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Judith Healey
William Heffernan
Libby Fischer Hellmann
Anthony Horowitz
Patricia Hagan

Sheriff Luke Ballard
Hampton, Alabama 1960s

Cry Me a River [2003]

Carolyn Haines

Various settings and
protagonists in the mid
20th C American deep south

Penumbra [2006]
- Beautician and undertaker's assistant Jade Dupree, Drexel, Mississippi 1950s
Fever Moon [2007]
- Deputy Raymond Thibodeaux, New Iberia Parish, La., at the close of WWII

Rosie Winter, out of work
actress working part time for
a lowbrow detective agency
New York City during WW II, 1940s

The War Against Miss Winter [2007]
The Winter of Her Discontent [2008]
Winter in June [2009]
When Winter Returns [2010]

Daniel Hall

Martin Kemp, an archer
1340’s France / England
Hundred Years War

Kemp: The Road to Crecy [1996]
Kemp: Passage At Arms [1997]

John Hall 1

Sherlock Holmes and
Doctor Watson
Late Victorian England

Sherlock Holmes and the
  Boulevard Assassin [1998]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Disgraced Inspector [1998]
The Travels of Sherlock Holmes [1998]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Telephone Murder Mystery [1999]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Hammerford Will [2000]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Abbey School Mystery [2001]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Adler Papers [2001]
Sherlock Holmes at the
  Raffles Hotel [2008]

John Hall 2

Martin Byrd, gentleman
and his earthy servant Clement
England, mid 15th Century

Special Commission [1999]

John Hall 3

Freddie Darnborough,
Man about town
England 1920s

Death Of A Collector [2005]

Oakley M. Hall

Ambrose Bierce, writer
Tom Redmond, reporter
1870s San Francisco

Ambrose Bierce and the
  Queen of Spades [1998]
Ambrose Bierce and the
  Death of Kings [2002]
Ambrose Bierce and the
  One-Eyed Jacks [2003]
Ambrose Bierce and the
  Trey of Pearls [2004]
Ambrose Bierce and the
  Ace of Shoots [2005]

Robert Lee Hall 1

Benjamin Franklin
Inventor / Statesman
1700's London, England

Benjamin Franklin Takes the Case [1988]
Benjamin Franklin and a Case of
  Christmas Murder [1990]
Murder at Drury Lane [1992]
Benjamin Franklin and a Case of
  Artful Murder[1994]
Murder by the Waters [1995]
London Blood [1997]

Robert Lee Hall 2

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
London, England 1903

Exit Sherlock Holmes [1977]

Robert Lee Hall 3

Herbert Munn, retired banker living
in Mrs. Hudson’s old Baker Street
rooms, and his neighbor Wigmore,
aka Wiggins, ex-leader of Holmes’
old Baker Street Irregulars
Edwardian London

The King Edward Plot [1980]

Robert Lee Hall 4

William Randolph Hearst
San Simeon, California 1934

Murder at San Simeon [1988]

Winifred Halsey

Daniel Whitting,
captain of a mercenary company
in the service of Cosimo d'Medici
Florence, Italy 16th C

Murder in the Pitti Palace [2006]
   available as an Amazon short

Benjamin January,
A Free Man of Color
New Orleans, 1830s

A Free Man of Color [1997]
Fever Season [1998]
Graveyard Dust [1999]
Sold Down the River [2000]
Die Upon A Kiss [2001]
Wet Grave [2002]
Days of the Dead [2003]
Dead Water [2004]
Dead and Buried [2010]

Barbara Hambly 2

Marcus Silanus,
Rome, A.D. 116

Search the Seven Hills [1983]
   (aka The Quirinal Hill Affair)

Barbara Hamilton

Abigail Adams, wife of
John Adams, leader of the
revolutionary Sons of Liberty
(not yet President)
Massachusetts Colony 1773

The Ninth Daughter [2009]
Sup with the Devil [2011]

Denise Hamilton

Lily Kessler, former
stenographer and spy for the OSS
1949 Los Angeles CA

The Last Embrace [2008]

Sylvian Hamilton

Sir Richard Straccan
Former Crusader and
trader in holy relics
Early 13th Century England

The Bone Pedlar [2000]
The Pendragon Banner [2001]
The Glee Maiden [2004]

June Hampson

Gangland crime/thrillers
Daisy Lane, girlfriend
and wife of criminals
Gosport, England 1960s

Trust Nobody [2006]
Broken Bodies [2007]
Damaged Goods [2008]
Fatal Cut [2009]
Jail Bait [2010]

Wayne Hancock

Katie and Pearl,
small-town girls at
the World’s Fair
in St. Louis, MO 1904

30 Days in May: A Murder Mystery [2008]

Dana Hand
(aka Will Howarth and Anne Matthews)

Based on real life events
Idaho lawman Joe Vincent, Sam Yup
agent Lee Loi, and métis mountain
guide Grace Sundown
Idaho Territory and Pacific NW 1887

Deep Creek [2010]

Lauren Haney

Lieutenant Bak
Ancient Egypt
reign of Queen Hatshepsut
ca. 1503 to 1480 B.C

Right Hand of Amon [1997]
A Face Turned Backward [1999]
A Vile Justice [1999]
Curse of Silence [2000]
A Place of Darkness [2001]
A Cruel Deceit [2002]
Flesh of the God [2003]
A Path of Shadows [2003]

Paul Harding
(aka Paul Doherty - Series continues under Doherty)

The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan
Brother Athelstan, Friar
Sir John Cranston, Coroner
14th century London, England

The Nightingale Gallery [1991]
The House of the Red Slayer [1992]
Murder Most Holy [1992]
The Anger of God [1993]
By Murder's Bright Light [1994]
The House of Crows [1995]
The Assassin's Riddle [1996]

Michael Hardwick

Sherlock Holmes pastiches
Late 19th C England

Man Who Was Sherlock Holmes [1964]
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes [1970]
Prisoner of the Devil [1979]
Sherlock Holmes My Life and Crimes [1984]
The Private Life of Dr. Watson [1985]
The Revenge of the Hound [1987]
Nightbone [1989]

(Daniel) Elton Harmon
(short stories)

Harper, newpaper crime reporter
South Carolina, Post-Civil War
Reconstruction Era

The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales [2001]

Karen Harper

Elizabeth Tudor,
Queen of England
Mid 16th century, London

The Poison Garden [1999]
The Tidal Poole [2000]
The Twylight Tower [2001]
The Queene's Cure [2002]
The Thorne Maze [2003]
The Queene's Christmas [2003]
The Fyre Mirror [2005]
The Fatal Fashione [2005]
The Hooded Hawke [2007]

Tom Harper
(aka Edwin Thomas)

Demetrios Askiates,
"The unveiler of mysteries"
Byzantium, 1096-98

Mosaic of Shadows [2004]
Knights of the Cross [2005]
Siege of Heaven [2006]

C. S. Harris
(aka Candice Proctor)

Viscount Sebastian St. Cyr
Brilliant but dissolute
young nobleman and veteran
of the Napoleonic Wars
London, 1811

What Angels Fear [2005]
When Gods Die [2006]
Why Mermaids Sing [2007]
Where Serpents Sleep [2008]
What Remains of Heaven [2009]
Where Shadows Dance
When Maidens Mourn [2012]
What Darkness Brings [2013]

Fred Harris

Okie Dunn,
Law school drop out and
newly appointed sheriff
Vernon, Oklahoma 1930s

Coyote Revenge [1999]
Easy Pickin's [2001]

Jana Harris

Pearl Ryan,
Town laundress and
physician's assistant
silver-mining town of
Ruby City, Washington 1890s

The Pearl of Ruby City [1998]

Robert Harris

Non-series historical thrillers
in various settings

Enigma [1995] (1943 WW II England)
Pompeii [2003] (AD 47 Roman Pomeii)

Mara, a woman appointed
by King Turlough Don O’Brien
to be judge and lawgiver
The Burren, on the western
seaboard of Ireland early 16thC

My Lady Judge [2007]
Michaelmas Tribute [2008]
A Secret and Unlawful Killing [2008]
The Sting of Justice [2009]
Writ in Stone [2009]
Eye of the Law [2010]
Scales of Retribution [2011]

Ray Harrison

Joseph Bragg, Police Sergeant
James Morton, Constable
Victorian England

Why Kill Arthur Potter [1983]
(Variant Title: French Ordinary Murder)
Death of a Honourable Member [1984]
Death of a Dancing Lady [1985]
Deathwatch [1985]
Counterfeit of Murder [1987]
Season for Death [1987]
Harvest of Death [1988]
Tincture of Death [1989]
Sphere of Death [1990]
Patently Murder [1991]
Akin to Murder [1992]
Murder in Petticoat Square [1993]
Hallmark of Murder [1995]
Murder by Design [1996]
Facets of Murders [1997]
Draught of Death [1998]

Carolyn Hart

Please contact if you can
provide more information
Paris, France 1940s

Escape from Paris [1982]

Carolyn Hart

Gretchen Grace Gilman
a 13-year-old getting her
start as a reporter
Oklahoma, 1944 during WWII

Letter from Home [2003]

Edmund Hastie

Sherlock Holmes
short stories
Victorian England

Sherlock Holmes and the Disappearing Prince [2000]

Idas, a successful merchant
ancient Athens, Greece,
during the golden Age of Pericles
5th Century B.C.

Champion of the Dead [2003]

George Egon Hatvary

Auguste C. Dupin, detective
Baltimore MD 1849

The Murder of Edgar Allan Poe [1997]

Diana Haviland

Gaslight And Shadows Mysteries
Amanda Whitney, high society
reporter for the Ladies Gazette
Ross Buchanan, private detective
1882 New York City

Death on the Ladies Mile [2006]

Simon Hawke
(aka S L Hunter, J D Masters, Nicholas V Yermakov)

Symington "Tuck" Smythe
apprentice smith & actor
Will Shakespeare, future playwright
London, 1586-1592

A Mystery of Errors [2000]
The Slaying of the Shrew [2001]
Much Ado About Murder [2002]
The Merchant of Vengeance [2003]

Ellen Hawkes & Peter Manso

Virginia Woolf, writer
England 1917

The Shadow of the Moth [1983]

Clare Langley-Hawthorne
(See listing under "L"
for Langley)

Channing Hayden
(ebooks/short stories)

Tales of the Fencing Master
Villard St. Pierre D'Mongé
Fencing Mastery, once the youngest
of Jean La Fitte's pirate captains
1810 New Orleans

Matters of Honor [includes Vampyre in Satan's Soup / A Tale of Two Revolutions]
The Minions of Greed

Who's Who Dunit Mysteries
Various famous people as
detective and various settings

Murder in the Latin Quarter [1993]
  Jack Barnett & Ernest Hemingway
  in post WWI Paris

Murder on the Twelfth Night [1993]
  William Shakespeare
  Globe Theater London 1602

Malgwyn ap Cuneglas
one armed scribe, a former
warrior under King Arthur
Cadbury Castle, Britain
450 AD - 525 AD

The Killing Way [2009]
The Divine Sacrifice [2010]
The Beloved Dead [2011]

Princess Alais Capet
Sister to the king of France
England, Early 13th C

The Canterbury Papers [2003]
The Rebel Princess [2009]

Rachel Heath

Fictionalization of the
infamous real life "porthole
murder" trial of 1948
England, South Africa
and shipboard 1946-7

The Finest Type of English Womanhood [2009]

Mark Twain, Writer
Wentworth Cabot, Secretary
19th Century Mississippi

Death on the Mississippi [1995]
A Connecticut Yankee in
  Criminal Court [1996]
The Prince and the Prosecutor [1997]
Guilty Abroad [1999]
Mysterious Strangler [2000]
Tom's Lawyer [2001]

Keith Heller

George Man,
Parish watchman
in 18th century London

Man's Illegal Life [1984]
Man's Loving Family [1985]
Man's Storm [1985]


Libby Fischer Hellmann

Samuel Bradley,
Constable of Jerusalem's Landing
Depression Era (1930s) Vermont


Set the Night on Fire [2010]

William Heffernan

Samuel Bradley,
Constable of Jerusalem's Landing
Depression Era (1930s) Vermont

Beulah Hill [2003]

Nathan Black,
Private detective
Nashville, TN 1916

The Doctor's Building [2006]

Jane Heritage

Marcello D’Estari
agent of the Republic of Venice
Sicily, Italy late 13th C

Set Fire to Sicily [1997]

George Herman

Leonardo Da Vinci, Artist
Renaissance Milan, Italy

A Comedy of Murders [1994]
The Tears of the Madonna [1996]
The Florentine Mourners [2000]
The Toys of War [2001]

Princess Elizabeth Tudor
(future Elizabeth I as a teenager
during her father's reign)
and her friend Simon Maldon
London, England 1540s

Her Highness' First Murder [2010]

Evelyn Hervey
(aka H R F Keating)

Miss Harriet Unwin,
England 1870s

The Governess [1983]
The Man of Gold [1985]
Into the Valley of Death [1986]

Nikolai Faroun, Levantine
French Syrian Police Inspector
Damascus Syria 1930s

Night Falls on Damascus [2006]

The Rev Francis Oughterard,
Molehill, Surrey, England late 1950s

A Load of Old Bones [2005]
Bones in the Belfry [2008]
Bone Idle [2009]

Kathleen Hills

John McIntire,
retired military intelligence officer
and newly appointed town constable
St. Adele, Michigan (USA) 1950-51

Past Imperfect [2002]
Hunter's Dance [2004]
Witch Cradle [2006]
The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies [2007]

John Buxton Hilton

Detective-Constable Brunt
Derbyshire England
Victorian to Edwardian

Rescue from the Rose [1976]
Gamekeeper's Gallows [1976]
Dead-Nettle [1977]
Mr Fred [1983] (USA title: Mr Fred's Leap)
The Quiet Stranger [1985]
Slickensides [1987]

William Hjortsberg 1

Harry Angel, small-time
private eye and wounded WWII veteran
New York City NY, USA 1950's

Falling Angel [1978]

William Hjortsberg 2

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle,
Author and spiritualist
and Harry Houdini, magician
New York City NY, USA 1920's

Nevermore [1994]

Edward Hoch 1
(Short Story Collections - the author also has other, uncollected stories)

Ben Snow, 19th century
wanderer through the west
often mistaken for Billy the Kid

The Ripper of Storyville and Other Ben Snow Tales [1997]

Edward Hoch 2
(Short Story Collection)

Dr. Sam Hawthorne
small-town doctor
New England USA 1920s-1940s

Diagnosis: Impossible - The Problems of Dr. Sam Hawthorne [1996]
More Things Impossible: The Second Casebook of Dr. Sam Hawthorne [forthcoming]

Old Red Amlingmeyer, cowboy
and Sherlock Holmes admirer
Big Red Amlingmeyer, his brother
and fellow ranch hand
1892 Montana

Holmes on the Range [2006]
On the Wrong Track [2007]
The Black Dove [2008]
The Crack in the Lens [2009]
World's Greatest Sleuth! [2011]
Dear Mr. Holmes -
[2011] - short stories


Ken Hodgson

Sheriff Sam Sinrod and
County Coroner Bryce Whitlock
Silver City, New Mexico 1943

Season of the Burning Souls [2006]

Seamus Scott Weatherby
physician, employed by King Henry VIII
England, Ireland and France 1530

The Hampton Court Murders [2009]

Craig Holden

Charlie Taft, prosecutor
and son of the former president
Cincinnati, Ohio 1927
(story based upon real events)

The Jazz Bird [2003]

David Holland

Reverend Tuckworth,
Vicar of Bellminster Cathedral
Inspector Myles, Bow Street Runner
Bellminster, England 1833

The Devil in Bellminster [2002]
The Devil's Acre [2003]
The Devil's Game [2005]

Tom Holm

J. D. Daugherty, ex-cop
turned PI and his associate
Hoolie Smith, a Cherokee
Tulsa, Oklahoma, post-World War I

The Osage Rose [2008]

Sheri Holman

Father Felix Fabri, Dominican
On pilgrimage from Germany
to Mount Sinai, 15th C

A Stolen Tongue [1997]

Rupert Holmes 1

Ray Sherwood,
Jazz Musician
San Francisco Bay, California 1940

Swing : A Mystery [2005]

Rupert Holmes 2

K. O'Connor
(we never learn her first name)
young journalist
1970s Hollywood

Where the Truth Lies [2006]

Donald Honig

Tom Maynard,
US Army Investigator
American West, Montana Territory

The Sword of General Englund [1996]
The Ghost Of Major Pryor [1997]

Steve Harlan, former
newspaper reporter,
now a PI
Charlotte, North Carolina 1960s

Double Dead [2007]

Ronald Hopkins

Johnny Dark,
Private Investigator
Boston & Cape Cod, MA
and Stowe, VT 1945

Snowball in Hell [1999]

Emma Cunningham, primary suspect
and Henry Clinton, her attorney
Based on real life murder of
Dr. Harvey Burdell
Manhattan, New York City 1857

31 Bond Street [2010]

Dr Watson
A a year after Holmes death.

Boston, MA/ Wimbledon, England

Amazon Author Page

The House of Silk [2011]

David R. Horwitz

Ben Carey, ambitious
young beat cop, head of a
new police planning unit
Washington DC 1957

Murder Bay [2008]

Emily Strauss,
Newspaper reporter
Chicago, IL 1890s

Dark Hearts of Chicago [2007]
  (reissued in 2008, with revisions,
  as City of Dark Hearts by James Conan)

Sydney Hosier

Mrs. Hudson, housekeeper
for Sherlock Holmes
Late Victorian England

Elementary, Mrs. Hudson [1996]
Murder, Mrs Hudson [1997]
Most Baffling, Mrs. Hudson [1998]
The Game's Afoot, Mrs Hudson [1998]

18-year-old Lysanias
and his aging slave Sindron.
Athens, Greece 461BC

Death Comes by Amphora [2008]
Fraud Under the Akropolis (forthcoming)

Pip Vaughan-Hughes

See listing under V for Vaughan

Jack Absolute, rogue,
duellist, charmer and
Captain in the Light Dragoons
"the 007 of the 1770s"
1759-70s London England
and American Colonies

Jack Absolute [2004]
The Blooding of Jack Absolute [2005]
Absolute Honor [2006]

Evan Hunter
(Ne Salvatore A Lombino, aka
Curt Cannon, Hunt Collins, Ezra
Hannon, Ed McBain, Richard Marsten)

Retelling of the Lizzie
Borden case 1890s Europe & US

Lizzie: A Novel [1984]

Janet Hutchings

Anthologies of
Historical Mysteries from
Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Once Upon a Crime [1994]
Once Upon a Crime II [1996]

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