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Major Lord John Grey
(a minor character in the
author's Outlander series)
London, England & Rhineland 1750s

Lord John and the Hell-fire
  Club (Chapbook) [1998]
Lord John and the Private
  Matter [2003]
John and the Brotherhood of
  the Blade [2007]
Lord John and the Hand of
  Devils [2007]

CIA agent Jack Teller
Various locations
and settings

The Berlin Conspiracy [2006]
   Berlin, Germany 1963
The Lisbon Crossing [2007]
   Lisbon, Portugal 1940
The Tehran Conviction [2009]
   Tehran, Iran 1953 & 1979

Leonce Gaiter

Deke Watley, gambler
New Orleans 1958

Bourbon Street [2004]

Joseph Gangemi

Martin Finch,grad student
in psychology at Harvard
Philadelphia, PA
during the Roaring '20s

Inamorata [2005]

Emanuel E. Garcia

Sherlock Holmes pastiche
Victorian London

The Case of the Missing Stradivarius [2009]

Ashley Gardner
(aka Jennifer Ashley)

Captain Gabriel Lacey
Former Cavalry officer
Regency London, England 1816

The Hanover Square Affair [2003]
A Regimental Murder [2004]
The Glass House [2004]
The Sudbury School Murders [2005]
A Body in Berkley Square [2005]
A Covent Garden Mystery [2006]

Professor Moriarty
Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis
Victorian England

Return of Moriarty [1974]
  (aka Moriarty)
Revenge of Moriarty [1975]

Det. Sgt. Suzie Montford
WW II London, England

Bottled Spider [2002]
The Streets of Town [2003]
Angels Dining at the Ritz [2004]
Troubled Midnight [2006]
No Human Enemy [2007]

Nora Garney

Sheila Connery, undercover
FBI agent (and one of the first
female agents in history)
Mobile, Alabama 1949

Peripheral Lies [2005]

George Garrett

Hunnyman, an actor and
acquaintance of Marlowe,
and Barfoot, a soldier/spy
London, England 1597

Entered From The Sun: The Murder Of Marlowe [1990]

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Shipboard crossing the Atlantic
and various Canadian locations 1897

The Canadian Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [2002]

Tribune Claudius Maximus
banished from Rome
1st Century Jerusalem

The Case of the Empty Tomb [2004]

Brother Thomas of Worms
a well traveled monk currently
living in an isolated Benedictine
monastary near Lerici on Italy's
northwestern coast, 999 AD

To Know Evil [2009]

Mark Gatiss

Lucifer Box, artist,
dandy, bon vivant, and secret agent
London, England 1890s

Vesuvius Club [2004]
Devil in Amber [2005]
Black Butterfly [2008]

Tim Gautreaux

Literary historical suspense
Sam Simoneaux
WWI veteran returning to
New Orleans, LA
Mississippi River steamboat
Post WW I

The Missing [2009]

Kip Gayden

Based on real life
love triangle murder
Solved by a reporter from
The Tennessean (more when avail)
Southern US 1913

Miscarriage of Justice [2008]

Clerk of Investigations and Secrets
Egypt, during the reign
of Ramses III (1187-56 BC)

Year of the Hyenas [2005]
Day of the False King [2006]

Barbara Reichmuth Geisler

Dame Averilla, Infirmaress
of the Benedictine abbey at
Shaftesbury, England 1141

Other Gods: The Averillan Chronicles [2002]
Graven Images: The Averillan Chronicles II [2004]

Magdalene la Batarde,
keeper of an exclusive brothel
12th-century London

A Mortal Bane [1999]
A Personal Devil [2001]
Bone of Contention [2002]
Chains of Folly [2006]

Lucrezia Borgia,
daughter of Pope Alexander VI,
and newly wedded to Alfonso,
heir to the duchy of Ferrara
1502 Ferrara Italy

Lucrezia Borgia and the Mother of Poisons [2003]

Jack Gerson

Ernst Lohmann,
German Police Inspector
Germany and England 1934-1939

Death's Head Berlin [1987]
Death Squad London [1990]
Death Watch '39 [1991]

Michael Gilbert

Luke Pagan, Russian-speaking
Son of a gameskeeper turned constable
then intelligence agent
England, pre-WWI through
the early years of the war

Ring of Terror [1995]
Into Battle [1997]
Over and Out [1998]

Paul D. Gilbert

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche

The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes [2007]
The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes [2008]

Anton Gill

Huy the ex-scribe
Ancient Egypt 18th Dynasty
14th C B.C.

City of the Horizon [1991]
City of the Dead [1993]
City of Dreams [1993]

Katy Green
Professional musician
In an all-girl swing band
1940 California

Too Dead to Swing [2002]
A Fugue in Hell's Kitchen [2004]
The Last Full Measure [2006]

Janet Gleeson

Worlds of art and cabinetry
England 18th Century

The Grenadillo Box [2002]
The Serpent in the Garden [2003]
The Thief Taker [2004]

Andrew Glenn

Lieutenant Helga Heinlein
Berlin’s leading detective
With the help of Simon Wiesenthal
the Viennese Nazi hunter, Berlin, Germany 1963

Berlin Rhapsody [2008]

Robert Goddard
(Non-Series mystery/thrillers)

Various eras/protagnoists

Painting the Darkness [1989]
-Businessman William Trenchard,
  1882 England

Take No Farewell [1991]
-Architect Geoffrey Staddon,
  1923 England

Closed Circle [1993]
-Con men Guy Horton and Max
  Wingate, 1931 at sea

Sea Change [2000]
-Mapmaker William Spandrel,
  1721 London & Amsterdam

Glen David Gold

Charles Carter, Magician
Roaring '20s San Francisco USA

Carter Beats the Devil [2002]

Steve Malek, police reporter
for The Chicago Tribune
Chicago, IL pre-WW II

Three Strikes You're Dead [2005]
Shadow of the Bomb [2006]
A Death in Pilsen [2007]

Lawrence Goldstone

Ephraim Carroll, Surgeon
Philadelphia, 1889

The Anatomy of Deception [2008]

Philip Gooden
(aka Philippa Morgan)

Nick Revill, a young actor
and William Shakespeare, playwright
Elizabethan London

Sleep of Death [2000]
Death of Kings [2001]
The Pale Companion [2002]
Alms for Oblivion [2003]
Mask of Night [2004]
An Honorable Murderer [2005]

Philip Gooden
(aka Philippa Morgan)

Tom Ansell, lawyer
London and various other
English cities 1870s

The Salisbury Manuscripts [2008]
The Durham Disappearance [2009]

Yashim Lala "the guardian"
a eunuch in the Ottoman Empire
Istanbul 1836

The Janissary Tree [2006]
The Snake Stone [2007]
The Bellini Card [2008]
An Evil Eye [2010]

Alan Gordon

The Fool's Guild Mysteries
Feste aka Theophilos and
Viola aka Claudia
1200s, Medieval Europe

Thirteenth Night [1999]
Jester Leaps in [2000]
A Death in the Venetian Quarter [2002]
The Widow of Jerusalem [2003]
An Antic Disposition [2004]
The Lark's Lament [2007]
The Moneylender of Toulouse [2008]
The Parisian Prodigal [2010]

Dolores Gordon-Smith 1
Dolores @ Amazon

Jack Haldean, crime writer
and former Royal Flying Corps pilot
England 1920s

A Fete Worse Than Death [2007]
Mad About The Boy? [2008]
As if by Magic [2009]
A Hundred Thousand Dragons [2010]
Off the Record [2011]
Trouble Brewing [2011]

Dolores Gordon-Smith 2

Anthony Brooke, Secret Agent
WW I Spy Thriller


Frankie's Letter [2010] ebook

Joe Gores 1

Dashiell Hammett, writer
and retired Pinkerton Agent
San Francisco CA 1928

Hammett [1975]

Joe Gores 2

Prequel to Dashiell Hammett's
The Maltese Falcon
P.I. Sam Spade and
subsequent partner Miles Archer
San Francisco CA 1921-1928

Spade & Archer [2009]

Edward Gorman
(aka Daniel Ransom)

Sam McCain, lawyer/private investigator
Eleanor Whitney, Judge
Black River Falls, Iowa, Late 1950s-1960s

The Day the Music Died [1998]
Wake Up Little Susie [1999]
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? [2000]
Save the Last Dance for Me [2002]
Everybody's Somebody's Fool [2003]
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do [2004]
Fools Rush In [2007]
Ticket to Ride [2009]

The Spymaster Chronicles
Brendan Prescott, foundling
raised in the Dudley household
turned spy. Tudor England 1553

Author's Amazon Page

The Secret Lion [2004]
The Tudor Secret

Robert Gott

William Power, failed
Shakespearian actor and
would-be private detective
Various locations in
Queensland Australia
1942 during WW II

Good Murder [2004]
A Thing of Blood [2005]
Amongst the Dead [2007]

Ron Goulart

Groucho Marx, actor / detective
Hollywood of the 1930s

Groucho Marx, Master Detective [1998]
Groucho Marx, Private Eye [1999]
Elementary, My Dear Groucho [1999]
Groucho Marx & the Broadway Murders [2001]
Groucho Marx, Secret Agent [2002]
Groucho Marx, King of the Jungle [2005]

Kathryn Swinbrooke,
Canterbury, England
1461 - 1483

A Shrine of Murders [1993]
The Eye of God [1994]
The Merchant of Death [1995]
The Book of Shadows [1996]
Saintly Murders [2001]
A Maze of Murders [2003]
A Feast of Poisons [2004]

Mark Graham

Wilton McCleary, Policeman
1870's Philadelphia

The Killing Breed [1998]
The Resurrectionist [1999]
The Black Maria [2000]

Sara Gran

Josephine "Joe" Flannigan,
former heroin addict and hooker
New York City's Hell's Kitchen 1950

Dope [2007]

Ann Granger

Lizzie Martin, companion
to a wealthy widow & slumlord
Inspector Benjamin Ross,
Her former childhood friend
London, England 1860s

A Rare Interest in Corpses [2006]
  (US Title: The Companion [2007])
A Mortal Curiosity [2008]
A Better Quality of Murder [2010]

Pip Granger

Shared world books rather
than a true series, where each
features different characters,
all of whom live in the same
neighborhood and know each other
Post-war Soho, London 1946-1956

Not All Tarts Are Apple [2002]
The Widow Ginger [2003]
Trouble In Paradise [2004]
No Peace for the Wicked [2006]

Philip Grant

Sergeant Bartholomew Holmes
of Scotland Yard,
Kitty, The Yard's first typist
and Jasper, a street urchin,
London 1895

The Other Mister Holmes [2007]

Charles Fraser, MP
and former intelligence agent
with his wife Mélanie
London 1816-17

Daughter of the Game [2002]
Beneath a Silent Moon [2003]

Charles Edward Gray

Quintus Caecina Tuscus,
philosopher and aesthete
Crito, slave and secretary,
Rome, 2nd C AD

Murder Defies the Roman Emperor [1957]

Wigbert Stroop, spy
South London and Italy
early nineteenth century
during the era of the Napoleonic wars

Guardians of the Key [2006]
The Roaring of the Labyrinth [2007]
Envoy of the Black Pine [2008]
Brotherhood of Five [2009]

Edmund Whitty, reporter
1850s London

The Fiend in Human [2003]
A White Stone Day [2005]

Charles Dickens,
eminent English novelist
and Edgar Allan Poe
disreputable American writer
Baltimore and Philadelphia 1848-9

Not Quite Dead [2007]

Richard Grayson
(aka Richard Grindal)

Inpsector Gautier
of the Surete
Turn of the (20th) century
"La Belle Epoque" Paris France

The Murders at Impasse Louvain [1978]
Monterant Affair [1980]
Death of Abbe Didier [1981]
The Montmartre Murders [1982]
Crime without Passion [1983]
Death En Voyage [1986]
Death on the Cards [1988]
Death Off Stage [1991]
Death Au Gratin [1994]
Death in the Skies [1998]

Martin Greenberg, et al. (editors)


Murder Most Medieval:
  Noble Tales of Ignoble Demises [1993]
The New Adventures of
  Sherlock Holmes [1999]
Murder in Baker Street [2001]
Murder, My Dear Watson [2002]
Murder Most Confederate [2003]
Mr. President, Private Eye [2004]
The Ghosts Of Baker Street [2005]
Sherlock Holmes in America [2009]

Phryne Fisher, flapper &
private investigator
Melbourne,Australia, 1920s

Cocaine Blues [1989]
  Alternate title: Death by Misadventure
Flying Too High [1990]
Murder on the Ballarat Train [1991]
Death at Victoria Dock [1992]
The Green Mill Murder [1993]
Blood and Circuses [1994]
Ruddy Gore [1995]
Urn Burial [1996]
Raisins and Almonds [1997]
Death Before Wicket [1999]
Away with the Fairies [2001]
Murder in Montparnesse [2001]
The Castlemaine Murders [2003]
Queen of the Flowers [2004]
Death by Water [2005]
Murder in the Dark [2006]
Murder on a Midsummer Night [2008]
A Question of Death [2007]
  (short stories et al)

L. B. Greenwood

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
Victorian England

Sherlock Holmes and the Case
  of the Raleigh Legacy [1986]
Sherlock Holmes and the Case
  of Sabina Hall [1988]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Thistle of Scotland [1989]

Michael Gregorio
(Aka Michael G Jacob
and Daniela De Gregorio)

Hanno Stiffeniis
Magistrate Procurator
19th-century Prussia
during the Napoleonic Wars

Critique of Criminal Reason [2006]
Days of Atonement [2007]
A Visible Darkness [2009]

Susanna Gregory 1
pseudonym of Elizabeth Cruwys

Matthew Bartholomew, Physician/Teacher
Brother Michael, Proctor
Cambridge, England
Mid 14th C

Author's Amazon Page

A Plague on Both Your Houses [1996]
An Unholy Alliance [1996]
A Bone of Contention [1997]
A Deadly Brew [1998]
A Wicked Deed [1999]
A Masterly Murder [2000]
An Order for Death [2001]
A Summer of Discontent [2002]
A Killer in Winter [2003]
The Hand of Justice [2004]
The Mark of a Murderer [2005]
The Tarnished Chalice [2006]
To Kill or Cure [2007]
The Devil's Disciples [2008]
A Vein of Deceit [2009]
The Killer of Pilgrims [2010]
Murder in the Minster [2011]

Susanna Gregory 2
pseudonym of Elizabeth Cruwys

Thomas Chaloner,
reluctant spy for the
Secretary of State, John Thurloe
Restoration England, late 17th C

Author's Amazon Page

A Conspiracy of Violence [2006]
Blood on the Strand [2007]
The Butcher of Smithfield [2008]
The Westminster Poisoner [2008]
A Murder on London Bridge [2009]

J. M. Gregson

Sherlock Holmes Pastiche
Victorian England 1896

Sherlock Holmes & The Frightened Golfer [1999]

Patricia Grey
(aka Liz Evans)

Insp. Jack Stamford and
Sgt. Sarah McNeil
London 1940

Junction Cut [1994]
Balaclava Row [1995]
Good Hope Station [1997]
Cutter's Wharf [1998]

Carola Groom

Katherine, widow of
the doctor in the title
Victorian England
(please contact me with
. any more precise detail)

The Good Doctor [1995]

Claudia Gross

Konrad Steiner,
Masters in the Arts faculty
of the Cologne Scholarium
Cologne, Germany, 1413

Scholarium [2004]

Willi Krauss (Jewish)
Berlin police detective
Germany, 1932,
Nazis / Hitler / Naz
i Noir

Amazon Author Page

The Sleepwalkers [2011]

Stanley J. Gulik

Inspektor Eckner
Farben Hospital
Germany 1965

Mask of Revenge [2005]

Don Gutteridge

Marc Edwards,
British Army officer
Posted to the "backwater"
of Toronto Canada 1836

Turncoat [2003]
Solemn Vows [2003]

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