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Scott Elliott
veteran and former actor
turned private eye
Hollywood CA, USA 1947-1962

Kill Me Again [1996]
Come Back Dead [1997]
Raise the Devil [2000]
In a Teapot [2005]

Sherlock Holmes
Minnesota USA 1880s-1890s

Sherlock Holmes and the County
  Courthouse Caper [2000]
Sherlock Holmes: In Search
  of the Source [2009]

Richard Falkirk
(aka Derek Lambert)

Edmund 'Beau' Blackstone,
Bow Street Runner
1820s England

Blackstone [1972]
Blackstone's Fancy [1973]
Beau Blackstone [1973]
Blackstone and the Scourge of Europe [1974]
Blackstone Underground [1976]
Blackstone on Broadway [1977]

Robert Farrington

Henry Morane
trusted friend and
special agent of Richard III
late 15th C Flanders and England

The Killing of Richard III [1971]
Tudor Agent [1974]
The Traitors of Bosworth [1978]

Noir thriller
Kristin Van Dijk
aka Baby Shark
Pool hustler, budding PI
Texas 1950s

Baby Shark [2006]
Baby Shark's Beaumont Blues [2007]
Baby Shark's High Plains Redemption [2008]
Baby Shark's Jugglers at the Border [2009]

Quinn Fawcett 1
(aka Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
and Bill Fawcett)

Mycroft Holmes Series
Sherlock Holmes's smarter brother Mycroft
Victorian England

The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes
   - Sherlock Holmes' Brother [1994]
Embassy Row [1997]
Against the Brotherhood [1998]
The Flying Scotsman [1999]
The Scottish Ploy [2000]

Quinn Fawcett 2
(aka Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
and Bill Fawcett)

Victoire Vernet
Wife of a gendarme in
Napoleonic France
Early part of the 19th Century

Death Wears a Crown [1993]
Napoleon Must Die [1993]

Lyndsay Faye

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian London

Dust and Shadow: An Account of the
  Ripper Killings by Dr. John H. Watson [2009]

Lady Priscilla Flanders,
widow and her friend
Sir Neville Hathaway
Regency England
Cross-genre Regency Mysteries

A Rather Necessary End [2002]
Grave Intentions [2003]
"Invitation to Trouble" in Murder at Almack's [2003]
Faire Game [2003]
The Greatest Possible Mischief [2003]
Digging Up Trouble [2004]
The Wedding Caper [2004]

Danny McRae, PI
Demobbed WW II SOE agent,
suffering from amnesia and blackouts
Postwar London, England 1948

Truth Dare Kill [2007]
The Unquiet Heart [2008]

Charles Lenox,
gentleman detective
his butler and friend, Graham,
his neighbor Lady Jane Grey
London, England, 1860s

A Beautiful Blue Death [2007]
The September Society [2008]
The Fleet Street Murders [2009]

Simon Ames, courtier
David Becket, his friend
Elizabethan England
16th century

The Firedrake's Eye [1992]
Unicorn's Blood [1998]
Gloriana's Touch [2003]

Jane Finnis
(aka Jane Copsey)

Aurelia Marcella,
a young innkeeper from Italy
And Quintus, a traveller
Roman Britain, 91 AD

Amazon Author Page

Get Out or Die [2003]
A Bitter Chill [2005]
Buried Too Deep [2008]
Shadows in the Night [2011]

John S Fitzpatrick

Sherlock Holmes
Montana late 19th C

Sherlock Holmes: The Montana Chronicles [2008]

Sarah O'Reilly, orphan
disguised as a boy to work for
The London Mercury newspaper
London, England 1864

The Ninth Stone [2008]

Sgt. Randall Blackburn
tough beat cop in
San Francisco after the
great earthquake 1906-1915

The Last Nightingale [2007]
The Hidden Man [2008]

Charles Fleming

Deacon, aka Peter Sloan
Trumpet player
Ivory Coast - 1955 Las Vegas, Nevada
Havana - 1958 Cuba

The Ivory Coast [2002]
After Havana [2004]

Emily Daggett Weiss
Independent film producer
Various US locations

The Edge of Ruin [2010]
The Brink of Fame (forthcoming in 2011)

Joan Fleming

Victorian era standalones
Please contact with more details
Penny Dreadful - UNK
Maiden - Nokomis Pennyform,
an American heroine in London

Screams from a Penny Dreadful [1971]
Too Late! Too Late! the Maiden Cried [1975]

Marcello Fois
Site currently only in Italian

Bustianu, small town
lawyer (advocate)
Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy 1890s

The Advocate: A Sardinian Mystery [1998]
Blood from the Skies [1999]

Jeffrey Ford

Schell and Diego
con artists / spiritual mediums
Long Island's Gold Coast
NY, USA 1932

The Girl in the Glass [2005]

Raymond Foxall

Harry Adkins,
Bow Street Runner
Georgian-Regency England

The Dark Forest [1962]
The Little Ferret [1968]
Brandy for the Parson [1970]
The Silver Goblet [1974]

Edward Frankland

Please contact me if you have
more info about this title
murder mystery set amongst the
Norse settlers of Westmorland
England, 10th century

Murders at Crossby [1955]

Ariana Franklin 1
(aka Diana Norman)

Esther Solonomova, secretary
to fake Russian Prince Nick
German Police Inspector Schmidt
1922 Berlin

City of Shadows [2006]

Ariana Franklin 2
(aka Diana Norman)

Adelia, Medica of Salerno,
Doctor to the dead,
England, 12th C

The Mistress of the Art of Death [2006]
The Serpent's Tale [2008]
  (UK Title: The Death Maze [2008])
Grave Goods [2009]
  (UK Title: Relics of the Dead)
A Murderous Procession [2010]
The Assassin's Prayer [2010]

Guy Fraser

Superintendent Henry Jarrett,
late of the Hong Kong Police
Veteran Inspector Charlie Grant
Young Sergeant Tommy Quinn
Glasgow, Scotland, 1863

Blade of the Assassin [2007]
Jupiter's Gold [2008]
A Plague of Lions [2009]

Sara Fraser
(aka Roy Clews)

Thomas Potts, impoverished
bachelor forced to fill the
unpopular post of Constable
of the Parish
Tardebrigge, England, 1826-7

The Reluctant Constable [2007]
The Resurrection Men [2008]
The Drowned Ones [2010]

Dame Frevisse, Nun
St. Frideswide’s nunnery
England, 1431 - 1440

The Novice's Tale [1992]
The Servant's Tale [1993]
The Outlaw's Tale [1994]
The Bishop's Tale [1994]
The Boy's Tale [1995]
The Murderer's Tale [1996]
The Prioress' Tale [1997]
The Maiden's Tale [1998]
The Reeve's Tale [1999]
The Squire's Tale [2000]
The Clerk's Tale [2002]
The Bastard's Tale [2003]
The Hunter's Tale [2004]
The Widow's Tale [2005]
The Sempster's Tale [2006]
The Traitor's Tale [2007]
The Apostate's Tale [2008]
Sins of the Blood: Memorial Promotion [2013]
3 Frevisse short stories — “The Witch’s Tale”, “The Midwife’s Tale”, and “The Stone-Worker’s Tale”

Player in a traveling troupe,
Sometimes spy, and character from
the same author's Dame Frevisse series
mid-15th Century England

A Play of Isaac [2004]
A Play of Dux Moraud [2005]
A Play of Knaves [2006]
A Play of Lords [2007]
A Play of Treachery [2009]
A Play of Piety [2010]
A Play of Heresy [2011]

Pierre Frei

U.S. Military Police
Capt. John Ashburner and Berlin
Police Inspector Klaus Dietrich
Occupied Berlin, Germany 1945

Berlin [2006]

Mark Frost

Arthur Conan Doyle
Author / Detective
Victorian England
Reign of Queen Victoria

The List of 7 [1993]
The 6 Messiahs [1995]

David Fuller

Cassius Howard,
Master carpenter and slave,
Quashee, a young fellow slave
Virginia plantation 1862,
during the American Civil War

Sweetsmoke [2008]

Valentin St. Cyr
Creole detective
1907-1913 Storyville (New Orleans)

Chasing the Devil's Tail [2003]
Jass [2005]
Rampart Street [2006]
Lost River [2009]

David Fulmer 2

Joe Rose, rambler, gambler,
and professional thief
1920s Atlanta, GA USA

The Dying Crapshooter's Blues [2007]

David Fulmer 3

Eddie Cero, welterweight boxer
and private detective
Philadelphia, PA 1962

The Blue Door [2007]

Alan Furst

Non-Series Thrillers
of espionage & intrigue
1930's and 40's
Different Locations

Your Day in the Barrel [1976]
Paris Drop [1980]
The Caribbean Account [1981]
Shadow Trade [1983]
Night Soldiers [1988]
Dark Star [1991]
The Polish Officer [1995]
The World at Night [1996]
Red Gold [1999]
Kingdom of Shadows [2001]
Blood of Victory [2002]
Dark Voyage [2004]
The Foreign Correspondent [2006]
The Spies of Warsaw [2008]
Spies of the Balkans [2010]

Samurai Mystery Trilogy
Matsuyama Kaze
A wandering Samurai
17th-century Japan

Death at the Crossroads [1998]
Jade Palace Vendetta [1999]
Kill the Shogun [2000]

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