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Lee Jackson 1

Natalie Meadows
Victorian London

London Dust [2003]

Inspector Decimus Webb
Victorian London

A Metropolitan Murder [2004]
The Welfare of the Dead [2005]
The Last Pleasure Garden [2006]

Sarah Tanner,
mysterious Dining and
Coffee Rooms proprietress
and "Lady Detective"
1850s London

A Most Dangerous Woman [2007]
The Mesmerist's Apprentice [2008]

Miss Abigail Patience Danforth
heiress and the world's first
female consulting detective
Various US locations,
turn of the 20th C

The Punjat's Ruby [1990]
The Arabian Pearl [1990]
The Cat's Eye [1991]
Diamond Head [1992]
The Sunken Treasure [1994]

Lord Ambrose Malfine
Byronic nobleman
Somerset England & Egypt 1830s

Let There Be Blood [1997]
The Egyptian Coffin
Fool's Gold [1998]

Claude Monet, Artist
His wife Alice and different
co-investigators each book
London (Mists) & Venice (Waters) c1900

In The Kingdom of Mists [2003]
In The City of Dark Waters [2006]

Maxim Jakubowski
(Editor of Historical Anthologies)
Past Poisons [1998]: An Ellis Peters Memorial
  Anthology of Historical Crime
Murder Through the Ages [2001]
Chronicles of Crime [2006]: The Second
  Ellis Peters Memorial Anthology
  of Historical Crime

Kerry Jamieson

Non-Series Historical Thrillers
set in 1920s-1930s USA

The Golden Door [2004]
A Shadow on the Wing [2002]

J. Robert Janes

Jean-Louis St. Cyr, Detective
Herman Kohler, Detective, Gestapo
1940s Occupied France (WW II)

Carousel [1992]
Mirage (Variant Title: Mayhem) [1992]
Kaleidoscope [1993]
Mannequin [1994]
Salamander [1994]
Sandman [1994]
Dollmaker [1995]
Stonekiller [1995]
Gypsy [1997]
Madrigal [1999]
Beekeeper [2001]
Flykiller [2002]

Andrea H. Japp

The Agnes de Souarcy Chronicles
Agnes de Souarcy, young
widowed lady of the manor
Normandy, France 1304

The Season of the Beast [2008]
The Breath of the Rose [2009]
The Divine Blood [2009]

Roger Jaynes

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian England

Sherlock Holmes: A Duel with the Devil [2003]
Sherlock Holmes & the Chilford Ripper [2006]

Medieval West Country Mysteries
Sir Baldwin Furnshill,
Survivor of the Knights Templar
Simon Puttock,
Bailiff of Lydford Castle
Medieval England, 1307-1320s

The Last Templar [1995]
The Merchant's Partner [1995]
A Moorland Hanging [1996]
The Crediton Killings [1997]
The Abbot's Gibbet [1998]
The Leper's Return [1998]
Squire Throwleigh's Heir [1998]
Belladonna At Belstone [1999]
The Traitor of St. Giles [2000]
The Boy Bishop's Glovemaker [2000]
Tournament of Blood [2001]
The Sticklepath Stangler [2001]
The Devil's Acolyte [2002]
The Mad Monk of Gidleigh [2003]
The Templar's Penance [2003]
The Outlaws of Ennor [2003]
The Tolls of Death [2004]
The Chapel of Bones [2004]
The Butcher of St. Peter's [2005]
A Friar's Blood Feud [2005]
The Death Ship of Dartmouth [2006]
The Malice of Unnatural Death [2006]
Dispensation of Death [2007]
The Templar, the Queen and Her Lover [2007]
The Prophecy of Death [2008]
The King of Thieves [2008]
No Law in the Land [2009]
The Bishop Must Die [2009]
The Oath [2010]

H. Paul Jeffers

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches

The Forgotten Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [2005]
  Based on orig. 1940s
  Anthony Boucher radio plays

The Adventure of the Stalwart Companions [1978]
  Theodore Roosevelt and Sherlock Holmes

M. T. Jefferson

Homefront Mystery Series
Kate Fallon
Mystery novel fan
Robinsville, Pennsylvania
1942-1943 WW II

The Victory Dance Murder [2000]
In the Mood for Murder [2000]
Decorated for Murder [2002]

J. G. Jeffries
(Pseudonym for Ben Healey.
Also published under UK pseudonym Jeremy Sturrock)

Jeremy Sturrock,
Bow Street Runner
Georgian & Regency England

The Thief Taker [1972]
  (The Village of Rogues in UK)
A Wicked Way to Die [1973]
The Wilful Lady [1975]
A Conspiracy of Poisons [1977]
Suicide Most Foul [1981]
Captain Bolton's Corpse [1982]
The Pangersbourne Murders [1983]
The Thistlewood Plot [1987]
  (US only, probably alternative title for
   one of above existing volumes)

Captain Raif Jarrett
former soldier acting as
agent for the Duke of Penrith Georgian England 1811

The Duke's Agent [1997]
Gentleman Jo and the Radical [1998]

William Murdoch, Detective
1895, Victorian Toronto

Under the Dragon's Tail
Except The Dying
Poor Tom Is Cold [2001]
Let Loose the Dogs [2003]
Night's Child [2005]
Vices of My Blood [2006]
A Journeyman to Grief [2007]

Tom Tyler trilogy
Tom Tyler
, Police Inspector
1940s England WW II

Season of Darkness [2011]
Beware This Boy [2012]

Catherine Jinks

Southern France
14th Century
Era of the Inquisition

The Inquisitor [2000]
The Notary [2001]

Cathie John
(aka John & Cathie Celestri)

Gangsters and Casinos
1943, Newport, Kentucky
(aka Little Mexico)

Little Mexico [2000]
In the Name of the Father [2003]

Will Anderson
Anderson Electric Car Company
Mobsters / Union
Detroit, MI in 1911

Amazon Author Page

The Detroit Electric Scheme [2010]
Motor City Shakedown [2011]

Rosemary Erickson Johnsen

Associational Non-fiction
Study of how HM authors such as
Sharan Newman and Miriam Grace
Monfredo use their HM fiction
to create a statement about
women in history

Contemporary Feminist Historical Crime Fiction [2006]

Douglas C. Jones

Oscar Schiller, disgraced
former U.S. Deputy Marshall
Fort Smith, Arkansas 1892-1907

The Search for Temperance Moon [1991]
A Spider for Loco Shoat [1997]

J. D. F. Jones

John Buchan, author of
The 39 Steps and Private
Political Secretary to
High Commissioner Lord Alfred Milner
South Africa 1903 after Boer War

The Buchan Papers [1997]

Karl Werthen, lawyer and
aspiring PI, with his friend,
famed criminologist Inspector Gross
1898-9 Austria

The Empty Mirror [2009]
Requiem in Vienna [2010]

Steven Philip Jones 1

Sassafras Winters, former
Chicago Cub baseball pitcher
turned private eye
Harlem 1936

King of Harlem [2005]

Steven Philip Jones 2

Sherlock Holmes
Victorian London

Sherlock Holmes: The Cases of the Twisted Minds [2009]

Debbie Jordan

Sheriff Paco Alaniz
Arizona Territory 1911

Lion's Pride [2007]

Francesca Cahill,
Socialite and heiress
and Rick Bragg
NYC police commissioner
turn of the 20th C NYC

Deadly Love [2001]
Deadly Pleasure (2002]
Deadly Affairs (2002]
Deadly Desire (2002]
Deadly Caress (2003]
Deadly Promise (2003]
Deadly Illusions (2005]

Magda Jozsa

Sherlock Holmes
and Doctor Watson
Colorado USA late 19th C

Sherlock Holmes on the Wild Frontier [2005]

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