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Robin Paige
(aka Susan Wittig Albert & Bill Albert)

Kathryn Ardleigh, Novelist
Sir Charles Sheridan,
Amateur Scientist
England, Victorian Period

Death at Bishop's Keep [1994]
Death at Gallow's Green [1995]
Death at Daisy's Folly [1997]
Death at Devil's Bridge [1998]
Death at Rottingdean [1999]
Death at Whitechapel [2000]
Death at Epsom Downs [2001]
Death at Dartmoor [2002]
Death at Glamis Castle [2003]
Death in Hyde Park [2004]
Death At Blenheim Palace [2005]
Death on the Lizard [2006]

Dr. Benjamin Bradshaw,
an engineering professor
Seattle, 1901

Amazon Author Page

A Spark of Death [2011]
Fatal Induction [2012]

Charles Palliser

Ned Cortine, historian
Oxford England, 1882

The Unburied [1999]

Wilkie Collins, Writer
Charles Dickens, Writer
Victorian London, England

The Detective and Mr. Dickens [1990]
The Highwayman and Mr. Dickens [1992]
The Hoydens and Mr. Dickens [1997]
The Dons and Mr. Dickens [2000]

Orhan Pamuk

Black, a clerk
Istanbul, Turkey 1590s

My Name Is Red [2001]

Inez Stannert,
Saloonkeeper with a
mysterious past
"Silver fever" Leadville, Colorado 1879-1880s

Amazon Author Page

Silver Lies [2003]
Iron Ties [2006]
Leaden Skies [2009]
Mercury's Rise (November 2011)

Akitada Sugawara,
Ministry of Justice
Kyo, Japan
Heian period, early 11th C

Rashomon Gate [2002]
The Hell Screen [2003]
The Dragon Scroll [2005]
  (chronologically the first Akitada novel)
Black Arrow [2006]
Island of Exiles [2007]
The Convict's Sword [2009]
Various short stories at the author's website, including 2000 Shamus award winner "Akitada's First Case"
Death and Cherry Blossoms [2002]
   available as an Amazon short
The Masuda Affair [2010]
Death on an Autumn River [2011] Kindle eBook

Jean-Francois Parot

Nicolas le Floch,
young Breton police recruit
France, 1760s-1770s

The Chatelet Apprentice [2007]
  (1st English edition)
The Man with the Lead Stomach [2008]
The Phantom of the Rue Royale [2008]
The Nicholas le Floch Affair [2009]
The Saint-Florentin Murders [2010]

S.J. Parris

Giordano Bruno, monk, poet,
scientist and magician on the run
from the Roman Inquisition, acting
as an agent for Queen Elizabeth I
Oxford, England 16th C

Heresy [2010]
Prophecy [2011]

Owen Parry
(aka Ralph Peters)

Abel Jones,
Ex-soldier and Federal Agent
American Civil War

Faded Coat of Blue [1999]
Shadows of Glory [2000]
Call Each River Jordan [2001]
Honor's Kingdom [2002]
Bold Sons of Erin [2003]
Rebels of Babylon [2006]

Ben Pastor

Aelius Spartianus, former
Roman soldier and currently
historian to Emperor Diocletian
Roman Empire 304 A.D.

The Water Thief [2007]
The Fire Waker [2008]

Eliot Pattison

Duncan McCallum, exiled
Scots medical student
On board a British convict ship
and Colonial US, 1759-1760s

Bone Rattler [2007]
Eye of the Raven [2009]

The Opera Mysteries
Recurring characters but
different protagonists
Enrico Caruso tenor, and
Gerladine Farrar, soprano
Metropolitan Opera NYC 1910-20

A Cadenza for Caruso [1984]
    - Caruso
Prima Donna at Large [1985]
    - Farrar
A Chorus of Detectives [1987]
    - Both, with other cast members
"Portrait of the Artist as a Young Corpse"
short story in CTT anthology (Farrar)

Dr. Alexandra Gladstone
Female physician
Victorian England

Symptoms of Death [2002]
An Improper Death [2002]
Half a Mind to Murder [2003]

Raymond Paul

Lon Quincannon
New York lawyer/sleuth
Pre-Civil War USA 1835-1850s

The Thomas Street Horror [1982]
The Tragedy at Tiverton [1984]
The Bond Street Burlesque [1987]
    UK edition titled Murder by Gaslight

Carlos Tejada Alonso y Léon,
Sergeant in the Guardia Civil
Revolutionary Madrid
Spain 1939

Death of a Nationalist [2003]
Law of Return [2004]
Watcher In The Pine [2005]
Summer Snow [2006]

David Peace 1

Red Riding Quartet
Ultra-noir crime series set
in and around Leeds
in the shadow of the real-life
Yorkshire Ripper murders. 1974-83

Nineteen Seventy Four [2000]
Nineteen Seventy Seven [2001]
Nineteen Eighty [2001]
Nineteen Eighty Three [2003]

David Peace 2

The Tokyo Trilogy
Stories based on real life
crimes in post-WWII Japan
Tokyo, Japan 1946-8

Tokyo Year Zero [2007]
Occupied City [2009]

Caro Peacock
(aka Gillian Linscott)

Liberty Lane
England and France 1830s

Death At Dawn [2007]
   (US Title: A Foreign Affair [2008])
Death of a Dancer [2008]
   (US Title: A Dangerous Affair [2009])
A Corpse in Shining Armour [2009]

Cynthia Peale
(aka Nancy Zaroulis)

Beacon Hill Mysteries
Addington & Caroline Ames,
Boston Brahmins
Dr. John MacKenzie
Boston 1890s

The Death of Colonel Mann [2000]
Murder at Bertram's Bower [2001]
The White Crow [2002]

Michael Pearce 1

Captain Gareth Owen
aka The Mamur Zapt
Welsh head of Cairo's secret police
Egypt under British Rule
1908-WW I

The Return of the Carpet [1988]
The Night of the Dog [1989]
The Donkey-Vous [1990]
The Men Behind [1991]
The Girl In The Nile [1992]
The Spoils of Egypt [1992]
The Camel of Destruction [1993]
The Snake Catcher's Daughter [1994]
The Mingrelian Conspiracy [1995]
The Fig Tree Murder [1997]
The Last Cut [1998]
The Death of an Effendi [1999]
A Cold Touch of Ice [2000]
The Face in the Cemetery [2001]
The Point in the Market [2005]
The Mark of the Pasha [2008]

Michael Pearce 2

Dmitri Kameron,
Lawyer of Scottish-Russian descent
1890s Tsarist Russia

Dmitri and the Milk-Drinkers [1997]
Dmitri and the One-legged Lady [1999]

Michael Pearce 3

Special Branch officer Seymour
British embassies and Consulates
of Europe in the early 1900s.

A Dead Man in Trieste [2004]
A Dead Man In Istanbul [2005]
A Dead Man in Athens [2006]
A Dead Man in Tangier [2007]
A Dead Man in Barcelona [2008]
A Dead Man in Naples [2009]

Matthew Pearl 1

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Oliver Wendell Holmes
James Russell Lowell and
publisher J.T. Fields
1865 Boston, MA

The Dante Club [2003]

Matthew Pearl 2

Quentin Hobson Clark, a wealthy
admirer of Edgar Allan Poe's and
Auguste Duponte, purported model
for C. Auguste Dupin, Poe's detective
Paris, France & Baltimore MD, USA 1849

The Poe Shadow [2006]

Matthew Pearl 3

James Osgood, of the firm
Fields & Osgood, Charles Dickens's
struggling American publisher
Boston, MA, London and India 1870

The Last Dickens [2009]

Iain Pears 1

Multiple Viewpoint Characters
Oxford, England 1663

An Instance of the Fingerpost [1997]

Iain Pears 2

Multiple Viewpoint Characters
Various historical settings
1867 Venice, 1890s Paris and
1909 London

Stone's Fall [2009]

Gus Pelagatti

Assistant D.A. Tom Rossi
based on a true murder
scandal story
Philadelphia, PA 1938

Wicked Wives [2008]

Justin De Quincy
Illegitimate son of a bishop
Late 12th C England
Reign of Richard the Lionhearted

The Queen's Man [1996]
Cruel as the Grave [1998]
Dragon's Lair [2003]
Prince Of Darkness [2005]

Stef Penney

Historical Literary Thriller
Ensemble cast of journalists,
Hudson's Bay Company men,
trappers, traders & townspeople
1867 Canada

The Tenderness of Wolves [2006]

Hugh Pentecost
(Aka Judson Philips)

Richard Cantwell
1860s New York City
during the draft riots

The Assassins [1955]

Andrew Pepper

Pyke - sometime Bow Street
Runner, sometime crook
Georgian London, England

The Last Days of Newgate [2006]
Revenge of Captain Paine [2007]
Kill-Devil and Water [2008]
The Detective Branch [2010]

Arturo Perez-Reverte 1

Don Jaime Astarloa
Madrid's greatest fencing master
Madrid, Spain 1868

The Fencing Master [1999]

Arturo Perez-Reverte 2

Captain Alatriste, a swordsman for hire
and Inigo Balboa, Alatriste's young page
Spain in the 1620s

Captain Alatriste [2005]
The Purity of Blood [2006]
The Sun Over Breda [2007]
The King's Gold [2008]
The Caballero in the Yellow Doublet [2009]
  (US Title: The Cavalier in the
  Yellow Doublet)
Pirates of the Levant [2010]

Wilder Perkins

Commander Bartholomew Hoare
of His Majesty George III's Royal Navy
partially disabled and almost voiceless
early 1800s, England, Land/Sea

Hoare and the Matter of Treason [1998]
Hoare and the Headless Captains [2000]
Hoare and the Portsmouth Atrocities [2001]

Thomas & Charlotte Pitt Mysteries
Police Inspector & his wife
Late Victorian London, England

The Cater Street Hangman [1979]
Callander Square [1980]
Paragon Walk [1981]
Resurrection Row [1981]
Rutland Place [1983]
Bluegate Fields [1984]
Death in the Devil's Acre [1985]
Cardington Crescent [1987]
Silence in Hanover Close [1988]
Bethlehem Road [1990]
Highgate Rise [1991]
Belgrave Square [1992]
Farriers' Lane [1993]
The Hyde Park Headsman [1994]
Traitor's Gate [1995]
Pentecost Alley [1996]
Ashworth Hall [1997]
Brunswick Gardens [1998]
Bedford Square [1999]
Half Moon Street [2000]
The Whitechapel Conspiracy [2001]
Southampton Row [2002]
Seven Dials [2003]
Long Spoon Lane [2005]
Buckingham Palace Gardens [2008]
Betrayal at Lisson Grove [2010] -Treason at Lisson Grove
Dorchester Terrace [2011]

William Monk, Private Investigaror
Hester Latterly, Nurse
Late Victorian London, England

The Face of a Stranger [1990]
A Dangerous Mourning [1991]
Defend and Betray [1992]
A Sudden Fearful Death [1993]
The Sins of the Wolf [1994]
Cain his Brother [1995]
Weighed in the Balance [1996]
The Silent Cry [1997]
A Breach of Promise [1998]
   (aka The Whited Sepulchres)
The Twisted Root [1999]
Slaves of Obsession [2000]
Death of a Stranger [2002]
The Shifting Tide [2004]
Dark Assassin [2006]
Execution Dock [2009]
17. Acceptable Loss [2011]
18. A Sunless Sea [2012]

Anne Perry 3 (editor)
Much Ado About Murder: All-New Shakespeare-Inspired Mystery Stories [2002]

A planned quintet of stories
set against the background of
WW I England 1914-1918

No Graves As Yet [2003]
Shoulder the Sky [2004]
Angels in the Gloom [2005]
At Some Disputed Barricade [2006]
We Shall Not Sleep [2007]

Anne Perry 5 (editor)

Anthology of stories
Featuring characters from
the stories of Charles Dickens

Death by Dickens [2004]

Series of novellas
set at Christmas, and featuring
secondary characters from
Anne Perry's other series

A Christmas Journey [2003]
A Christmas Visitor [2004]
A Christmas Guest [2005]
A Christmas Secret [2006]
A Christmas Beginning [2007]
A Christmas Grace [2008]
Anne Perry's Christmas Mysteries:
Two Holiday Novels [2008]
  (A Christmas Guest / A Christmas Secret)
A Christmas Promise [2009]
Silent Nights: Two Victorian
Christmas Mysteries [2009]
 (A Christmas Beginning / A Christmas Grace)

Christmas Vigil: Two Victorian Holiday Mysteries [2011]
  (A Christmas Promise / A Christmas Odyssey)

A Christmas Homecoming [2011]
A Christmas Garland [2012]

Anne Perry 7

Historical thriller
Celie, laundress and member of
plot to rescue King Louis XVI
revolutionary Paris, France 1793

The One Thing More [2000]

Anne Perry 8 (editor)

Anthology of mystery and crime
stories inspired by and based on
biblical tales

Thou Shalt Not Kill: Biblical Mystery Stories [2005]

Anne Perry 9

Anna Zarides, posing as a
eunuch to prove her brother
innocent of the murder he is imprisoned for
Byzantium 1272-3

The Sheen on the Silk [2010]

Elizabeth Peters
(aka Barbara Mertz, Barbara Michaels)

Amelia Peabody
Late 19th C - early 20th C Egypt

Crocodile on the Sandbank [1975]
The Curse of the Pharoahs [1981]
The Mummy Case [1985]
Lion in the Valley [1986]
The Deeds of the Disturber [1988]
The Last Camel Died at Noon [1991]
The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog [1992]
The Hippopotamus Pool [1996]
Seeing A Large Cat [1997]
The Ape Who Guards the Balance [1998]
The Falcon at the Portal [1999]
Thunder in the Sky [2000]
The Lord of the Silent [2001]
The Golden One [2002]
Children of the Storm [2003]
Amelia Peabody's Egypt (non-fiction) [2003]
Guardian of the Horizon [2004]
The Serpent on the Crown [2005]
Tomb of the Golden Bird [2006]
A River in the Sky [2010]

Ellis Peters

Brother Cadfael
Herbalist / Monk
12th C Shrewsbury England

A Morbid Taste for Bones [1977]
One Corpse Too Many [1979]
Monk's Hood [1980]
St. Peter's Fair [1981]
The Leper of St. Giles [1981]
The Virgin in the Ice [1982]
The Sanctuary Sparrow [1982]
The Devil's Novice [1983]
Dead Man's Ransom [1984]
The Pilgrim of Hate [1984]
An Excellent Mystery [1985]
The Raven in the Foregate [1986]
The Rose Rent [1986]
The Hermit of Eyton Forest [1987]
The Confession of Brother Haluin [1988]
The Heretic's Apprentice [1989]
The Potter's Field [1989]
The Summer of the Danes [1991]
The Holy Thief [1992]
Brother Cadfael's Penance [1994]
A Rare Benedictine (short stories) [1994]

Glen Peters

Joan D'Silva
a young widow living in
post-independence Calcutta
India 1960

Mrs D’Silva’s Detective Instincts
  and the Shaitan of Calcutta [2009]

Audrey Peterson

Anne Hathaway Shakespeare
wife to the playwright
Elizabethan Stratford, England 16th C

Murder In Stratford [2005]

Sheriff James "Cactus" Early
Riley County, Kansas 1949

Early's Fall [2009]

T.W. (Theodore W.) Pietsch

Carl Linnaeus, Swedish
botanist and zoologist
Sweden, England and
Amsterdam 1729-1730s
Based on real-life events

The Curious Death of Peter Artedi:
  A Mystery in the History of Science [2010]

Thomas Finbow, falconer
16th Century Elizabethan
London & Berkshire

The Ruffler's Child [2002]
A Ruinous Wind [2003]
The Ramage Hawk [2004]
The Mapmaker's Daughter [2005]
The Maiden Bell [2005]
The Jingler's Luck [2006]
The Muscovy Chain [2007]

Betsy Brand, actress
Restoration London
after the Great Fire 1670s

After the Fire [2010]

Pablo Waitz,
Jazz club owner
New York City's
Lower East Side, 1970's

The Tin Angel [2008]

Detective Simon Ziele
Criminologist Alistair Sinclair
New York City and
upstate Westchester NY 1905-6

In the Shadow of Gotham [2009]
A Curtain Falls [2010]

Arthur Conan Doyle
Dr. Joseph Bell
(real life inspiration for Holmes)
1878 Edinburgh Scotland

The Patient's Eyes: The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes [2001]
The Night Calls [2003]
The Dark Water [2004]

Rosemary Poole-Carter

Isabelle Ross
Paul Delahoussaye, journalist
Post-Civil War American South

What Remains [2002]

Dawn Aldridge Poore

Miss Sydney Regency Mysteries
Miss Roxanne Sydney
daughter of a classical scholar
and amateur detective in
the world of art and artifact theft
Regency London, Brighton, and Egypt

The Brighton Burglar [1992]
The Secret Scroll [1993]
The Cairo Cats [1994]
The Mummy's Mirror [1995]

Barbara Pope

Judge Bernard Martin
and Inspector Albert Franc
Aix-en-Provence, France 1885

Cezanne's Quarry [2008]

Melville Davisson Post
(Short stories)

"Father of the historical mystery"
to many, for stories featuring West
Virginia backwoodsman Uncle Abner,
during the presidency of Thomas Jefferson

Uncle Abner, Master of Mysteries [1918]
The Methods of Uncle Abner [1974]
The Complete Uncle Abner [1977]
Since there may be other historicals among his mystery stories I'm unaware of, you may wish to check a more complete bibliography here.

Jeremy Potter

Standalones mostly based on
real life historical mysteries
England, various settings

A Trail of Blood [1970]
  The Princes in the Tower 15thC
Death in the Forest [1977]
  Queen Matilda of England investigates
  not based on a real historical
  mystery 11thC

The Primrose Hill Murder [1992]
  Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey 1678
The Mystery of the Campden Wonder [1995]
  disappearance of William Harrison 1660

Deborah Powell

Hollis Carpenter,
Lesbian crime reporter
Houston TX USA 1936

Houston Town [1992]
Bayou City Secrets [1992]

Bill Pronzini

John Quincannon, Secret Service
Agent then Private Detective
and Sabina Carpenter,
former Pinkerton Agent
San Francisco CA USA 1890s

Quincannon [1985]
Beyond the Grave [1986]
  (with Marcia Muller - parallel stories)
Carpenter and Quincannon [1998]
  (short stories)
Burgade's Crossing [2004]
Quincannon's Game [2005]
  (4 short stories)

Nina Coombs Pykare

Kate Ketterling, Actress
Archie Barrington, Viscount
Regency Era - England

Death Comes for Desdemona [1999]
Death Rides a Pink Horse [2001]

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