Glass of Beer [1997]
A Few Minutes Past Midnight [2001]
To Catch A Spy [2002]
Mildred Pierced [2003]
Now You See It [2004]

Non-series thrillers
set at the end of WW II and
immediately postwar
in various locations

Los Alamos [1997]
The Prodigal Spy [1998]
The Good German [2001]
Alibi [2005]
Stardust [2009]

Brun Campbell, 15-year-old pianist
Dr. Overstreet, alcoholic town mayor
& John Stark, 60ish music store owner
Sedalia, Missouri 1898-1951

The Ragtime Kid [2006]
The King of Ragtime [2008]
The Ragtime Fool [2010]

Sydney Lockhart, freelance
Travel writer / reporter
Various US locations 1950s

Murder at the Arlington [2009]
  Hot Springs, Arkansas
Murder at the Luther (forthcoming)
  Austin, Texas
Murder at the Galvez (forthcoming)
  Galveston, Texas

John Katzenbach

2nd Lt. Tommy Hart,
ex-Harvard Law student and
one of the most senior POWs
at Stalag Luft 13, Germany 1944

Hart's War [2003]

H. R. F. Keating 1
(aka Evelyn Hervey)

Victorian caper novel
Val Leary, handsome, personable,
and penniless would be thief
London, England 1871

A Remarkable Case of Burglary [1975]

H. R. F. Keating 2
(aka Evelyn Hervey)

Dist Supt of Police Ghote,
Father of Ghote in the author's
contemporary series. The Summer
Palace, Bhopore, India 1930

The Murder of the Maharajah [1980]

Faye Kellerman 1

Rebecca Lopez,
Daughter of the court physician
Elizabethan England 1558 - 1603

Quality of Mercy [1989]

Faye Kellerman 2

Homicide Inspector Axel Berg
Munich, Germany, 1920s

Straight Into Darkness [2005]

Janet Kellough

Thaddeus Lewis, Saddlebag preacher
and bereaved father during the 1837
McKenzie Rebellion (loosely based on
a privately published autobiography)
Upper Canada, 1830s-40s

On the Head of a Pin [2009]

M. E. Kemp
(Aka Marilyn Kemp Rothstein)

Hetty Henry, widowed
businesswoman, & young minister
Increase "Creasy" Cotton,
cousins to Cotton Mather
Massachusetts Bay Colony late 17th C

Murder, Mather and Mayhem [2001]
Death Of A Dutch Uncle [2007]
Death of a Bawdy Belle [2007]
Death of a Dancing Master [2010]

Stephen Kendrick

Sherlock Holmes
& Father Brown
London 1902

Night Watch [2001]

Bellehaven House Mysteries
Meredith Llewellyn, Headmistress
Bellehaven Finishing School
Grickling Green, Cotswolds
England 1905

High Marks for Murder [2008]
Finished Off [2009]
Murder Has No Class [2010]

Philip Kerr 1

Berlin Noir Mysteries
Bernie Gunther, Ex-policeman
Berlin Germany 1934-46
and 1950s Cuba

Amazon Author Page

March Violets [1989]
The Pale Criminal [1990]
A German Requiem [1992]
The One from the Other [2006]
A Quiet Flame [2008]
If the Dead Rise Not [2009]
Field Gray [2011]

Philip Kerr 2

Sir Isaac Newton
Scientist, philosopher
and warden of the royal mint
Christopher Ellis, his assistant
London, 1696

Amazon Author Page

Dark Matter [2002]

Michael Kilian 1

Harrison Raines, Virginia Gentleman
and Secret Pinkerton Agent
Virginia, American Civil War 1861

Murder at Manassas [2000]
A Killing at Ball's Bluff [2001]
The Ironclad Alibi [2002]
A Grave at Glorieta [2003]
The Shiloh Sisters [2004]
Antietam Assassins [2005]

Michael Kilian 2

Jazz Age Mysteries
Detective Bedford Green
New York, 1920s

The Weeping Woman [2001]
The Uninvited Countess [2002]
Sinful Safari [2003]

John R. King

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
also featuring Professor Moriarty
and Carnacki the Ghost Finder
Victorian Switzerland
and England 1890s

The Shadow of Reichenbach Falls [2008]

Mary Russell, Sleuth
Sherlock Holmes, Detective
England, India and Middle East 1914-20s

Amazon Author Page

The Beekeeper's Apprentice or On the Segregation of the Queen  [1994]
A Monstrous Regiment of Women [1995]
A Letter of Mary [1997]
The Moor [1998]
O Jerusalem [1999]
Justice Hall [2002]
The Game [2004]
Locked Rooms [2005]
The Language of Bees [2009]
The God of the Hive [2010]
Pirate King [2011]

Bennett Grey, shattered
Great War veteran formerly
with British Intelligence
& US Intelligence Agent
Harris Stuyvesant
Cornwall, England late 1920s

Amazon Author Page

Touchstone [2007]

Peter King

Ned Parker Hansom Cab Mysteries
Ned Parker, hansom cab driver
and cohorts Smiling Sid, Paddy
Reilly, Benny the Brain, et al
London England 1870s

Hangman's Corner [2008]

Ross King

Thrillers set in 17-18th C England

Ex-Libris [2001]
Domino [2002]

Kate Kingsbury 1
(aka Doreen Roberts) (aka Rebecca Kent)

Pennyfoot Hotel Series
Cecily Sinclair, Hotel Owner
Edwardian Period
Badger's End, England

Room with a Clue [1993]
Do Not Disturb [1994]
Service for Two [1994]
Eat, Drink and Be Buried [1994]
Check-Out Time [1995]
Grounds for Murder [1995]
Pay the Piper [1996]
Chivalry is Dead [1996]
Ring for Tomb Service [1997]
Death with Reservations [1998]
Dying Room Only [1998]
Maid to Murder [1999]
No Clue at the Inn [2003]
Slay Bells [2006]
Shrouds of Holly [2007]
Ringing In Murder [2008]
Decked with Folly [2009]

Kate Kingsbury 2
(aka Doreen Roberts)

Manor House Mysteries
Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh-Compton
Lady of the Manor
WWII Sitting Marsh, England

A Bicycle Built for Murder [2001]
Death is in the Air [2001]
For Whom Death Tolls [2002]
Dig Deep for Murder [2002]
Paint by Murder [2003]
Berried Alive [2004]
Fire When Ready [2004]
Wedding Rows [2006]
An Unmentionable Murder [2006]

Bill Kirton

John Grant
1840 Aberdeen, Scotland

The Figurehead [2010]

Elvis Presley, singer
Various USA locales
Early 1960s

Kill Me Tender [2000]
Blue Suede Clues [2002]
Viva Las Vengeance [2003]
Such Vicious Minds [2004]

Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl

Mina Beckwith
newspaper reporter
Ned Manusia,
visiting playwright
Honolulu HI 1934

Murder Casts a Shadow [2008]

Jeremy Faro, Police Inspector
Edinburgh, Scotland's
Victorian Period

Enter Second Murderer [1988]
Blood Line [1989]
Deadly Beloved [1989]
Killing Cousins [1990]
Quiet Death [1991]
To Kill a Queen [1992]
The Evil That Men Do [1993]
The Missing Duchess [1994]
Bull Slayers [1995]
Murder by Appointment [1996]
The Coffin Lane Murders [1998]
The Final Enemy [2002]
Unholy Trinity [2004]
Faro and the Royals [2005]
   (Omnibus: The Bull Slayers, The Missing
   Duchess & The Final Enemy)

Murder in Paradise [2008]

Rose McQuinn, daughter
of Inspector Jeremy Faro
Edinburgh, Scotland
Victorian Period

The Inspector's Daughter [2000]
Dangerous Pursuits [2002]
An Orkney Murder [2003]
Ghost Walk [2004]
Destroying Angel [2007]
Quest for a Killer [2010]

Tam Eildor
Immortal investigator of
historical mysteries

The Dagger in the Crown [2001]
   -1566 Court of Mary, Queen of Scots
The Gowrie Conspiracy [2003]
   -1600 Court of King James VI of Scotland
The Stuart Sapphire [2005]
   -Regency Brighton

Sir John de Wolfe, Crowner
Devon's first county coroner
Late 12th-century Devon, England

The Sanctuary Seeker [1998]
The Poisoned Chalice [1998]
Crowner's Quest [1999]
An Awful Secret [2000]
The Tinner's Corpse [2001]
The Grim Reaper [2002]
Fear in the Forest [2003]
The Witch Hunter [2004]
Figure of Hate [2005]
The Elixir of Death [2006]
The Noble Outlaw [2007]
The Manor of Death [2008]
Crowner Royal [2009]
A Plague of Heretics [2010]

Richard Pryor, Forensic pathologist
and Angela Bray, forensic scientist
Setting up a private forensics lab / practice
Wye Valley England 1950s

Where Death Delights [2010]

Eric Koch

Peter Hammersmith
American millionaire, German immigrant
Weimar Germany

The Man Who Knew Charlie Chaplin [2000]

John Apparite
'Superagent' spy
for the CIA
London/US 1950s

Under Cloak of Darkness [2006]
A Matter of Revenge [2008]

Marek Krajewski
(website is in Polish)

Herr Kriminaldirektor
Eberhard Mock
Breslau/Wroclaw, Poland 1919-1960

Death in Breslau [2008]
End of the World in Breslau [2009]
Phantoms of Breslau (forthcoming)
Fortress Breslau (forthcoming)

Ray Broadus Browne & Lawrence A. Kreiser

Associational reference work

The Detective As Historian:
  History and Art in Historical Crime Fiction [2000]

Gilded Age Mysteries
Brooke Cassidy, ex-debutante
Matt Devlin, police detective
1890s Newport and New York

Death on the Cliff [1994]
No Honeymoon for Death [1995]
Masterpiece of Murder [1996]

The Hickey Family Mysteries
Tom Hickey, PI, musician and
Nightclub owner (1st 3 books)
Clifford Hickey, his son
musician and law student
various settings

The Loud Adios [1991]
   -1943 Tijuana Mexico
The Venus Deal [1993]
   -1942 San Diego CA
The Angel Gang [1994]
   -1951 San Diego CA
The Do-Re-Mi [2006]
   -1972 Evergreen CA
Vagabond Virgins [2008]
   -1979 San Diego CA
The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles [2010]
   -1926 Los Angeles CA

Professor James Moriarty,
Sherlock Holmes' nemesis
Late Victorian England

Infernal Device [1979]
Death By Gaslight [1982]
The Great Game [2001]
The Empress of India [2006]

Michael Kurland 2 (editor)

Anthologies of new Holmes stories
Late Victorian England

My Sherlock Holmes, Untold Stories
  of the Great Detective [2003]
Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Years [2004]
Sherlock Holmes: The American Years [2010]

Alexander Brass,
Syndicated columnist
Morgan DeWitt, his aide-de-camp
1935 Manhattan NYC, NY

Too Soon Dead [1997]
The Girls in the High-Heeled Shoes [1998]

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