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Annabel Laine

Charles Dornay
Earl of Moriston
Early Victorian England

The Reluctant Heiress [1978]
The Melancholy Virgin [1982]

Deryn Lake
(aka Dinah Lampitt)

John Rawlings,
Apothecary and friend of
Sir John Fielding, Magistrate
aka The Blind Beak
18th C England

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Death in a Dark Walk [1994]
Death at the Beggar's Opera [1995]
Death at the Devil's Tavern [1996]
Death on Romney Marsh [1998]
Death in the Peerless Pool [1999]
Death in Apothecaries' Hall [2000]
Death in the West Wind [2001]
Death at St. James's Palace [2002]
Death in the Valley of Shadows [2003]
Death in the Setting Sun [2004]
Death and the Cornish Fiddler [2006]
Death in Hellfire [2007]
Death and the Black Pyramid [2009]
Death at the Wedding Feast [2011]

Al Lamanda

David Peck, sheriff
Dunston Falls, ME 1959

Dunston Falls [2008]

Dewey Lambdin

Matthew Livesey, a middle-aged,
Scots Presbyterian ship chandler
pre-Revolutionary (18thC)
Cape Fear Wilmington, NC

What Lies Buried : A Novel of Old Cape Fear [2005]

Michael Langford

Dr Simon Weatherspoon
De Vere College, Cambridge 1868

The De Vere Papers [2008]

Willoughby Lane
(aka Val Andrews)

Sherlock Holmes Pastiches
Victorian, various locations

Sherlock Holmes and the
  Wood Green Empire [1985]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  London Zoo Mystery [1987]
Sherlock Holmes and the
  Silver Vengance [1994]

William Landay

Partially based on the real
life Boston Strangler case
The Daley brothers: thief Ricky,
lawyer Michael, and bent cop Joe
Boston MA 1963

The Strangler [2007]

Ursula Marlow, heiress,
Oxford graduate, aspiring journalist,
and devoted suffragette,
Edwardian England 1910

Consequences of Sin [2007]
The Serpent and the Scorpion [2008]

Joe R. Lansdale 1

Stanley Mitchell, 13-year-old kid
Buster Lighthorse Smith,
black drive-in projectionist
and retired Indian-reservation cop
Dewmont, Texas 1958

A Fine Dark Line [2002]

Joe R. Lansdale 2

Harry Crane, 13-year-old kid
son of the county constable,
East Texas, 1933

The Bottoms [2010]

Lucius Aurelius Valens,
a young Roman officer
in the Sixth Legion
Rome and Gallilee
19 C.E.

The Tribune [2003]

Gaylord Larsen

Dorothy L. Sayers and
Agatha Christie,
mystery authors
England 1937

Dorothy and Agatha [1990]

Jose Latour

Col. Orlando Grava
Bureau of Investigations
and gangster Meyer Lansky
Cuba 1958

Havana World Series [2004]

Janet Laurence

Giovanni Antonio Canal
aka Canaletto
Venetian landscape artist
London 1740s

Canaletto and the Case of
  Westminster Bridge [1997]
Canaletto and the Case of
  the Privy Garden [1999]
Canaletto and the Case of
  Bonnie Prince Charlie [2002]

Margaret Lawrence 1

Hannah Trevor, Midwife
Post-Revolutionary Maine

Hearts and Bones [1995]
Blood Red Roses [1997]
The Burning Bride [1998]

Margaret Lawrence 2

Jennet Trevor
Hannah Trevor's deaf daughter
1809 New York

The Iceweaver [2000]

Paul Lawrence

Harry Lytle, a rogue
17th C Restoration London

The Sweet Smell of Decay [2009]
A Plague of Sinners [2010]

John Lawton 1

Detective Sergeant Frederick Troy
London, England 1941-1963

Black Out [1995]
Old Flames [1996]
A Little White Death [1998]
Riptide [2001]
  1st USA edition reissued as
  Bluffing Mr.Churchill [2004]

Flesh Wounds [2005]
  (Uk title Blue Rondo)
Second Violin [2007]

John Lawton 2

Detective Turner Raines
New York City USA 1969

Sweet Sunday [2002]

Steve Leadley
(Short stories)

Sherlock Holmes
and Dr Watson
Victorian US & UK

Sherlock Holmes and The Circle of Blood [2009]

Josephine Beckworth Sawyer
Private Investigator
1870s Denver Colorado

A Lady Never Trifles with Thieves [2003]
A Lady Never Meddles in Murder [2004]

Jim Lehrer

Harry Truman, Clark Gable,
and 2 others
Super Chief Train
April 1956, Chicago to Los Angeles

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The Webster Saga
Carlos Webster
Deputy U.S. marshal
among gangsters and gun molls
1930s-1940s Oklahoma

The Hot Kid [2005]
Up in Honey’s Room [2007]
Comfort to the Enemy [2009]
(serialized in the NYT in 2005)

Giulio Leoni
(author's website is in Italian)
Anne Appel (Translator)

Dante Alighieri, poet
& Prior of the city of Florence
Florence, Italy 1300

The Third Heaven Conspiracy [2006] (UK)
(US title: The Mosaic Crimes [2007])
The Kingdom of Light [2009]

Auguste Lupa, chef
reputed son of Sherlock Holmes
1915, France (Son)
& Russia (Revenge)

Son of Holmes [1986]
Rasputin's Revenge [2003]

Wyatt Earp and
Bat Masterson
legendary Old West lawmen
1908 Los Angeles

Vengeance of the Ripper [2009]

Yaotl, trusted slave
to Montezuma's Chief Minister
Aztec Mexico
1517 (the year Twelve-House)

Amazon Author Page

A Demon of the Air [2004]
Shadow of the Lords [2005]
City of Spies [2006]
"Law and Ordure" - a Yaotl short story available for free at the author's website.
Tribute of Death [2007]

Michael Levey

Julia, chief Vestal Virgin
Rome, turn of the 1st C AD

An Affair on the Appian Way [1984]

Lee Levin

Grand Vizier Eye
Thebes Egypt, 1356 BC
Reign of Tutankhamen
(Eye's grandson)

King Tut's Private Eye [1996]

Allan Levine

Sam Klein
"tough guy for hire"
bouncer in a brothel
Winnipeg Canada 1911-1919

The Blood Libel [1997]
Sins of the Suffragette [2000]
The Bolshevik's Revenge [2002]

Catherine Williams, widow /midwife
Massaquoit,a Pequot Indian leader
Newbury, New England
17th century Colonial America

The Dumb Shall Sing [1999]
The Blind in Darkness [2000]
The Sea Hath Spoken [2001]

Alice Chetwynd Ley

Regency Mysteries
Featuring brother and sister
Anthea and Justin Rutherford
Regency England

A Reputation Dies [1984]
A Fatal Assignation [1987]
Masquerade of Vengeance [1989]

Pucci Lewis, Women Airforce
Service Pilot and undercover agent
WW II Michigan & Hollywood CA 1940s

Lipstick and Lies [2007]
Hollywood Buzz [2009]

Gillian Linscott
(Aka Caro Peacock)

Nell Bray, Suffragette
Early 1900s - Pre WWI, England

Sister Beneath the Sheet [1991]
Hanging on the Wire [1992]
Stage Fright [1993]
Widow's Peak [1994]
  (US Title: An Easy Day for a Lady)
Crown Witness [1995]
Dead Man's Music [1996]
  (US Title: Dead Man's Sweetheart)
Dance on Blood [1998]
Absent Friends [1999]
The Perfect Daughter [2000]
Dead Man Riding [2002]
Blood on the Wood [2003]

Clyde Linsley

Josiah Beede
Retired military hero and
gentleman farmer
1836 New Hampshire

Death of a Mill Girl [2002]
Saving Louisa [2003]
Die Like A Hero [2005]

Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman
Arahpot, Pensylvania,
1887 / Wild West

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Fallen from Grace

Benjamin Weaver,
Pugilist turned private investigator
London England 1719-1722

A Conspiracy of Paper [2001]
A Spectacle of Corruption [2004]
The Devil’s Company [2009]

David Liss 2

Miguel Lienzo,
Portugese Jewish commodities trader
1659 Amsterdam

The Coffee Trader [2003]

Dick Lochte

Harry Trauble,
advertising promotions copywriter
Los Angeles, CA 1965

Croaked! [2007]

Sergeant Ernest Best
Victorian London

Dead Image [2000]
Dead Born [2001]
Dead Letters [2003]
Dead End [2004]
Dead Fall [2005]
Dead Loss [2006]
Dead Centre [2008]

M. Louisa Locke

Annie Fuller
a young widow & clairvoyant
Nate Dawson, attorney
San Francisco CA 1879

Amazon Author Page

Maids of Misfortune [2009]
Dandy Detects [2010] - kindle short story
Uneasy Spirits [2011]
the Misses Moffet Mend a Marriage [2012] - kindle short story

Martin Long

Gaslight Mystery Series
Wellington Cotter, retired detective
and amateur astronomer
Sydney, Australia 1880's

The Dark Gateway [1987]
The Garden House [1989]
The Music Room [1990]

Barbara of Austria
Second wife of Duke of Ferrara
Renaissance Italy, 1565

Amazon Author Page

The Second Duchess [2011]

Peter Lovesey 1
(aka Peter Lear)

Richard Cribb, Police Inspector
Edward Thackeray, Constable
London, England's Victorian Period

Wobble to Death [1970]
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers [1971]
Abracadaver [1972]
Mad Hatter's Holiday [1973]
Invitation to a Dynamite Party [1974]
(Variant Title: The Tick of Death)
A Case of Spirits [1975]
Swing, Swing Together [1976]
Waxwork [1978]

Peter Lovesey 2
(aka Peter Lear)

Albert, Prince of Wales
London, England's Victorian Period

Bertie and the Tinman [1987]
Bertie and the Seven Bodies [1990]
Bertie and the Crime of Passion [1993]

Peter Lovesey 3
(aka Peter Lear)

Adulturous dentist fleeing
under the name of Inspector
Dew, the detective who
arrested Crippen, 1921 at sea

The False Inspector Dew [1982]

Peter Lovesey 4
(aka Peter Lear)

English born vaudeville actor
dubbed "Keystone" by Mack Sennett
Keystone Film Studios
Hollywood CA 1916

Keystone: Murder Mystery at the Keystone Film Company [1984]

Peter Lovesey 5
(aka Peter Lear)

Short story collection including
historicals featuring Prince Bertie,
Sergeant Cribb, and others

Murder on the Short List [2008]

Gary Lovisi
(Short stories)

Sherlock Holmes
Switzerland and USA
late 19th C - early 20th C

The Secret Files of Sherlock Holmes [2009]

Levi, enslaved Canaanite
turned personal barber
to Pharaoh Thutmose III
Egypt circa 1450 BCE

The Pharaoh's Barber [2008]

Carlo Lucarelli
(Translated by Michael Reynolds)
website is in Italian

De Luca Trilogy
Commissario De Luca
Milan 1945-46

Carte Blanche [1990/2006 in English]
The Damned Season [2007]
Via Delle Oche [2008]

Dr. Tom Slocum
Surgeon and
Korean war veteran
Chicago IL 1950s

Diamonds of Death [2008]

Reva Hess, autograph hound
Hollywood during the Golden Age of the 1950s

Getting Garbo: A Novel Of Hollywood And Murder [2004]

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