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The Liebermann Papers
Dr. Max Liebermann, psychoanalyst
and disciple of Sigmund Freud
Vienna, Austria 1902-1914

Mortal Mischief [2005]
  (US Edition: A Death in Vienna [2006])
Vienna Blood [2006]
Fatal Lies [2008]
Darkness Rising [2009]
  (US Edition: Vienna Secrets [2010])
Deadly Communion [2010]
Vienna Twilight [2011]

Sarah Woolson, attorney
San Francisco 1880s

Murder on Nob Hill [2004]
The Russian Hill Murders [2005]
The Cliff House Strangler [2007]
Scandal on Rincon Hill [2010]

J. E. Tate

General Marcus Germanicus Crassus
trusted friend and loyal servant of
the Roman Emperor
Palestine 1st century AD

The Judean Conspiracy [2007]

Anthus, slave steward
of Prefect of the Watch
Rome 26 AD

Death of a Blue Hero [1995]
Death of a Vestal Virgin [2005]

Andrew Taylor 1
(aka Andrew Saville)

The Lydmouth Series
Detective Inspector Richard Thornhill
Jill Francis, Journalist
Anglo-Welsh Border
during the decade after WWII

An Air that Kills [1994]
The Mortal Sickness [1995]
The Lover of the Grave [1997]
The Suffocating Night [1998]
The Woman Who Loved Elizabeth David (short story) [1998]
Where Roses Fade [2000]
Death's Own Door [2001]
Call The Dying [2004]
Naked to the Hangman [2006]

Andrew Taylor 2
(aka Andrew Saville)

Edgar Allan Poe
1819 London, England

The American Boy [2003]
An Unpardonable Crime [2004]

Andrew Taylor 3
(aka Andrew Saville)

Rory Wentwood, unemployed
journalist, & Lydia Langstone, well
brought up young woman fleeing an
abusive husband, London, England 1934

Bleeding Heart Square [2008]

D. J. Taylor 1

Captain McTurk of Scotland Yard
Great Britain 1863

Kept: A Victorian Mystery [2006]

D. J. Taylor 2

James Ross, aspiring writer
"Thirties Comedy Noir"
London & Sussex 1931

Chime of a City Clock [2010]

R. L. Tecklenburg

Harrison James, investigating
his brother's death, and
Maria Washington, notorious
gunrunner and revolutionary
Mexico and New Mexico 1917

Chasing Pancho Villa [2005]

Lou Jane Temple

The Spice Box Series
Various settings and protagonists
following a spice box through history

The Spice Box [2005]
  (Bridget Heaney 19thC NYC)
Death du Jour [2006]
  (Fanny Delarue 1790 Paris NYC)

Josephine Tey
(aka Elizabeth MacKintosh)

England, 1483-1485

The Daughter of Time [1951]

Becky Thacker

William Henry Thacker
Deputy sheriff

Benzonia, Michigan, 1894

Faithful Unto Death

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
Victorian England

The Secret Cases of Sherlock Holmes [1997]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Running Noose [2001]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Voice from the Crypt [2002]
The Execution of Sherlock Holmes [2007]
Sherlock Holmes and the King's Evil [2009]

Donald Thomas 2
(aka Francis Selwyn)

Inspector Swain
Victorian England

Belladonna: A Lewis Carroll Nightmare [1984]
   (aka Mad Hatter Summer)
Jekyll, Alias Hyde [1988]
The Ripper's Apprentice [1989]
The Arrest of Scotland Yard [1993]

Reluctant Adventures of
Martin Jerrold, British
Naval Lieutenant
Various locations 1806

The Blighted Cliffs [2003]
The Chains of Albion [2004]
Treason's River [2006]

Leslie Thomas

Detective-sergeant obsessed with
the murder of a young woman
Wandsworth, England WW II
Please contact with more precise info

Omerod's Landing [1978]

Cyrus Barker,
Holmesian private detective
Thomas Llewelyn, his assistant
Victorian London, England

Some Danger Involved [2004]
To Kingdom Come [2005]
The Limestone Text [2006]
The Hellfire Conspiracy [2007]
The Black Hand [2008]

Jubilee Showboat Mysteries
Gwen Barlow, former librarian
now theatrical manager
on the Jubilee Palace showboat
1898 along the Mississippi River, USA

Stagestruck [2003]
Grave Review [2005]

Brian Thompson

Bella Wallis,
sensationalist novelist
and unwilling sleuth
Victorian London

The Widowís Secret [2008]
The Captain's Table [2009]
The Sailor's Ransom [2010]

David Thompson

Please contact with more details
"A novel of intrigue, treachery,
and murder involving the manufacture
of glass mirrors, 16th century Venice"

The Mirrormaker [1993]

E. V. Thompson

Amos Hawke, a Cornish policeman
London & Cornwall 1850s

Though the Heavens May Fall [2007]
Churchyard and Hawke [2009]

Gaslight Mystery Series
Sarah Brandt, Midwife
Frank Malloy, Police Detective
Turn-of-the-century, New York City

Murder on Astor Place [1999]
Murder on St. Mark's Place [2000]
Murder on Gramercy Park [2001]
Murder on Washington Square [2002]
Murder on Mulberry Bend [2003]
Murder on Marble Row [2004]
Murder on Lenox Hill [2005]
Murder in Little Italy [2006]
Murder in Chinatown [2007]
Murder on Bank Street [2008]
Murder on Waverly Place [2009]
Murder on Lexington Avenue [2010]
Murder on Sisters' Row [2011]

'Secret' trilogy
Of Sherlock Holmes cases
Victorian London

The Secret Files of
  Sherlock Holmes [1990]
The Secret Chronicles of
  Sherlock Holmes [1992]
The Secret Journals of
  Sherlock Holmes [1993]
The Secret Documents of
  Sherlock Holmes [1999]
The Secret Notebooks of
  Sherlock Holmes [2004]

Dr. Ian Blakeley,
late of Scotland Yard
assisting the police in
Turn of the 20thC Philadelphia PA USA

The Snake Harvest [1989]
(Note: guessing the above is part of this series since similar setting, but cannot obtain enough info to verify. Any help appreciated)
Ceremony in Scarlet [1991]
Green Lorelei [1992]

Oliver Redcastle
Retired Pinkerton agent
Baltimore MD USA 1882

Gunshy [2004]
Malpractice [2006]

Betsy Tobin

Chambermaid (unnamed) is sleuth
17th century, Elizabethan England

Bone House [2001]

Ian Rutledge, Police Inspector
Shell shocked war hero
London, England 1919 - 1920's

Test of Wills [1996]
Wings of Fire [1998]
Search the Dark [1999]
Watchers of Time [2000]
Legacy of the Dead [2001]
A Fearsome Doubt [2002]
A Cold Treachery [2005]
A Long Shadow [2006]
A False Mirror [2007]
A Pale Horse [2008]
A Matter of Justice [2009]
The Red Door [2009]
A Long Shadow [2011]

A Lonely Death [2011]

Charles Todd 2

Francesca Hatton
Exe Valley, Exeter, England 1916

The Murder Stone [2003]

Bess Crawford,
battlefield nurse
raised in India
England 1916 WWI

A Duty to the Dead [2009]

Impartial Witness [2011]

Marilyn Todd 1

Claudia Seferius
Ex-prostitute Private Investigator
Roman Italy 1st Century B.C.

I, Claudia [1995]
Virgin Territory [1996]
Man Eater [1997]
Wolf Whistle [1998]
Jail Bait [1999]
Black Salamander [2000]
Dream Boat [2002]
Dark Horse [2002]
Second Act [2003]
Widow's Pique [2004]
Stone Cold [2005]
Sour Grapes [2005]
Scorpion Rising [2006]

Marilyn Todd 2

High Priestess Ilionas
Spy for Sparta's secret police
Ancient Greece 466 BC

Blind Eye [2007]
Blood Moon [2008]
Still Waters [2010]

Kerry Tombs

Inspector Samuel Ravenscroft
of the Whitechapel Constabulary
London and various English towns
around the time of Jack the Ripper
late 1880s

The Malvern Murders [2006]
The Worcester Whisperers [2008]
The Ledbury Lamplighters [2009]

Teona Tone

Kyra Keaton, Female PI
who runs her own agency
USA 1899

Lady on the Line [1983]
Full Cry [1985]

Peter Tonkin

Tom Musgrave, Master of Defence
1590s Elizabethan England

The Point of Death [2001]
One Head Too Many [2002]
The Hound of the Borders [2003]
The Silent Woman [2003]

Morley Torgov

Inspector Hermann Preiss
Dusseldorf's top detective
Dusseldorf, Germany 1850s

Murder in A-Major [2008]

Leonard Tourney 1

Matthew Stock, Constable
Chelmsford, England
Elizabethan Period

The Players' Boy is Dead [1980]
Low Treason [1982]
Familiar Spirits [1984]
Bartholomew Fair [1986]
Old Saxon Blood [1988]
Knaves Templar [1991]
Witness of Bones [1992]
Frobisher's Savage [1994]

Leonard Tourney 2

William Shakespeare,
Playright and player
Elizabethan England 1603-4

Time's Fool: A Mystery of Shakespeare [2004]

Peter Tremayne 1
(aka Peter Beresford Ellis)

Sister Fidelma,
Nun and
dalaigh (legal advocate)
Ireland ~ 7th century

Amazon Author Page

Absolution by Murder [1994]
Shroud for the Archbishop [1995]
Suffer Little Children [1995]
The Subtle Serpent [1996]
The Spider's Web [1997]
Valley of the Shadows [1998]
The Monk Who Vanished [1999]
Act of Mercy [1999]
Hemlock at Vespers (short stories) [2000]
Our Lady of Darkness [2000]
Smoke in the Wind [2001]
The Haunted Abbot [2002]
Badger's Moon [2003]
Whispers of the Dead (short stories) [2004]
The Leper's Bell [2004]
Master of Souls [2005]
A Prayer for the Damned [2006]
Dancing with Demons [2007]
The Council of the Cursed [2008]
The Dove of Death [2009]
The Chalice of Blood [2010]

Peter Tremayne 2
(aka Peter Beresford Ellis)

Anthology of historical
mysteries (non-Fidelma or not all Fidelma)

An Ensuing Evil and Others: Fourteen Historical Mystery Stories [2005]

M. J. Trow

Sholto Joseph Lestrade
Police Inspector
London, England 1890s

Amazon Author Page

The Adventures of Inspector
  Lestrade [1985] (aka The Supreme
  Adventure of Inspector Lestrade)

Brigade [1986]
Lestrade and the Hallowed House [1987]
Lestrade and the Leviathan [1987]
Lestrade and the Brother of Death [1988]
Lestrade and the Ripper [1988]
Lestrade and the Deadly Game [1990]
Lestrade and the Guardian Angel [1990]
Lestrade and the Gift of the Prince [1991]
Lestrade and the Magpie [1991]
Lestrade and the Dead Manís Hand [1992]
Lestrade and the Sign of Nine [1992]
Lestrade and the Sawdust Ring [1992]
Lestrade and the Mirror of Murder [1993]
Lestrade and the Kiss of Horus [1995]
Lestrade and the Devilís Own [1996]

M. J. Trow

Kit Marlowe
Cambridge, 1583
London, England 1890s

Amazon Author Page

Dark Entry [2011]

Jake Greenberg,
American expatriate casino owner
China & Russia, early 20th C

Last Seen in Shanghai [1998]
  Shanghai 1920s
The Last Train [2008]
  Siberia 1919
Lost in Shanghai [2008]
  Shanghai 1937
West of Shanghai [2009]
  Mao-lin, China, 1921
The Second Enemy (forthcoming)
  Currently Serialized online
  Shanghai 1920s

Peter Tyzack

Inspector Everett Parsons
of Scotland Yard's fledgling
Criminal Investigation Department
England, 1880

Rooted in Dishonor [2006]

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